Saturday, April 2, 2011

If I ever have it again?????? It will Happen Some Day???? It will I know it will!!!! Aahhh a Project that says exactly how I have been feeling lately LOL!!! Really??? LOL!!!!!

If I ever have all of my 4 kids Healthy again!!! 
Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
are you ever done??

Hi Stampers, Friends, and Family!!!

Well if I ever, ever, ever?????  Have Healthy Kiddo's again I will return to posting, and creating, and Stamping, again!!!  January 5th was the first day this year we had a sick Kid.  Poor Tucker got Stomach Flu while visiting Grandma S.  Since then......  Almost every day since then...... One of the 4 has been sick.  I think I am getting weary of NO Sleep, and going NO Where, and having one or more Poor kiddo's who is under the weather.

We have had Stomach Flu, The REAL Influenza, Ear Infections, Double Ear Infections, RSV, Colds, Sinus Infections, Various Virus's, INSANE Diaper Rashes that look like her little bottom sat down in a Real Fire and was burned all over...... ect...... 

Normally going no where and having sick kiddo's does not bother me but I think 3 months of it has taken it's toll.  However I refuse to let it get the best of me so we make the most of every day that we can and we are still having LOTS of FUN everyday!!!  Woooo Hooo!!!

Laundry never seems to be done in my house there is always more to go even if the washer goes all week long so I made this card to make me smile about Laundry!!!

MAKE me SMILE it does!!!  Love it!!!! 

I used SU! Card Stock in Lavender Lace, Tempting Turquoise,and Certainly Celery Patterned Paper.  The washer and Dryer are Passion Pink SU! Card Stock and I used the Copic Markers Below to color the clothes and Laundry Hope and Grace image from The Greeting Farm.  I also used colored wire to make the Hangers and Clothes Line.  The Poles are made with Metallic Silver Card Stock also from SU!!!!
I used Crystal Effects from SU! to make the washer and dryer shine like real appliances do in real life!!

G20, G21, G24, V00, V04, V12, V17, 
RV00, RV02, RV06, RV21, B21, B24, B29, B00, B04, B12 - Clothes and Laundry
E00, R00, E93, R21 - Skin
E50, E51, E53,E55 - Hair

Well I am off to bed before the Next Kid wakes me up again LOL!!!!!  I really do LOVE these days even if I sound a bit weary and worn out, which I am but I would not Trade it for the world these kids are my LIFE, my JOY, and my Pride!!!!  I love them all and if I have to give up 3 months of my life doing things to take care of them and Nurse them back to Health!!!  Then Nurse them I will it is all SO SO SO SO worth it!!!

I thank GOD every day for their overall health we have just had tiny little Illnesses not anything BIG, Fatal, or Dangerous so that is a BLESSING in itself!!!!  :-)



Regina said...

What a fun card!
I'm so sorry that your kiddos are not feeling well. I hope they feel better soon!! In a few years it's all over.. *lol*

sending big hugs

MaryAnn said...

I'm sorry too Heather, that the kids have been under the weather! Spring is finally here, so maybe everyone will be on the mend! I LOVE your card! It's so cute! Have a good Saturday friend! C:

AK Stamper said...

Super cute card Heather, poor kiddo's it's no fun being sick...sending lots of healing prayers your way!


Tanya said...

I love your shiny pink appliances! :) That's gotta make laundry more fun! LOL!