Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way to Go Piper Girl!!! My Sleeping Beauty, Adorable First Food for Meadow Pictures, and my NEW Camera Yea!!!!

Orange you thinking that's a lot of
Carrots???  LOL!!!
Happy Tuesday Stampers, Family, and Friends!!!

Well I have lots of pictures to share today.  1st a Card I made for Piper to say Congratulations for receiving an Exemplary Score on her Recent State Assessment Reading Score, Then the pictures of Feeding Meadow her first Baby Food - Lots of Orange Carrots!!!,  Pictures of my Beautiful Sleeping Beauty, and Last MY NEW Camera!!!  Wooo Hooo!!!!

Piper came home last week screaming very excitedly Mommy, Mommy I got an Exemplary Score I did it Mommy I got Exemplary!!!

She had taken the first half of her State Assessment Tests the reading portion before Spring Break and they got their scores back last week.  She scored 994 our of 1000 points so she was very excited!!  So I made this card for her to let her know how proud of her we are!!

I used some adorable digi images from Character Cafe an Digital Stamp Store I used to Design for.  Both the Sentiment and the Alien Characters are from The Character Cafe!!
The Alien Cuties are colored up using these Copic Markers:
B00, B02, B05, YG00, YG03, YG09, RV00, RV02, RV21, RV06, R20, R22, R29, R35
Now for some pictures of my sweet, sweet, Sleeping Beauty!!!  I just love her so much and watching her sleep is a huge treat for me. 
These pictures were taken the other day when we were trying to heal up her horrible Diaper Rash she got after being on 2 different Antibiotics in a row for Ear Infections.  She got a horrible Diaper Rash and Yeast Infection so this day I got out some towels and Plastic under them and let her Air out her poor very swollen, sore, hurt little bottom.

Now for the Pictures of the Week.  We started giving Meadow her first Baby Food Carrots on Sunday and here are lots of fun pictures of her sampling her first Baby Food!!!

Trying to hold her very first spoon.
Somber above
Startled by the door opening off to her side.
I think this is really pretty yummy Mommy!!!
Willow is Meadow's biggest Buddy they have a VERY SPECIAL relationship so she wanted to help feed her Baby Sister her first Carrots and she actually got her to eat a lot more then I was getting her to do!! LOL!!!
Smiling at Sissy
Not so sure??
I love you my Willow!!!
Now this is getting FUN!!!

Time to wipe my mouth Mom after all I am a Lady!!!

O.K. I think I am loving this!!!
All Done and Happy to Boot!!!

Now onto my biggest News for the last couple of weeks.

I GOT a NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!  YEA!!!!!

I have been using Cannon Film then Digital   SLR   EOS   Rebels for about 13 years now and I have wanted for a long time to move up from the Semi Professional Level of Cannon to the Professional Level in the D line. 

I found a really good deal on a Brand New 60D and so the Camera will be about half paid for by selling my Cannon Digital Rebel XT, Part of it will be paid for by some Christmas and Birthday Money, and the last part of it will be paid for by a No Interest Deal I qualified for over the next few months then it will be all said and done.  I have never done a No Interest thing before but this one just worked out perfect and I could not pass it up after Marvin said I could LOL!!! :-)

So Here is my New Professional Digital SLR Cannon 60D.

One of the reasons I wanted the 60D is it is one of the first Cannon SLR camera's that has Video on it and it is very High Quality High Definition Video.  We have not had a Real Video camera in about 3 years so I have done any and all video on my Cannon Point and Shoot.  Then when you go to look at the Video on the Computer it is about 2 inches by 2 inches and if you increase the size it is very blurry.  So the video I have taken on the 60D is so so so so so much better quality and yes I can look at it full screen!!!  Yea!!!

When I took video on my Point and Shoot I could do like 5 minutes and it would be like 4MG of Space.  The first video I did on my 60D was for 6 Seconds of Willow and Meadow and it was 500MB of space if that give you any idea what great quality it was!!!

It did take me a few times to get the hang of how to get clean clear crisp video picture but I think I have it figured out now!!!  Yea again!!!

Here are a few pictures.  The last pictures shows the 18mm to 200mm Lens fully extended which looks much longer in real life.  Willow always says WOWa MUNGA when she sees the telephoto lens fully extended!!! :-)  Now I have to learn how to get Clean non Blurry Pictures.  I never had a Blurry Picture with my Rebel, but I have tons of blurry pictures with my 60D so I am doing something wrong for sure gotta work out the bugs before we leave for Disney!!!

So I am selling my Digital Rebel along with an 18mm to 55mm Lens, a Brand New Battery Grip which is AWESOME but does not fit my new camera.  It holds 2 Lithium Batteries or 6 AA rechargeable Batteries which holds a charge for about 6 weeks which I LOVE.  It also will come with a Universal Battery Charger also Brand New.  2 Lithium Batteries one Brand New, 2 Memory Cards one 1 GB and one 2 GB, and the Camera Strap and Manuel if you know anyone who might be interested!!!   It takes AWESOME pictures, I have done a few weddings and lots of Family Pictures on it, the only reason I am selling it is to upgrade to the next level of camera!
Now the Pictures of my New Camera!!!
The 18 to 200 lens not extended out.

 The View Finder in the Camera
 The View Finder out from the Camera
 And the last view with the lens extended but this picture does not do it justice LOL!!!  :-)
Here are a few pictures of my Cannon EOS Rebel I am selling

Um well I have more pictures of it but my blog won't let me upload the pictures???  Weird!!!

Well I hope you are having a WONDERFUL Tuesday everyone!!!

Have a very Stampendous week!!!



Regina said...

hi, my sweet friend
sweet your pictures from your baby and how fun to see Meadow eating carots!
Happy belated birthday! Hope you're having a fab birthday! I've forgotten *grrr* :))

Your new camera is great! A wonderful birthday gift!
I've only a simple camera, just click. I have no idea of photography.

Congrats to Piper! It's very stunning such points!

I wish you a wonderful day with your family

sending big hugs

AK Stamper said...

Awesome job Piper!! The card is to cute Heather.
Thanks so much for adding all the photo's it's so fun to see how much Meadow has grown and the feeding is just too adorable!!

Heather if you have to go thru antibiotics again and she gets a rash try all natural yogurt. The antibiotics take out the good bacteria the yogurt will put back and it sounded like she had a yeast infection type rash....poor little lady, hugs from another mom!


Kendra said...

Hey Heather!!! Congrats to Piper, impressive indeed :) Very cute pics of Meadow, sorry to hear about the horrible rash... Great card too ;) Take care!

Heather Schlatter said...

Kendra and Kelly,

I don't know if you get e-mail notifications on your blog posts or not, but I had to stop by. I have been wondering how The Character Cafe is doing, as you and Kelley were my very favorite Image Store owners I ever worked for. I do miss my time on your team and think back very fondly of the begginings of TCC and our first team.

I know that you guys both stopped by my blog a couple of times since I had Meadow and left me some sweet love on a post or card.

I read all the final posts TCC put up and visited the store. I hope both of you are doing well I miss you and I do miss TCC I am still so honored and proud I got to be a part of it for the first 9 months you were drawing!!!

Love to you both sweet ladies thank you for your support and kindness!!!!

Heather Schlatter - Former TCC DT girl!!! :-)