Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and for my Mommy Friends on Mother's Day. Found a Good way to pass the time while sitting with my little Sick Boy this week.

Early Projects for Mother's Day, Father's Day,
 Happy Mommy Day to you for Friends, and Harvest coming Soon
 Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I am glad to be back and able to post again after having my blog hacked into and not being able to post for about 10 days.  Whoever hacked into my blog changed some code so I couldn't post, but now I can again.

This week my little 3 year old came down with the 7 day Stomach Bug that is going around town.  He has thrown up for 5 days straight and just tonight seems to be feeling much better just in time for his big Sissy Piper to start throwing up.   I think I might need a long vacation after this has been through all the kids!!!!  Oh Wait we are leaving for Disney World in 3 weeks so I will have a long Vacation.  Now I am just praying that everyone will be healthy and ready to fly by the 21st of May!!!!  Woooo Hooo!!!!

Well 3 Years ago another Stamper Lauren Meader made a Mother's Day card like this Using Stamping Bella's to signify the different stages of each recipients Mommy Hood Life.
 The Background Paper was Black with White Polka Dots and I colored them all the colors I used on the Card so the Polka Dots matched the Matted Circles of the Bella's.

I stamped Each Bella in Full then colored them and then punched out the parts of the Stamp that I wanted in the Circle Punch.  Then I got colored card stock and punched the next bigger circle to Matte each Bella with.

Mommyhood Stages of Life:
1. Get Married, 2. Pregnant with your first Baby, 3. Mommy on the Go with the Mini Van, 4. Another Baby right away added to her life, 5. Stuck in your Robe and in NEED of Sleep with two small kids to take care of.  6.  A Mommy is a Dr., 7. A Mommy is a Maid, 8.  A Mommy is a Teacher, 9.  A Mommy provides and brings the food to her kids, 10.  A Mommy is Mr. Fix it, 11.  Mommy's Plan the Parties and Special Moments for their Kido's 12, A Mommy Make things nice and Pretty like Bright Spring Flowers, 13. A Mommy is a good Friend to her close people in her life,  13.  You Are a MOMMY...  You Are a SUPER HERO!!!!

Some of my Mommy's had a few extra stages of Mommy Hood so I added those to the inside of the Card.

 On the Top of the Card I wrote out the Stages of their Mommy Hood so that they could understand what the significance of all the Bella's are.

Here are the Father's Day Cards I am making for this year.  I used Billy Super Hero from Pink Cat Studio the Sentiment is also from Pink Cat.  The Silver Paper Super Hero Billy is on is that great Shimmery Silver Thick Metallic Card Stock I LOVE so much!!!
Below is another Card I made for Harvest for some Farmer's.  The Background is sponged on and in order to sponge the blue sky but leave the wheat the right color you Stamp all the Wheat Pieces and then you paint on Versa Mark Clear Ink and Clear embossing Powder and then you Heat Emboss it, After that you can Sponge other inks over and it will just bubble up over the embossed part and you can wipe it off.  That way you can keep your embossed images the color and shape they are before you sponge the background.
This Next Card is done using Black Magic Technique.
You stamp your stamp in White Craft Ink let it Dry then get out Pure Color Pencils and color on top of the White Ink to create whatever colors and Blending you want to do.  Lastly take your White Gel Pen to accent dimension on your image.  This card I made for a couple of really good friends.

Well I hope you enjoy the projects I have been working on little by little for several weeks now as time allowed. 

Have a very very Stampendous Friday Everyone.  I am off to take care of another little sick girl throwing up.  Poor Kids!!  Love the Snuggle time with the sweeties though!!


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Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

This is SOOO much fun! Wow so much work went into these bella cards-you go girl! Thanks for sharing the othr fun techniques too :)) I had such a good time TRYING to stay up w/ you last night to watch the wedding, LOL! I wussed out so it's Pizza and DVR tonight :) Still was fun though!