Saturday, September 24, 2011

The First 8 Pages of our Scrap Book I spent the last 6 weeks making. It sure was fun and I love how it turned out. Also Link to the New Blog! :)

The First 8 pages of a Disney Scrap Book
and all about
My newest Blog (link to it) and Creative Project
Project 365. 

Hi Everyone I came today to write 3 posts.  One to Share the First 8 pages of our Disney Photo Scrap Book I have been working on whenever time allows the last 6 weeks.  I will share 8 pages a day several days this week until I have shared the whole book.  We have been working little by little on the Paper Versions of our Disney Books too so I have more to share of them too! :)

I am also going to share two posts from my NEW Photography / Project 365 Blog.  I joined a Photography Group this summer and about 30 of us from all around the country have started the 365 Journey with our Photography we all started on different days some as early as the end of June, and some as late as October 1st.  We all have different goals for what we want to accomplish with our P365's.
My Good Friend Jess and I have a goal in common we both moved up to the Professional/Semi Professional Camera Levels this last summer and we both want to not just learn our Camera's backwards and forwards and all that we can do with them (They are amazing camera's) but we also want to LEARN Photography and Post Picture Editing in Photo shop CS5 and Lightroom3.

I started my P365 on September 1st which was also Meadow's 1st Birthday so I took 947 pictures of her throughout the day and ended up editing my favorite 80 some pictures and it has taken me 3 weeks to finish editing them so I could do my first post on my new blog.  Heather's Heavinly Photogations.  I have my first two weeks posted now and will be adding more picture posts nearly daily now.
So if you are one that comes to the blog only to hear Family Stories and see Pictures my Photography Blog will now be updated nearly everyday with Pictures and Fun Family Stories, and this blog will have some of that, but more of my 
Stamping / Scrap Booking / Creative Projects Blog.

Our Disney Vacation Digital Scrap Book 
Pages 1-8 of 52

There were about 9 Covers you could choose from and a couple of them were real Leather covers.  I choose this one because Cinderella's Castle and Tinkerbell seemed to be a running theme throughout our Disney Vacation.  Our real cover is personalized in the bottom right corner it is embossed in the same Silver Foil as the picture and it says 

Schlatter Family Disney Vacation
May 21st - May 31st 2011
 Page 1 - How our Trip Came About.
 Page 3 and 4 - The 4 Disney Park Icons,
and the Amazing Views of 
Cinderella's Castle

 Pages 5 and 6 - Travel into The Magic Kingdom, 
and Part of our First Day at Disney

 Page 6 and 7 - Our First views of Cinderella's Castle and,
First Day in the Parks, Journalling and Pictures.

 Well there are the 1st 8 pages I hope you enjoy them.  It took me 6 weeks to make this book so that is a big part of why I have not had much of a chance to Blog in the last month and a half or so.  The Book was a Blast to Make I just deleted Disney's pre created pages and started from scratch.  I choose the "stickers", text/ journalling, picture frames, pictures, backgrounds, and page layouts all on my own and I LOVED doing it.  It only took so long because I had to only work on it when I was not busy with the kido's :)  I also loved that you could choose between 3 kinds of Photo's 1.) Disney's Photo Gallery Pictures (like the old post card pictures)
2.) Disney's Photo Pass pictures you had taken of your family while at Disney World.
3.) Your own pictures you upload from the Internet.  About 75% of the pictures in the book are pictures I uploaded from my computer but I do have a few Disney Gallery pictures, and many Disney Photo Pass pictures of our family.

Well I am off to bed now hope you have a Stampendous Day!!!


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