Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Disney Digital Scrap Book Part #4 Character Meal with Goofy and Pluto, Hollywood Studio's, Hollywood Studio's Star Wars Weekends, Favorites from The Hollywood Studio's Park.

Character Dinner with Goofy and Pluto, and Hollywood Studio's Days 

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So now we are up to Wednesday the Middle of our Disney Vacation.  That night we had scheduled a Character Dinner.  There are lots to choose from but since we planned our trip on a short time span the only one available while we were there was the Goofy and Pluto Dinner.  I am so glad we ended up at this Character Dinner the kids loved it and we had a lot of fun.  The Restaurant was so yummy and the scenery was awesome and happy, and fun.  The food and desserts were also pretty Amazing!!!
While there we Celebrated Willow's upcoming 7th Birthday and Tucker's upcoming 4th Birthday and they sang Happy Birthday to them and brought them Birthday treats as well!!!  It was fun for both of them to get these special treats!!
Thursday May 26th was the Day we planned out to go to Hollywood Studio's.  We loved Hollywood Studio's the whole park is set like in the Hay Day of Hollywood, there are street performers all over doing fun skits and movie scenes and the whole Park has this very cool Vintage Hollywood Feel to it!!!  I think Hollywood Studio's just might be my 2nd Favorite Park it was so much fun!

The kids loved the Muppet's section, the Art of Animation and learning how the Disney Animated Movies are made.  Disney Jr. Live was pretty much a hit, Piper loved the Little Mermaid show, and Fantasmic their Night time show was just simply Amazing!!!  We had so much fun there!!

At Hollywood Studios from May 20th to around June 15th every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they have Star Wars Weekends.  Real Actors that were in the Star Wars Movies both the original 4,5,6, and the newer 1,2,and 3 come to Hollywood Studios and they have Big Star Wars Weekends Parades and Character Meetings were you can meet the Actors who come to the Disney Parks.  Darian was so excited about this and he could not wait to get to Hollywood Studio's to be part of Star Wars Weekends and get his Light Saber.

and Finally some of our Favorite things at Hollywood Studios, Ride, Shows, Pictures, and Scenery.

 Next Post: Pages 33-40 of our Disney Vacation Scrap Book.

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Hope you have a Stampendous, and Wonderful Evening and Day!!!


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