Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digittal Scrap Book of Disney Trip Part #3 Next 8 pages :) The Beach, Bibidy Bobidy Boutique Make Over's for the girls and Pirates Leaque Make Overs for the Boys.

 The Beach, The Make Overs and Disney Day #3 Our Busiest Day!!!
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On Tuesday the 24th our 3rd Day in Florida we decided after 2 days in the Parks, and 1 day of traveling we were ready for a Lazy Day at the Beach.  Little did we know that trip would be anything but Lazy!!!

We had decided of our choices to go to the Atlantic Ocean Beaches or the Gulf Coast Beaches which were an hour further away than the Atlantic Beaches we would prefer the Gulf Coast Beaches because they were said to be warmer and calmer than the Atlantic Beaches.  So it was supposed to be about a 2 hour drive away from where we were.  The Drive was about 2 hours away to the Town we were going to but then due to bad instructions it took us about another hour and a half to get to where we were going and then still did not ever end up on the Island we had planned on going to because we got there about 2:30pm the next ferry out to the Island did not leave until 3:35pm and the Island closed at 4:30pm and the ferry would cost us about $70 to take out to the Island.  So we went to another Beach in the State Park System called Honey Moon Cove Beach system.  We got there just after 2:30pm and they started picking up the Beach Chairs and Umbrella's at about 4:30, so Our day at the Beach turned into 2 hours at the Beach, but all was O.K. we had fun there anyway and the kids got their first taste of the Ocean and making sand castles!!!!

Baby Meadow was about 8 1/2 months old when we went to Florida and she thought the most fun part of the Beach was eating the Sand :)  She got all covered in sand and she was the hardest to clean up when we left she was so caked with Sand and had a Blow Out Poopy Diaper under that cute Mermaid Swim Suit.  However she was so adorable the whole time at the Beach who could care about the Messy Mess she was when we left??  :)
Tucker was not so excited about getting in the Ocean he only got in once for a few minutes and he spent the rest of his time playing in the Sand with Grandma Schlatter and making Sand Castles.   About 2 months after we got Home he came running up to me one day and said "Mommy, I am ready to get in the Ocean now Let's go to the Beach!!!"  Ummmmmm Tucker we live in the smack dab middle of Kansas I don't think we can go back to the Beach anytime soon LOL!!!  Tooo Cute! :)

Wednesday May 25th was our Busiest Day at Disney but also I think our most Fun!!!

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique is located inside The Magic Kingdom in Cinderella's Castle.  The Fairy God Mothers who help transform every girl to their choice of Pretty Princess, Pop Princess, or Diva Princess, come out to get each girl show them their Princess Make Over choices and then they spend about an hour Making them into a Princess at the end they take a magic wand filled with Pixie Dust and they spin them around in circles saying the statement Cinderella's Fairy Godmother said to her and sprinkling them with Pixie Dust Glitter then they show them what they look like.  It was a wonderful experience and the girls loved it.  Grandma Paula and I wished they had picked Pretty Princess or Diva Princess like Willow's Pretty Hair Piece but Piper and Harley both picked Rainbow Hair Pop Princess.  Willow picked Blond Hair Diva Princess.  They also received cool Make Up to take home, fake nails to take home, Jewels for their faces, a gorgeous Bracelet, and lots of cool hair accessories plus their Hair Piece all for about $52 a girl.

Tucker and Darian went over to the Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates League Make Overs for $29 they received a Pirate leather Sash, A Cool Sword, a Pirate Facial Paint Make Over of their choice, an eye patch, fake Pirate Teeth, 3 Tattoo's, a heavy very cool metal Pirate Medallion Necklace, and a Real Pirate Name and Certificate of becoming a Pirate.  Plus they could be in that day's Pirate Parade if they were around at that time of day and wanted to be in the Parade.

So there you have Page 17 to Page 24 of our 52 page Disney Trip Family Scrap Book.
I will add the next 8 pages in a day or 2 :)  Next up Our Character Dinner with Goofy and Pluto, Then our Days in Hollywood Studio's, and Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studio's!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here are the next 8 pages from our Digital Scrap Book I made of our trip to DisneyWorld this summer! I am ready to go back already :) - Tomorrow Piper's 4H Scrapbook!

Hi All,
Well as I promised, I am adding 8 more pages of our Digital Disney Scrap Book I spent spare time on making the last 6 weeks.  Now I have slowly started on the Paper Version which will have more fun embellisments and cute papers ect...   I have a feeling it will take me forever to get that done, but it will be fun to do, too!

So here are the next 8 pages out of 52 pages.  If you want to read the journalling on the Scrap Book pages just click on the picture you will be able to see it large.  Then click your back button on your browser and it will take you back to the Blog Post.  Also if you want to see the first 8 pages just scroll down one post they are on Friday Sept. 23rd's post.  I really can't wait to go back because there are so many things we wanted to do but ran out of time and now that I am so much more into Photography on an Artsy Level it would be fun to go and get more Artsy shots I think!!!  I hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow I am posting Piper's Scrap Book she made for the 4H County Fair that won her a Grand Champion Purple Ribbon!!!  She had fun making her very first Scrap Book Album too :)!!

Page #9 and Page#10 were pictures of things we considered to be our favorite things at The Magic Kingdom.  As I was making the Scrap Book on the Disney Site, I realized I had lots of pictures of our Favorites so I made a 2 page layout of things that were our Favorite things to do, see, watch a show, or do the activity, rides,  and even our favorite yummy treats too!!

Some of our Favorite things from The Magic Kingdom Park were, It's a Small World.  That ride NEVER gets old I love seeing all the pretty things in it and I could ride it several times and see new things each time!  We LOVED Fast Passes they saved us waiting in long lines on so many rides.  We learned how to do the parks without having to wait more than 15 to 20 minutes for a ride, and most rides we walked right onto that is totally the way to do it!! Can't wait to go back!!!  Other Favorites were The Mad Hatter Tea Party, Tea Cups ride, Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster, Peter Pan's Flight, Haunted Mansion (another favorite from when I was a kid and my parents took me), Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear ride and many many more!!! :)
 Epcot  Day #2 we went out to Epcot we decided our first Day at Epcot would be spent visiting all of the Countries from around the world taking in the culture and letting the kids get Pass Ports and doing their pass ports in each country.   Our 2nd Day at Epcot later in the week would be more for Doing Future World, and meeting all the Characters.

 And here below are pictures and words on all of our Favorites from the Epcot Parks, we had so much fun on both days there I could easily spend another whold day just doing things we wanted to do but missed!!!

Well next time I will share the next 8 pages from the book which includes pictures of our Day at the Beach on the Gulf Coast, Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios, and many Favorites from Hollywood Studios!! :)

Have a Stampendous Day!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The First 8 Pages of our Scrap Book I spent the last 6 weeks making. It sure was fun and I love how it turned out. Also Link to the New Blog! :)

The First 8 pages of a Disney Scrap Book
and all about
My newest Blog (link to it) and Creative Project
Project 365. 

Hi Everyone I came today to write 3 posts.  One to Share the First 8 pages of our Disney Photo Scrap Book I have been working on whenever time allows the last 6 weeks.  I will share 8 pages a day several days this week until I have shared the whole book.  We have been working little by little on the Paper Versions of our Disney Books too so I have more to share of them too! :)

I am also going to share two posts from my NEW Photography / Project 365 Blog.  I joined a Photography Group this summer and about 30 of us from all around the country have started the 365 Journey with our Photography we all started on different days some as early as the end of June, and some as late as October 1st.  We all have different goals for what we want to accomplish with our P365's.
My Good Friend Jess and I have a goal in common we both moved up to the Professional/Semi Professional Camera Levels this last summer and we both want to not just learn our Camera's backwards and forwards and all that we can do with them (They are amazing camera's) but we also want to LEARN Photography and Post Picture Editing in Photo shop CS5 and Lightroom3.

I started my P365 on September 1st which was also Meadow's 1st Birthday so I took 947 pictures of her throughout the day and ended up editing my favorite 80 some pictures and it has taken me 3 weeks to finish editing them so I could do my first post on my new blog.  Heather's Heavinly Photogations.  I have my first two weeks posted now and will be adding more picture posts nearly daily now.
So if you are one that comes to the blog only to hear Family Stories and see Pictures my Photography Blog will now be updated nearly everyday with Pictures and Fun Family Stories, and this blog will have some of that, but more of my 
Stamping / Scrap Booking / Creative Projects Blog.

Our Disney Vacation Digital Scrap Book 
Pages 1-8 of 52

There were about 9 Covers you could choose from and a couple of them were real Leather covers.  I choose this one because Cinderella's Castle and Tinkerbell seemed to be a running theme throughout our Disney Vacation.  Our real cover is personalized in the bottom right corner it is embossed in the same Silver Foil as the picture and it says 

Schlatter Family Disney Vacation
May 21st - May 31st 2011
 Page 1 - How our Trip Came About.
 Page 3 and 4 - The 4 Disney Park Icons,
and the Amazing Views of 
Cinderella's Castle

 Pages 5 and 6 - Travel into The Magic Kingdom, 
and Part of our First Day at Disney

 Page 6 and 7 - Our First views of Cinderella's Castle and,
First Day in the Parks, Journalling and Pictures.

 Well there are the 1st 8 pages I hope you enjoy them.  It took me 6 weeks to make this book so that is a big part of why I have not had much of a chance to Blog in the last month and a half or so.  The Book was a Blast to Make I just deleted Disney's pre created pages and started from scratch.  I choose the "stickers", text/ journalling, picture frames, pictures, backgrounds, and page layouts all on my own and I LOVED doing it.  It only took so long because I had to only work on it when I was not busy with the kido's :)  I also loved that you could choose between 3 kinds of Photo's 1.) Disney's Photo Gallery Pictures (like the old post card pictures)
2.) Disney's Photo Pass pictures you had taken of your family while at Disney World.
3.) Your own pictures you upload from the Internet.  About 75% of the pictures in the book are pictures I uploaded from my computer but I do have a few Disney Gallery pictures, and many Disney Photo Pass pictures of our family.

Well I am off to bed now hope you have a Stampendous Day!!!


My Project 365 - A Picture a Day for 365 Days. One Year, One Journey, One Goal to Learn, and Expand my Photography Skills and Knowledge. With my 365 Photography Group along for the ride :)

 Starting off my Project 365

September 1st 2011 Beginning Day - Also Baby Meadow's 1st Birthday

Of the 946 pictures I took of Meadow on her 1st Birthday from before she woke up at 8:20 am until she went to bed finally around 1am (she was wired that night :) I was trying out new settings on my Computer and playing with light and composition these were the 77 that I liked the best and edited so I could share them as my first 365 post.  It took me 3 weeks to finish editing them so my first Project 365 post is a bit later but finally all done now I can add all of the other pictures I have taken each day after September 1st my,

Project 365 - a Journey into my life and my Photography one day at a time for 365 days! 

  As I attempt to Learn and Expand my Photography Skills and Knowledge of my Camera, Photography, and Photoshop Editing and Post Processing.

Baby Meadow on her 1st Birthday 8:20am Sound Asleep

 My Sweet Meadow wide awake at 9:15am

 Adorable Smiles coming - ALERT :)

 Hey Mommy - look at this I just learned if I roll on my stomach and push up on all 4's I can get to where I am sitting in my crib and then guess what I don't have to go to sleep when you lay me down I can play all I want now - Isn't that GREAT Mommy??? :)
 See watch me do it.

 Ha I am sitting up now - did you see how I did that???  Cool hungh??
 O.K. now that I am done nursing for the morning I am ready for my favorite food Grahm Cracker's!!!

 Ooooooo I LOVE these things!

 Yummmmm The first Bite is always the Best :)

 Ooooo these things are seriously the BEST!!!

 How much can I get in my mouth all at one time??
 Time to make some really cute cheezy faces for the Camera!
 The one below says I am a total Flirt, and I KNOW I am cute :)

 Alright I think I am done with this part of my day now!!!  I WANT OUT!!!
 Does this look below show you how pathetic and desperate I am to be done??
 O.K. this is better now lets try out this new found skill of crawling for awhile gotta check out the hall way and the living room to see if I can find any Kitty's......  I LOVE the Kitty's!!!
 Ooooo what is that shiny thing up there that Tucker is playing with??
 I love to watch my Brother play.  I adore him....... But he is 4 yrs old and not so sure about me yet???  I hope I get big enough to play with him soon.  I have been playing with my Big Sissy's and Grace for months and months already they include me in everything!!!  They are so much fun! :)
 O.K. I have been good to long time to go find something to get into.  Here is my Onery Look can you tell???
 And here is more of my Bestest Onery Look!!!
 I found some Laundry Mom was sorting and folding.  She is in the hallway sorting more laundry so lets crawl in this pile of sheets and see how much fun I can have......  Wanna play with me??
 Oooooo this is so much fun and so soft and fluffy!
 Well that was fun but off to find the next fun thing to get into.  Hey I am 1 now that is what I do best!!!  Get into things :)
 Mommy decided I needed to get dressed up for a 1 year old Photo Session.  Have I told you how much I love my Tutu/ Pettiskirt outfits??  I have 4 Different ones now and they are so so so cute and frilly I love to play with the skirts! :)
 Wait there are those fun things on the end of my legs again :)

 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I have had enough of this picture taking now!!!
 Maybe if I put the Skirt over my face she will put that Black thing that flashes and clicks away for a while!!!
 Oooooo Shiny!!
 I wonder if I look really cute if she will feed me again.  I LOVE to eat!!!
 Oooo there is a Kitty that just jumped on the arm of this chair I NEED him NOW!!!

 It's Gracie my bestest friend from next door I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Grace she makes me smile and shreak with joy when I see her!!!
 Oooooo I have my Gracie I just think she is the BEST look Mommy I have my Gracie!!!
 I think my wrinkled nose look is good on me don't you???  Extra Cute aren't I??
 Oooo there is Piper and Willow.  I love them too they are pretty fun and when they play with Grace they always take me wherever they go and include me in all the pretend play I get to be the puppy in Veterinarian Game, I get to be the Baby in our House Game.  I get to be the littlest Student in the School Game.  I have all the BEST Parts!!!
 Meadow, Piper, and Willow.  Piper and Willow have been BEST Friends since they were 3 years old I LOVE them both!!!
 And here is my other Sister Willow.  She and I have a really special relationship we have since the day I came home from the Hospital I LOVE her!!!
 MY WILLOW!!!!  My WILLOW!!!!  My Willow!!!!!  I love her!!!
 Ooooohhh Sissy how I adore you, give me a Hug and Niddle Nose :)
 Everyone is in Bed but me and my Mommy - My Favorite time of Day!!!
 Hmmm what is this wet stuff in here??
 It does some fun stuff when I stick my hands in it then clap them together!!!
 Lookie here Mommy wanna play with me??
 Ooooohhh what is this slick colorful thing on here?
 I bet I could have fun with this!
 I wonder what is behind it?  Can I pull it off this big box so I can play with it?
 So what is a Job Chart Mommy do I have any of those??
 This is really interesting!
 So Mommy put me in my Car Seat because today was my first Birthday and I actually am wearing the sleeper I came home from the hospital in.  It is a 0-3month sleeper and I still fit in it...... not for long though.   So a Picture of me in my Car seat on my 1st Birthday and when I came home from the Hospital too! :)
 Meadow on September 4th the day she came home from the Hospital.
 Baby Meadow in the same 0-3month sleeper she wore on her 1st Birthday in her Car Seat ready to come home for the first time.

I'm gettin tired can you tell by my face??
 So how do I get outta this thing??
 Still in the Car Seat!
 Finally the last pics of my Big Day...
 O.K. it's been fun, but I am tired now, can I go to bed Mommy??
 Look at these fun things on the end of my arms I really like them!
 Hmmm can I crawl off this couch and head to my crib??
 Well it's worth a try anyway!
 Aaahhh my CRIB, and my Blankets....... LOVE
 Nighty Night Mommy I love you too! :)....... so so so tired!
 The END :)