Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digittal Scrap Book of Disney Trip Part #3 Next 8 pages :) The Beach, Bibidy Bobidy Boutique Make Over's for the girls and Pirates Leaque Make Overs for the Boys.

 The Beach, The Make Overs and Disney Day #3 Our Busiest Day!!!
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On Tuesday the 24th our 3rd Day in Florida we decided after 2 days in the Parks, and 1 day of traveling we were ready for a Lazy Day at the Beach.  Little did we know that trip would be anything but Lazy!!!

We had decided of our choices to go to the Atlantic Ocean Beaches or the Gulf Coast Beaches which were an hour further away than the Atlantic Beaches we would prefer the Gulf Coast Beaches because they were said to be warmer and calmer than the Atlantic Beaches.  So it was supposed to be about a 2 hour drive away from where we were.  The Drive was about 2 hours away to the Town we were going to but then due to bad instructions it took us about another hour and a half to get to where we were going and then still did not ever end up on the Island we had planned on going to because we got there about 2:30pm the next ferry out to the Island did not leave until 3:35pm and the Island closed at 4:30pm and the ferry would cost us about $70 to take out to the Island.  So we went to another Beach in the State Park System called Honey Moon Cove Beach system.  We got there just after 2:30pm and they started picking up the Beach Chairs and Umbrella's at about 4:30, so Our day at the Beach turned into 2 hours at the Beach, but all was O.K. we had fun there anyway and the kids got their first taste of the Ocean and making sand castles!!!!

Baby Meadow was about 8 1/2 months old when we went to Florida and she thought the most fun part of the Beach was eating the Sand :)  She got all covered in sand and she was the hardest to clean up when we left she was so caked with Sand and had a Blow Out Poopy Diaper under that cute Mermaid Swim Suit.  However she was so adorable the whole time at the Beach who could care about the Messy Mess she was when we left??  :)
Tucker was not so excited about getting in the Ocean he only got in once for a few minutes and he spent the rest of his time playing in the Sand with Grandma Schlatter and making Sand Castles.   About 2 months after we got Home he came running up to me one day and said "Mommy, I am ready to get in the Ocean now Let's go to the Beach!!!"  Ummmmmm Tucker we live in the smack dab middle of Kansas I don't think we can go back to the Beach anytime soon LOL!!!  Tooo Cute! :)

Wednesday May 25th was our Busiest Day at Disney but also I think our most Fun!!!

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique is located inside The Magic Kingdom in Cinderella's Castle.  The Fairy God Mothers who help transform every girl to their choice of Pretty Princess, Pop Princess, or Diva Princess, come out to get each girl show them their Princess Make Over choices and then they spend about an hour Making them into a Princess at the end they take a magic wand filled with Pixie Dust and they spin them around in circles saying the statement Cinderella's Fairy Godmother said to her and sprinkling them with Pixie Dust Glitter then they show them what they look like.  It was a wonderful experience and the girls loved it.  Grandma Paula and I wished they had picked Pretty Princess or Diva Princess like Willow's Pretty Hair Piece but Piper and Harley both picked Rainbow Hair Pop Princess.  Willow picked Blond Hair Diva Princess.  They also received cool Make Up to take home, fake nails to take home, Jewels for their faces, a gorgeous Bracelet, and lots of cool hair accessories plus their Hair Piece all for about $52 a girl.

Tucker and Darian went over to the Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates League Make Overs for $29 they received a Pirate leather Sash, A Cool Sword, a Pirate Facial Paint Make Over of their choice, an eye patch, fake Pirate Teeth, 3 Tattoo's, a heavy very cool metal Pirate Medallion Necklace, and a Real Pirate Name and Certificate of becoming a Pirate.  Plus they could be in that day's Pirate Parade if they were around at that time of day and wanted to be in the Parade.

So there you have Page 17 to Page 24 of our 52 page Disney Trip Family Scrap Book.
I will add the next 8 pages in a day or 2 :)  Next up Our Character Dinner with Goofy and Pluto, Then our Days in Hollywood Studio's, and Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studio's!!!


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