Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Very Exciting Week, A Baby Birthday Party, A Crazy Rash, and a Teacher Appreciation Card.

An Interesting last few weeks, A Party,
and a Rash
Hi Stampers, Friends, and Family,
How Are you all doing???  Well the last few weeks have been so busy, and so filled with little and Big Things here and there.  

This week however the EXCITEMENT is running rampant at our house.  Because in a few days we are leaving for our first Family Vacation other than going to Colorado every year to visit family and Dear Friends to Disney World and Florida for 10 days.  The kids ran around the house all night tonight so so so Excited and yelling every few minutes ........ WE.......ARE......GOING......TO......DISNEY......... WORLD.......IN......4.......DAYS!!!!!  The kids just can't get over the Excitement and it is so so so so so FUN to watch, the excitement is very catching.

This last weekend was so busy we had a Tea Party for the girls to go to, and A HUGE Graduation party with food for 500 people and a LIVE Band among other things.  And the most FUN event of the weekend was Baby Meadow's First Invited to Birthday Party for a little baby turning one at church.  It was a blast and the pictures which were all taken by a friends of mine are so so so cool!!!  You can see them below.
I am so behind on things like getting the Teacher Appreciation Gifts ready and school is over for the girls in 3 days this Friday.  

A couple of weeks ago Tucker got this bad strain of the Stomach Bug Going around it lasted 6 days poor boy he just laid on the floor for 6 days and had such horrible stomach pain.  He finally got better and is trying to slowly gain some weight back after not eating anything for 6 days every time he would eat it would come right back up.  My New carpets took a beating that is for sure!!!

Then just about the time I was feeling like I could catch back up Piper came down with the same crazy painful stomach virus.  Hers was so bad I thought she might have Appendicitis and so did her Dr.  So last week on Wednesday they did a CT Scan and some other tests to rule out Appendicitis.

In the end it turned out not to be her Appendix, but she did turn out to be VERY Allergic to the Contrast Dye that they used for her CT Scan as you will see in the pictures below.  Her whole body broke out in a really really crazy rash.  Sunday we took her to the ER because it was getting worse and worse and they gave her a Steroid Shot and an oral Steroid she is taking and she is doing so so so much better.  We are just Happy she is back to being Healthy and the Rash is quickly disappearing and is so much better in just a few days!!!

Well here are some of those totally adorable pictures from the 1st Birthday Party 8 month old Baby Meadow got invited too it was just too cute!!  Baby Meadow is on the left and Ade the little girl who was turning one is on the right.

And here are a few pictures of Piper's Rash she got from the Allergy to the Dye from the CT Scan.

Poor girl she was so miserable I am so glad the Steroid Shot helped fast and she is doing so much better now!!!

And last here is a Couple of Cards I am going to have the girls give their Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Gifts this week.  They are done using Bella's from The Stamping Bella Company, and they have Gift Cards inside the Card.

This Card is the size of a Card you would buy at the Store from Hal mark or somewhere like that.

The Sentiment says         My Teacher....... My HERO!!!
Above is the teacher Bella and the Picture of Piper's Teacher in the Circle.
The Bottom of the card had Superstar Bella on it to show that a child's Teacher is their Hero as well.

Well I am off to bed to to to to much to do in the next couple of days and I am already so so so behind!!!

Until Next time Have a Stampendous Day!!!!


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Roberta Laliberte said...

OMG! On all counts. The kids are adorable and that poor darling and her rash. Oh it looks so painful. Hope your trip was wonderful!