Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here are the next 8 pages from our Digital Scrap Book I made of our trip to DisneyWorld this summer! I am ready to go back already :) - Tomorrow Piper's 4H Scrapbook!

Hi All,
Well as I promised, I am adding 8 more pages of our Digital Disney Scrap Book I spent spare time on making the last 6 weeks.  Now I have slowly started on the Paper Version which will have more fun embellisments and cute papers ect...   I have a feeling it will take me forever to get that done, but it will be fun to do, too!

So here are the next 8 pages out of 52 pages.  If you want to read the journalling on the Scrap Book pages just click on the picture you will be able to see it large.  Then click your back button on your browser and it will take you back to the Blog Post.  Also if you want to see the first 8 pages just scroll down one post they are on Friday Sept. 23rd's post.  I really can't wait to go back because there are so many things we wanted to do but ran out of time and now that I am so much more into Photography on an Artsy Level it would be fun to go and get more Artsy shots I think!!!  I hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow I am posting Piper's Scrap Book she made for the 4H County Fair that won her a Grand Champion Purple Ribbon!!!  She had fun making her very first Scrap Book Album too :)!!

Page #9 and Page#10 were pictures of things we considered to be our favorite things at The Magic Kingdom.  As I was making the Scrap Book on the Disney Site, I realized I had lots of pictures of our Favorites so I made a 2 page layout of things that were our Favorite things to do, see, watch a show, or do the activity, rides,  and even our favorite yummy treats too!!

Some of our Favorite things from The Magic Kingdom Park were, It's a Small World.  That ride NEVER gets old I love seeing all the pretty things in it and I could ride it several times and see new things each time!  We LOVED Fast Passes they saved us waiting in long lines on so many rides.  We learned how to do the parks without having to wait more than 15 to 20 minutes for a ride, and most rides we walked right onto that is totally the way to do it!! Can't wait to go back!!!  Other Favorites were The Mad Hatter Tea Party, Tea Cups ride, Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, Peter Pan's Flight, Haunted Mansion (another favorite from when I was a kid and my parents took me), Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear ride and many many more!!! :)
 Epcot  Day #2 we went out to Epcot we decided our first Day at Epcot would be spent visiting all of the Countries from around the world taking in the culture and letting the kids get Pass Ports and doing their pass ports in each country.   Our 2nd Day at Epcot later in the week would be more for Doing Future World, and meeting all the Characters.

 And here below are pictures and words on all of our Favorites from the Epcot Parks, we had so much fun on both days there I could easily spend another whold day just doing things we wanted to do but missed!!!

Well next time I will share the next 8 pages from the book which includes pictures of our Day at the Beach on the Gulf Coast, Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios, and many Favorites from Hollywood Studios!! :)

Have a Stampendous Day!!!


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