Monday, November 7, 2011

Advanced Photography Class Pictures I was so Excited after this Class Learned so much!!! The True Beauty of Nature :)

So So So So Excited!!!  Pictures from my Advanced Photography Class
at Dillon Nature Center on Saturday.

So back in October I took that Beginner / Intermediate Photography class and I learned some stuff but already knew a lot of it.  So I did not know what to expect from the Advanced class I took this last Saturday.  

I was so excited from the very beginning when we headed out to Dillon Nature Center to start shooting I was learning things right and left so I was so excited to finally be getting a good grasp of how to use my Camera in new ways and to really start grasping how to do All Manual Photography.  I had read all the books for years but I think it took actually getting out there with my camera and an instructor to critique here and there and tell me when I had questions how to tweak it.  By the end of the class I finally felt like I Really "GOT" it!!!!  FINALLY after 13 years of shooting with an SLR I can finally turn off any of the Automatic settings and shoot in Manual Mode which means GREAT exposures, trial and error, and photography on a next level with not much editing to get it YEA!!!!!

So here are the Best of all the pictures I took on Saturday.   I hope you enjoy the views as much as I did!!!  What do you think??  I was just so excited because all of the Nature out there was so Beautiful and I really enjoyed getting to spend 4 hours with Nature and my Camera and all the time to play and learn!!!  It was a great class!!!  Can't wait to find some more and take classes on Night Shooting with Lights and Editing with Photo shop CS5 too! :)

Our first Shots were of this Great Waterfall we were learning how to do stop action with shutter speed and a tri-pod.
 This was the scene from across the lake.  My Photography teacher suggested to framer parts of our pictures with nature so the top right corner is framed with a tree.  That tree was blowing all over so this shot took a few minutes to get until the leaves came back down and held still long enough for me to shoot.

The Oranges, Greens, Reds, and Yellow's were SO Brilliant and Gorgeous that day!!!
 The Cherry's in the Trees were so pretty Here and in a few other pics.
 These furry little thistles were so pretty hard to get then to stay still enough to capture the shot the wind was so so bad that day!!
 FIRST you will probably WANT to click on these pictures bigger to see the REAL Detail and Beauty of those Feathery Pods they were gorgeous!!!

The two pictures below were some of the ones I worked the hardest on those feathery pods coming out of the Milk weed.  The exposure was hard to get right because the white pod was in direct sun light so trying to expose for the white sunlit pod and still get the Beauty in the background!  The first pictures is more straight out of the camera and the 2nd pictures I used some minimal dodging and burning to achieve that Fiery look below.

 Some Red and Yellow, and Orange Peppers they looked pretty cool and waxy in person!
 Pretty Purple Flowers.
 Our Photography teacher suggested we try shooting this eagle to practice hard exposures.  I had to take about 30 pictures of this to get the few great ones I got after a lot of playing around.
 Love the Contrast with this Orange and Green Trees here.
 A Pretty little shrubbery Plant.
 Sunlit Yellow Flowers.
 This picture below was one of my favorite for the day because it literally had every color in the rainbow from White to Gray, to Brown and Black, to Red all the way down to Purple it was a fun shot, but to get the Detail you WILL Want to Click to see it BIGGER :)
 I was not sure what kind of Plant this was maybe tomato but I am not sure they were coming out of the ground but they were red and black??
 The Last picture of the Eagle soaring!
 A full view of one of the Waterfalls so much pretty nature to see!!
 Waterfall closeup with stop action Water!
 This turtle was in the middle of the lake really far away so this is cropped down quite a bit it is the only two pictures of the whole day I cropped down.  

The teacher taught us to meter our light to expose for the Dark Turtle's Head or we would totally loose him in the shot.   When you Zoom in on this Log and Turtle you can really see the detail in his striped skin and shell.
  Turtle at a different angle.
 Just took a picture of this shrub quickly as I walked past it I was loving that tiny bit of red in all the darker colors.
 Fishermen in foreground, Beautiful Trees in Background.
 Cherry Trees.
 This one below is taken by me laying flat on my back my Photography teacher had me do that to practice exposing for lots of light as opposed to shooting into the trees.
 This lone Cherry Stem was not in a tree but was actually right next to the Milk Weed Pod you saw earlier.
The next 4 pictures are different pretty or unusual leaves I saw as we were walking around finding our subjects to shoot.

This bottom shot was another my Photography Instructor called me over to try to shoot with the Beautiful Oranges and Yellow's and that gorgeous sky peeking through the tree leaves and branches.
few shots of them as they walked off to take pictures.
I loved the pretty purple shades in this pretty shrub!!

Well that is it after taking 249 shots that day these are my favorite 31 shots.  I hope you enjoy them!!!  It was a really great learning experience and now I can't wait to get out there and try some more shoots on Manuel! :)


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Your pictures are beautiful. Was there a wedding at DNC while you were there?