Monday, August 1, 2011

Back with a Bang??? Scrap Books, Stamping, Photo Books, Pictures Galore!!!

Happy to be BACK!!!! 
Hello Happy Monday!!  How are you??  I am Great!!! 
So you may wonder where I have been the last 2 months and the answer is very Easy.  First we were at DISNEY WORLD for 10 days then we came home and the morning after we got home I woke up sick, and was pretty sick for about 3 1/2 weeks, while Marvin was gone about 18 hours a day in Wheat Harvest.

Then the rest of the summer has been spent spending time with the kids, enjoying the Baby, and Scrap Booking, Working on Disney Photo Book on line, Editing and Embellishing our Disney Photo Pass Pictures (we started with the Disney Photographers taking 391 pictures by the time I ordered them last week there were 2,291 might as well get our moneys worth right???  It costs the same to order 1picture on your photo pass CD or to order 2,300 so I added every size and boarder there was...... well almost LOL!!!!)   Another Big part of my summer was right before we left for Disney my Lap Top Mother Board Blew and I lost our Lap Top/ Extra Computer.   Then about 6 weeks after we got back our Desk Top Crashed while I was working on the Disney Photo Book  uuuuugggghhhh you have got to be kidding me right???  2 computers crashing in 6 weeks????   So after the Lap Top crashed we did not replace it because we still had the desk top and wanted to finish paying the Disney Expenses off from while we were in Florida before we got a new computer.  BUT..... after the Desk Top Crashed we did not have a choice we had to get a new computer so now we have a new lap top and plan to replace the Desk Top as time and money allows!!   

We also spent the last 10 days or so getting ready for the 4H Fair and being at the County 4H fair.  Piper got 11 Ribbons this year Purple's are Superier, Blues are next then Red's, and I am not sure what comes after that.  Piper took Best of Breed on her Bunny Rabbit and got a Champion Ribbon in addition to her Purple Ribbon, and she got a Champion Ribbon on her Scrap Book about her 4H Bunny that died in the heat 2 weeks before the fair.  So she had 2 Champion Ribbons, 3 other Purple Ribbons, 4 Blue Ribbons, and 2 Red Ribbons.  Willow entered Gardening in the open class and got a 2nd Place, and Tucker entered Gardening in the Open Class and got a 3rd Place.

Now I am ready to start sharing some of the pictures of what we have been up to on the Disney Pictures and lots of Disney Pictures to share!!

Not long after we got back from Disney Grandma Paula started making these Mini Albums for Darian and Harley and we loved them so much we ran out and got the supplies we did not have yet and we started making them too.  Then they got put on hold a bit because I had to finish the Disney Photo Pass Pictures, and this week we have started working on them again.  So my plan is to show you a new Day of Disney Scrap Book Page for Piper and Willow every day so you can slowly see pictures and see the Trip, and all the fun we had!!!

So Here are the pictures from the first page of Their Disney Mini Album Scrap Books we have been working on.  Also the First Page of the Disney Photo Book I have spent many many hours creating on the Disney Photo Pass Web site.  That book is not quite finished so the pictures are pictures of the Book on my computer not the actual book because it has not been ordered just yet.  My Goal is to finish it this week and get it ordered.

The Covers of the Mini Albums for Piper and Willow.  I will start Tucker and Meadow's when I finish Piper and Willow's books.
Here is Pipers Cover alone she choose the Card Stock Die Cut of Mickey that says "Dreams really do come True"  She also chose the cute silver metal Mickey to go on front of her Album.
 Willow's book has the Die Cut that says "Vacation Tips"  Bring laughs and smiles,.....Pack in Fun.....See the Sights.....Make a Trip to Remember.
Out of the top of the cover pulls out the first Picture Collage we made of our Traveling to Florida day.  Saturday May 21st.
 Piper's Picture Collage.  The middle Picture is of her eating her Ice Cream we bought the kids on our Layover in Atlanta Georgia on our way from Wichita KS, to Orlando FL.

The picture in the upper left corner is one of Grandma Marianne with Tucker and Meadow in the Atlanta Airport, and the other two pictures across the bottom are of the Girls and Mommy and the older 3 kido's and Daddy in our Gray/ Black Disney Garb.  Each day we all wore the same color so we ended up having a Gray/ Black Day, Red Day, Purple/ Lavender, Yellow, Turquoise, and Orange Day.  Our Traveling Day there was Gray / Black Day and on the way home it was Turquoise Day.

 And here is Willow's first Picture Collage we made of traveling day.  We made this before Piper's so it did not have the picture of Grandma Marianne and Tucker and Baby Meadow.
 The First inside page pull out Pocket.
Each Mini Album Page is made using 2 1/2 Business Size Envelopes.  We went out and Bought Colored Envelopes to make them look even more cool.  Each Front and Back page of the Envelope has 4 pull out pockets you can put things in Out the Top of the Front, down where the Metal Castle and Metal Mickey are is a small pocket you could put something in but we did not on this first page / Cover of the book.  The out the side pulling out horizontally.  We put their Baggage Claim Tickets from the Flights in the Horizontal pull out pocket.
 Her is Pipers you can see how the top picture pulls out and how the horizontal pocket pulls out.
 and here is Willow's for some reason Piper's is not on in the above picture but we added a decorative paper clip and ribbon to pull out the top pictures of of the inside long pocket.
The 2nd Page / Back of First Page of Mini Album.  You fold the Envelopes differently on the back page so it has two larger pockets to put Scrappy Goodies and pictures in to pull out and look at.
 Piper's Book.
 Willow's Book below.
 The picture of the 2nd Pull out picture collage we made.  It has pictures of all of us minus me and Paula the photographers in the Atlanta Air Port waiting for our next flight to Florida!!!
 In the Bottom mid sized pocket we put their boarding passes mounted on card stock.

And NOW for the Photo Book I have been working on.  These pictures are of it on the Computer so I will have much better pictures after it arrives.  Here is the Picture of the day we took off on our Disney Adventure.
 And a BIG Sneeky Peeky of Day one of our Vacation....

WAIT for it.....

WAIT for it.....

Ready Yet??????

WAIT for it.....

And here you go pictures of our First Day, but you don't get the best pictures yet just the very start of our first day.  Now you will have to wait for 2 more days when I show you the Scrap Book Pages of our First Day at Magic Kingdom.  Tomorrow's Scrap Book pages I posted are of our trip and condo in Florida.

Well I hope you enjoyed my first journey back to Blog Land, Scrap Booking, Card Making, Stamping, and Creating which I enjoy so much!!!

Have a VERY VERY Stampendous Monday Afternoon and Evening!!!