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Meadow's First Birthday Party!!!! Boy Did we have FUN!!! Fun Captions and Stories and TONS of pictures thanks to my 2nd Shooter my friend Tonya Ferguson.

Project 365 - Pictures for Friday Oct. 7th 2011
Meadow's 1st Birthday Party

Friday October 7th 2011

I started this post out being the week of Oct. 7th through the 13th but when I was putting in all the pictures for the first day of the week which happened to be Meadow's first Birthday Party I had so many to add that this post is just for the one day of that week I will put the rest of that week in a separate post.   These pictures are about half mine and half Tonya's my good friend who was gracious enough to help me do the photo's at Meadow's party! :)  If you see multiples of the same picture on here please ignore it Blogger was giving me a heck of a time uploading these pictures.  I could only upload one at a time with Internet Explorer so I downloaded FireFox browser and it would let me upload 20 or more at a time but it was a very frustrating way to upload them and I had a hard time with it and kept getting multiples so I finally gave up and just did what was fastest.

Even though Meadow's 1st Birthday was September 1st we were not able to have her 1st Birthday Party until Friday October 7th due to traveling out of State, having company several weekends, and other things that went on that month.  So on Friday the 7th of Oct. we were very excited to finally be Celebrating Baby Meadow's First Birthday with Family and Friends.

Because so many of her outfits and things her first year happened to be Hot Pink and Zebra Print I decided to do her 1st Birthday Theme in Hot Pink and Zebra.  I was able to borrow most of the Decorations from a good friend who had decorated and thrown a Pink and Zebra Party for a Family Member last year.  It was sure fun to Decorate and do and I found that everything at Hobby Lobby had a Pink and Zebra section so it was very easy to plan the them!!!

The day before her party I found out the special Birthday Pettiskirt outfit I had special ordered for her was not going to come on time so I scrambled the night before to find her an outfit fit for a princess a tu tu princess that is.  I ended up having to make and sew her shirt at 2pm the day of her party which was at 5:30pm but I found the Skirt and Boots and Socks at Hobby Lobby and Dillards in the Mall.

Late that morning and early afternoon Meadow and Tucker and I headed over to the Church to Decorate her Birthday Party room and then we went home for naps and to get ready for the party.  I ordered her wonderful Pink and Zebra Cake from Wal-Mart if you can believe that!!!

My good friend Tonya and I double teamed to get all of the pictures our styles are similar so we had fun shooting together and I was very very pleased with the pictures we both got.  Tonya was a Life saver to help out with Pictures that way I knew if  I did not get a shot then she did it was fun!!!!

The people who were able to come to her party were:
Grandma Paula and Poppy Richard and "cousins Harley and Darion"
Grandma Marianne and Uncle Mark and cousins Ben, Erik, and Caleb
Daddy, Mommy, Piper, Willow, and Tucker
Next Door Best Friend (and almost a 3rd Sister to Meadow she adores Grace) and her Mommy Tasha for a few minutes
Maggie Gilmore and her Parents Pastor Chris and Kristin from Church
Adelynn Silsbee and her Mommy Michelle from church
Paxton, Avery, Destiny, and Tylan Ferguson, and their Mommy and Daddy Tonya and Dale
Evelyn and Emily Hall and their Mommy Amy from church, Pastor Mark Hall and the boys were in another part of the building hosting the 3rd - 6th Grade Overnight Missions Retreat.
and Kensly, Cooper, and MaryAnn Koestle from church.

We had 10 Little Cesar's Pizza's and Bread sticks to share with everyone and drinks, then Cake and more Drinks we forgot to bring the High Chair for Meadow to dig into her Cake, and the Candle for the top of the Cake, and the Ice Cream to go with the Cake :)!!!
Here in the picture above are all the things I picked up the night before her party when I found out the outfit I custom ordered for her was not coming on time.  I had no idea what I would find for a skirt so my first stop was at Hobby Lobby to find stuff to make her a cute Birthday Shirt so I bought everything I might need in Zebra, Hot Pink, and Black so when I found the skirt I would have whatever I needed to make the right colored shirt.  I took 2/3rds of this back to Hobby Lobby after I made her, her Hot Pink and Zebra Birthday Shirt.

 Some of the other Party Supplies

 Below you can see the Zebra print Hat Box I found and that is what we put the Forks, Knifes, and Spoons in - A fun addition to Decorating!!
 The Table in the afternoon right after I got done decorating.
 The Gift Table before any guests arrived.
 Tucker helping me Decorate the Guest Tables.
 Table Decorations courtesy of Tonya
Here is the Table set up.  I found all of this Hot Pink and Zebra stuff at Hobby Lobby and all the Decorations I borrowed from Tonya.

Above is the Picture of the cake I ordered from Wal-Mart the day before Meadow's Party I think they did a wonderful Job.  I told them I wanted Hot Pink Border and Writing and I wanted the cake to be Zebra and I wanted a Big #1 with a Princess Crown on top of it.  This is what they made I was so excited when I saw it!!!
Above are 2 of the 3 items that came in the "Cake Smash Set" it came with the Party Hat, the Bib, and the Bottom Bloomers she wore over her diaper you can see several pictures Tonya and I got of her crawling in them down further.

Above you can see the Treat Bags I found at Hobby Lobby and the Party Hats.  Or at least I though they were party hats and then when they would not fit on any of the kids because the string was in Gross Grain ribbon and too short to fit over a child's head I was so disappointed because several of the little girls wanted to wear them.  When I got home and saw the packages I figured out they were cones you hold upside down by the ribbon and put treats, candy, or flowers in them LOL!!!
Above the Full Head table Decorated.
Tonya's Great Angle of the Treat bags and "Party Hats" LOL.  The Black and white zebra treat bags were for the boys and had more boy things in them and the pink and white zebra bags were for the girls and had more girly stuff in them.
Inside one of the girls treat bags.  They had a Beaded necklace a flute, a jar of bubbles and bubble blower, a Kaleidoscope looking glass, some girly tattoo's and a few pieces of candy.
Tonya's Great Center piece!!!  This girl can make great Decorations!!
More cool Decorations

I laid Meadow's boots in front of this decoration when she wanted them off and both Tonya and I ended up getting pictures of this we both have the same eye for things a lot of times LOL!!!

Meadow sitting by her Cake for pictures.  Marianne my Mother in Law so kindly cleaned out the High Chair so nicely before the party so we could take it and sit Meadow in it to eat her cake and get really messy but we forgot to take the High Chair so we don't really have any pictures of her eating it just sitting by it and getting a few fingers of a taste of it!! :)
The Gift Table.  Thanks to all of Tonya's Decorations it is Decorated all the way around in Pink Tulle and Black Tulle and Zebra ribbons.
Meadow checking out the decorations above and a gift below.

A cool angle Tonya took of meadow and her cake.
Meadow getting some finger tastes of her 1st Birthday Cake.
Below part of the shirt I made for Meadow at 2pm before her party at 5:30pm
Another cool angle of the cake per Tonya!
One of the cards Meadow received made by some of the children guests who attended.
O.K. can I really touch this Mommy or am I gonna get in trouble???  I am gonna just try it and see what happens :)
Meadow testing the waters with her first finger in her cake frosting.
Part of Meadows Shirt the Big silver and Black sequined M and the Zebra #1 were iron on's and I sewed the zebra feathers on her sleeves.
Birthday Hat.

Her very cool Zebra and Hot pink boots I found on Clearance at Dillards.
Meadow and Mommy.

Mmmmmm it's Yummy!!!

Under her cute Black and white Zebra boots she had Pink and white Zebra socks I found at Hobby Lobby.
Meadow in her Birthday Hat.
Tonya on the floor with the babies taking pictures.  Paxton in the blue and plaid is her son who is 2 weeks older than Meadow, and Baby Maggie is playing with Tonya's youngest daughter 3 yr old Avery.
Both of Tonya's Daughters Destiny 8yrs and Avery 3 yrs.

Tonya taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.  We both use Canon SLR camera's.
Grandma Paula and Poppy Richard with Meadow at her Party above and below.

My Sweet Friend MaryAnn and her little girl Kinsley! :)
"Cousins" Harley and Paige with Meadow
The 3 Sisters together
Meadow and her Future Husband Paxton must have had their first Fight by the looks of Paxton's face I am guessing Meadow WON this one LOL!!!!! :)
Grandma Marianne (Marvin's Mom) and the Cousins that were at Meadow's Party.  Mark and Karla's 3 in - Yellow Erik 5 yrs old, Orange Caleb 2 years old, and Ben in Red 6 years old.  Tucker 4 yrs, Meadow 1yr, and Willow 7 yrs.  Piper had left for her Mission Retreat overnight by the time we took this picture.
Adorable Miss Maggie
Grandma Marianne feeding Meadow her Cake.  I was so so so so bummed we forgot the High Chair so she could dig in and get all messy with her Cake.  I have some of my favorite pictures every of Tucker, Willow, and Piper doing that, at their 1st Birthday Parties!!!
Tonya with Avery Maggie, and Pax.
Adelynn, Tucker, Paxton, and Meadow
Adelynn, Paxton, Tucker, and Meadow.
Tonya taking pictures of Pax and Daddy.
Tonya taking pics of the kids
Paxton and Meadow were born 2 weeks apart and Tonya and I were Pregnancy Buddies on FB the whole time we were pregnant it was fun having a friend going through the same things you were at the same time.  We were both pregnant with our 4th baby and we were due 5 weeks apart but Pax was 1 day late and Meadow was 3 weeks early so they were exactly 2 weeks apart.  Tonya and I have joked that these two have an arraigned Marriage we are working out the Dowry requirements right now :)
Meadow's cute Bottom Bloomers that matched her Party Hat and her Bib.
Meadow and her Future Husband Paxton from church.
"So what do you think about this whole Marriage thing???  We better start saving for our wedding now because I really love pretty decorations!!!!"
"Did you know that some day you will be my Sister in Law??  No, well that is the plan so it would be great if we could start being friends NOW!!! :)
Meadow and her Future Sister in Laws Destiny and Avery.

Yes we are the Blond Family!!!! :)
Me taking a picture of Tonya taking a picture of me.  We are both doing this 365 Photography thing together right now.
My nephew Erik Mark and Karla's 2nd Boy.  Tucker and Erik adore each other!  They are 11 months apart Erik being the oldest.
Meadow with Pastor Mark and Amy's girls Evelyn on the left and Emily on the right.

Meadow and the 3 girls she considers her sisters (Piper and Willow really are her sisters but Next Door Best Friend Grace is always with us most of the time they are not in school or not home so Meadow adores Grace and I am pretty sure she considers her another "Big Sissy"!!!  Plus Grace fits in with our family well.  She and Piper have played together non stop since they were 3 years old.  They are 1 month apart in age and really play so well together and they also do such a good job at incorporating Willow and Tucker into their pretend play every day!!  We are so Blessed to have Grace and her family as our next door neighbors.  Grace and Piper and Willow are Best friends, but Tasha Grace's Mom is also one of my few Best friends in life as well!!!
Cute Bloomers crawling away.
Adorable Miss Maggie.  Maggie is a little over 4 months younger than Meadow is.  She belongs to Pastor Chris and Kristin at church.  We love her too!!!
Piper getting ready to head off with Grace to the 3rd - 6th grade yearly Overnight Missions retreat at church that night.  She and Willow each had this great Big Pink Feather Hair piece I found at Hobby Lobby.
Destiny, and brother Tylan, Pastor Chris and Kristin, MaryAnn Koestle and Kinsley.  In the Background Amy Hall Pastor Marks wife and me in the Black.
Kristin and Maggie

Cousins and Best Friends.  Paige Justin's daughter Harley, Piper, and Grace all getting ready for the Missions retreat.
Maggie's on the Move!!!
Big Brother Tucker.
Meadow Pulling up on chairs.  She had just started this before her party.
Avery holding onto her Mommy's Legs.  LOVE the Flowers and Crown so so cute!!!
Meadow on the Move.  She has not started walking yet Piper walked with no support at 14 months, Willow was 16 months, and Tucker was 15 months.

I love this cool Angle Tonya got of Meadow from above.
Baby Meadow and Mommy.  There are very very few pics of Meadow and me her first year because I am always behind the camera but never in front.
Meadow and Mommy playing one of her favorite games where she holds my hands then arches her back and throws her head back and does a back bend  she LOVES to do this!!!

Love them Chubby baby legs.
Paxton, Meadow's Future Husband LOL!!!
Adorable luscious Legs of Miss Adelynn who celebrated her first Birthday back in May.  Meadow had so much fun at her party!!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them Cowboy boots!!
Meadow in her party hat.
Happy Little Evelyn we just really enjoy Emily and Evelyn Pastor Mark and Amy's girls.  They had come over for a whole day play date earlier that week and we had SOOOO Much fun!!!
Meadows Bow I found at Dillards before her party.

Having Fun with Mommy!!!
Paxton bouncing on his Daddy's head. 
Baby Meadow by Tonya.
So adorable Baby Adelyn!!!
Cool picture of Willows Hair feather.
Meadow Hugging Mommy!

The whole family.  I threw the Black and Hot Pink together right before the party LOL!!!
Mommy putting baby Meadow's Party hat on.
Paxton with his Daddy.

Bottom layer of Pettiskirt.
Avery eating Cake.
Pastor Chris and Dale Tonya's Husband.
Paxton with Evelyn and Emily in the background.
Pax relaxing on his Daddy on the floor.
Michele a wonderful Mommy and sweet friend!!!  With Baby Ade who is just so so so gorgeous here LOVE those cheeks!!
Tucker and Daddy laughing together.  Meadow loves looking at this picture on the computer!!
Tonya on the floor taking a picture of me on the floor taking a picture of Meadow.
Sweet Avery
Ade's cute boots again in color this time aren't they great???
Beautiful Emily!!!

Our Family all together before Piper left for the Missions retreat.
Meadow playing with Mommy!!!
Meadow on the Move.
Paxton holding onto mommy's legs and looking at her taking a picture of him.
LOVE this view of 3 of the babies Maggie, Pax, and Meadow.  Tonya takes such creative views of people on pictures!!
My Nephew Caleb currently Mark and Karla's youngest until Christmas when he gets a baby brother or sister.
Meadow working on pulling up on the back of a chair.
Meadow playing with Evelyn.  Love Evelyn checking Meadow out with her Hands!!
Meadow and Mommy.
I love her smile here you can see her New 1st four teeth.  She did not get her 1st tooth until 2.5 weeks before her 1st Birthday.  By her party she had 4 teeth.  The bottom 2 came in together and the Top two did as well.
Pax in color sitting on Dads head.
Meadow sneaking some frosting.

Meadow in Black and White

I'm coming Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tucked out and laying down and taking a break.
Sweet Cheeks Maggie and Pax walking in the background.  Pax started taking his first steps at 8.5 months old and Meadow has not taken her first steps yet at almost 14 months old.

Adelynn trying to share her take home treat bag with Meadow.  Poor girl then wanted it back and Meadow was not quite as good to want to give it back, but Mommy saved Ade's bag so she could take home her treats.


Have a VERY Snaptatious Day!!!!

Heather and Baby Meadow!!

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