Saturday, April 30, 2011

You couldn't pay me a Million Dollars to trade my life in for another.... And why Mom's should have Reality Camera Crews follow them around!

I shared this card yesterday but Today it is so much more true than ever before, I LOVE my life and you could not pay me a Million dollars to have any other life than what I have now.... 
I am a Mommy... what is your Super Power???

Stages of Mommy Hood Card:
So Tucker has been sick for 5 days from the Stomach Flu Throwing up, and the like, and is finally getting better Thankfully, and Piper started with the Stomach Bug last night so she is home today.
 The phone rings in the kitchen and she walks across the living room into the Kitchen to answer it and gets it, turns around to walk towards me She literally goes from Upright walking and flys off her feet flys in the air and lands on her head I am so scared and worried she could have really caused damage or really hurt something. I run towards her and see it is my husband calling so I quickly answer tell him what is going on and that I have to go take care of her when I look through the kitchen window and realize that the 6 foot wooden gate in the background has been blown open in our hurricane like winds today.
The DOGS are GONE.

Piper is crying and I am worried she really did hurt herself my husband is on the phone asking if everything is O.K. the baby wakes up in the background in her bassinet in our bedroom crying to be fed, and THE DOGS are GONE!!!!!!! Where do I go first????

I get Piper in the rocking chair settle her in not spending nearly enough time with her after what she has gone through but I have DOGS running loose somewhere and a Baby crying..... Husband says I am stuck at work I can't come home your gonna have to go find them by yourself.

O.K. so I leave the screaming Baby, and the Crying Hurt Piper, and the Sleeping Tucker and drive around looking for the DOGS who are gone???? So I call the neighbor to see if she can keep an eye on the kids while I drive off looking for the dogs but nope she is subbing at school for today. So I give Piper the phone with my Cell Phone number punched in for her to dial if something happens and she needs me get dressed quickly and tell the baby I am sorry I will be back very soon to feed you..... Because a 7 month old understands all of that right?????

So I get my Car keys which were not where they were supposed to be and I look all over for them finally finding them in the 3rd Jacket I check the pockets of and I tell Piper I will be right back. I get in the Van lock the Garage door and drive around the neighborhood. NO DOGS.....

I call Piper she is fine, so I drive the Neighborhood to the North then to the South NO DOGS..... So I drive all 3 Neighborhoods again. NO DOGS.....

I then give up because I need to get home to my Screaming (not anymore by the time I get home) Baby who is STARVING according to her, and my crying hurt child who just went flying in the air landing on her head on the wood floor.  I reserve myself to the fact that I will call the pound once the kids are all settled to make sure my DOGS who are on the loose have not been picked up and taken to the pound,  and I pull up into my driveway where THE DOGS are patiently waiting at our back door back in the yard waiting to be let in from our Hurricane like winds....

So I finally get them inside and check on all the kids who are all alive and doing somewhat O.K. and I go out to try and fix the gait which is impossible with these Hurricane like winds the Huge Fence is blowing as I try to push it shut and get the barrier board through the slots in the fence and at the same time trying to move the 10lb Cinder blocks over to the Fence pulling my Groin muscles and straining my neck while trying to get the gate shut. Then a Huge wind comes up and the Fence comes flying undone and wackes me upside the head turning my ear black and blue instantly and rubbing off the skin front he side of my head and my ear..... But I am the Mommy I MUST Prevail right???

So I finally WIN I get the fence closed and 3 10 pound Cinder blocks in front of it. I go in pick up the screaming baby calm down Piper, and at that very Time Willow comes running in the Kitchen door from the School Bus. I sit everyone down hugging on them all at the same time telling them all it is all O.K. and I am here, and quickly calming all of their upsets and hurts......   

At this very minute my Husband walks in takes one look at us and says. "Oh I was afraid you were having a hard time after our phone call but it looks like everything here is calm and under control now"  " I guess I can go back to work now"   ........  Really????   Yep I guess it all is under control NOW, because I AM The MOMMY!!!! LOL!!!!

We have laughed and laughed about the Humor of it all for the last hour what a day, what a day..... I LOVE my life I really truly do!!!!! :-)  You could not Pay me a MILLION Dollars to give it up, it is a fun, never boring life, and it keeps me on the go and busy!!!!   I could not enjoy anything more than I do this life!!!!
The details of the Card and the explanation of each of the Mommy stages of Life are in the post below but here are the Stages of my life as a Mommy!!! :-)

Have an AWESOME weekend with your family or Friends and Happy Saturday to all of the other Super Mom's out there!!!



Emily said...

Hey girl, sounds like a long afternoon!! Kutter had another ear yes I'm up at 2am!!!! and have been the last 5 nights :) Where does that sun go, we need it to stick around so our kids can get over these bugs inside!!!! Welp, better get to bed!!! Mom's are never bored!!!

Tanya said...

haha wow.... I got just a bit teary over you holding all your little ones to get thru it and then I literally threw my head back laughing at your husband's greeting! Nice!
Plus I loved your statement: I am a mom, whats your super power?

Shell~AK Stamper said...

Hey Super Mom, loved the card, so glad that you got everything under control! LOL Happy Mother's Day to you!!