Saturday, April 30, 2011

You couldn't pay me a Million Dollars to trade my life in for another.... And why Mom's should have Reality Camera Crews follow them around!

I shared this card yesterday but Today it is so much more true than ever before, I LOVE my life and you could not pay me a Million dollars to have any other life than what I have now.... 
I am a Mommy... what is your Super Power???

Stages of Mommy Hood Card:
So Tucker has been sick for 5 days from the Stomach Flu Throwing up, and the like, and is finally getting better Thankfully, and Piper started with the Stomach Bug last night so she is home today.
 The phone rings in the kitchen and she walks across the living room into the Kitchen to answer it and gets it, turns around to walk towards me She literally goes from Upright walking and flys off her feet flys in the air and lands on her head I am so scared and worried she could have really caused damage or really hurt something. I run towards her and see it is my husband calling so I quickly answer tell him what is going on and that I have to go take care of her when I look through the kitchen window and realize that the 6 foot wooden gate in the background has been blown open in our hurricane like winds today.
The DOGS are GONE.

Piper is crying and I am worried she really did hurt herself my husband is on the phone asking if everything is O.K. the baby wakes up in the background in her bassinet in our bedroom crying to be fed, and THE DOGS are GONE!!!!!!! Where do I go first????

I get Piper in the rocking chair settle her in not spending nearly enough time with her after what she has gone through but I have DOGS running loose somewhere and a Baby crying..... Husband says I am stuck at work I can't come home your gonna have to go find them by yourself.

O.K. so I leave the screaming Baby, and the Crying Hurt Piper, and the Sleeping Tucker and drive around looking for the DOGS who are gone???? So I call the neighbor to see if she can keep an eye on the kids while I drive off looking for the dogs but nope she is subbing at school for today. So I give Piper the phone with my Cell Phone number punched in for her to dial if something happens and she needs me get dressed quickly and tell the baby I am sorry I will be back very soon to feed you..... Because a 7 month old understands all of that right?????

So I get my Car keys which were not where they were supposed to be and I look all over for them finally finding them in the 3rd Jacket I check the pockets of and I tell Piper I will be right back. I get in the Van lock the Garage door and drive around the neighborhood. NO DOGS.....

I call Piper she is fine, so I drive the Neighborhood to the North then to the South NO DOGS..... So I drive all 3 Neighborhoods again. NO DOGS.....

I then give up because I need to get home to my Screaming (not anymore by the time I get home) Baby who is STARVING according to her, and my crying hurt child who just went flying in the air landing on her head on the wood floor.  I reserve myself to the fact that I will call the pound once the kids are all settled to make sure my DOGS who are on the loose have not been picked up and taken to the pound,  and I pull up into my driveway where THE DOGS are patiently waiting at our back door back in the yard waiting to be let in from our Hurricane like winds....

So I finally get them inside and check on all the kids who are all alive and doing somewhat O.K. and I go out to try and fix the gait which is impossible with these Hurricane like winds the Huge Fence is blowing as I try to push it shut and get the barrier board through the slots in the fence and at the same time trying to move the 10lb Cinder blocks over to the Fence pulling my Groin muscles and straining my neck while trying to get the gate shut. Then a Huge wind comes up and the Fence comes flying undone and wackes me upside the head turning my ear black and blue instantly and rubbing off the skin front he side of my head and my ear..... But I am the Mommy I MUST Prevail right???

So I finally WIN I get the fence closed and 3 10 pound Cinder blocks in front of it. I go in pick up the screaming baby calm down Piper, and at that very Time Willow comes running in the Kitchen door from the School Bus. I sit everyone down hugging on them all at the same time telling them all it is all O.K. and I am here, and quickly calming all of their upsets and hurts......   

At this very minute my Husband walks in takes one look at us and says. "Oh I was afraid you were having a hard time after our phone call but it looks like everything here is calm and under control now"  " I guess I can go back to work now"   ........  Really????   Yep I guess it all is under control NOW, because I AM The MOMMY!!!! LOL!!!!

We have laughed and laughed about the Humor of it all for the last hour what a day, what a day..... I LOVE my life I really truly do!!!!! :-)  You could not Pay me a MILLION Dollars to give it up, it is a fun, never boring life, and it keeps me on the go and busy!!!!   I could not enjoy anything more than I do this life!!!!
The details of the Card and the explanation of each of the Mommy stages of Life are in the post below but here are the Stages of my life as a Mommy!!! :-)

Have an AWESOME weekend with your family or Friends and Happy Saturday to all of the other Super Mom's out there!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and for my Mommy Friends on Mother's Day. Found a Good way to pass the time while sitting with my little Sick Boy this week.

Early Projects for Mother's Day, Father's Day,
 Happy Mommy Day to you for Friends, and Harvest coming Soon
 Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I am glad to be back and able to post again after having my blog hacked into and not being able to post for about 10 days.  Whoever hacked into my blog changed some code so I couldn't post, but now I can again.

This week my little 3 year old came down with the 7 day Stomach Bug that is going around town.  He has thrown up for 5 days straight and just tonight seems to be feeling much better just in time for his big Sissy Piper to start throwing up.   I think I might need a long vacation after this has been through all the kids!!!!  Oh Wait we are leaving for Disney World in 3 weeks so I will have a long Vacation.  Now I am just praying that everyone will be healthy and ready to fly by the 21st of May!!!!  Woooo Hooo!!!!

Well 3 Years ago another Stamper Lauren Meader made a Mother's Day card like this Using Stamping Bella's to signify the different stages of each recipients Mommy Hood Life.
 The Background Paper was Black with White Polka Dots and I colored them all the colors I used on the Card so the Polka Dots matched the Matted Circles of the Bella's.

I stamped Each Bella in Full then colored them and then punched out the parts of the Stamp that I wanted in the Circle Punch.  Then I got colored card stock and punched the next bigger circle to Matte each Bella with.

Mommyhood Stages of Life:
1. Get Married, 2. Pregnant with your first Baby, 3. Mommy on the Go with the Mini Van, 4. Another Baby right away added to her life, 5. Stuck in your Robe and in NEED of Sleep with two small kids to take care of.  6.  A Mommy is a Dr., 7. A Mommy is a Maid, 8.  A Mommy is a Teacher, 9.  A Mommy provides and brings the food to her kids, 10.  A Mommy is Mr. Fix it, 11.  Mommy's Plan the Parties and Special Moments for their Kido's 12, A Mommy Make things nice and Pretty like Bright Spring Flowers, 13. A Mommy is a good Friend to her close people in her life,  13.  You Are a MOMMY...  You Are a SUPER HERO!!!!

Some of my Mommy's had a few extra stages of Mommy Hood so I added those to the inside of the Card.

 On the Top of the Card I wrote out the Stages of their Mommy Hood so that they could understand what the significance of all the Bella's are.

Here are the Father's Day Cards I am making for this year.  I used Billy Super Hero from Pink Cat Studio the Sentiment is also from Pink Cat.  The Silver Paper Super Hero Billy is on is that great Shimmery Silver Thick Metallic Card Stock I LOVE so much!!!
Below is another Card I made for Harvest for some Farmer's.  The Background is sponged on and in order to sponge the blue sky but leave the wheat the right color you Stamp all the Wheat Pieces and then you paint on Versa Mark Clear Ink and Clear embossing Powder and then you Heat Emboss it, After that you can Sponge other inks over and it will just bubble up over the embossed part and you can wipe it off.  That way you can keep your embossed images the color and shape they are before you sponge the background.
This Next Card is done using Black Magic Technique.
You stamp your stamp in White Craft Ink let it Dry then get out Pure Color Pencils and color on top of the White Ink to create whatever colors and Blending you want to do.  Lastly take your White Gel Pen to accent dimension on your image.  This card I made for a couple of really good friends.

Well I hope you enjoy the projects I have been working on little by little for several weeks now as time allowed. 

Have a very very Stampendous Friday Everyone.  I am off to take care of another little sick girl throwing up.  Poor Kids!!  Love the Snuggle time with the sweeties though!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello..... Blog was Hacked into, and can't upload pictures for last 9 days waiting on reply from Blogger

Hi everyone,

My Blog was hacked into a little over a week ago and for some reason because of that I have not been able to upload any pictures for about 9 days.  Blogger is working on it and I am waiting for a 2nd reply from them so I can start posting pictures again.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well, and I have 3 Projects done to show you and Lots of FUN Easter Pictures I spent hours trying to post on Sunday night and Monday night so as soon as I can upload pictures again I will be sharing all of that with you.

Hope you are all well!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to create a fun Princess Art Kit Gift Set for a Little girl, or even a Big Girl!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Family Happenings for this week to! :-)

"Lily as a Princess" - Gift Set

Hi All,
Well I am going to share with you a Kit my two oldest daughters and I made this week for a little girls Birthday Party. I needed a gift for one of Piper's little friends, and I thought of this idea to make a "Princess Art Kit".

In other news.  It has been an interesting week, but in the end a good one overall.  Tucker has been up at the farm with Grandma and Poppy Jim (Marvin's Parents who live 3 hours away)  He LOVES the farm and would live up there if we let him!!!  My girls have been really excited because their cousins Abi, and Nate were coming down for the weekend to go to a play at our Children's Theater in town the Play is "A Little House on the Prarie"  Unfortunetly we got the call today that Abi and Nate and all of their siblings are all sick so they won't be able to make it.  I told my girls when I had to tell them and they were so disappointed that Abi and Nate are probably more disappointed then even they are so we should think of them more then ourselves right now.  Poor kids they were really excited all of them I am pretty sure!!  We also have tickets to ride this old antique Steam Train on Saturday so Marvin's Mom is still coming down to bring Tucker home and we will still go to the play with our kids and Marvin's Mom, and on the Train on Saturday so not all is lost Yea!!!!

Meadow and I have enjoyed our Mommy and Baby alone time this week we don't get that very often so we really enjoyed that time!!!!  Meadow is sitting up by herself really good now so that is a LOT of fun and she no longer wants to be layd down anywhere.  Her current favorite place is in the Laundry Basket with her favorite toys she adores being sat up with toys and a blanket in the Laundry Basket!!!  Too Funny, and Too Cute!!!!  She just gets so excited to sit in there and I am not quite sure why, but she is!!!  So Friday late morning I get my boy back and, we sure have missed his excitement and boyish play around our house this week!!!!!  So excited to have the whole family back together tomorrow!!!

Marvin's Mom is also coming down to help start making some plans on meals and such when we all go to Florida and Disney World next month Yea!!!!
I am going to show you some pictures of what the gift items looked like before I started and then again after they were decorated to make:
"A Princess Art Kit"

So the first Picture is all the items I used to make up the
"Princess Art Kit Gift Set"


I bought a Cute Princess bag. I was going to make my own, but when I saw this one and the Crown comes off to make the little girl a crown I knew it would be perfect for this gift.

So there was a gift bag, Scented Crayons, Journal, Book with pages to paint, Water Color Paints, Pencils, a cute lavender and Velvet Feathered Pen, and Disney Princess Rings. I changed the Disney Princess rings into a Lily Princess ring, and made all the other items "Lily Princess" decorated items to go in the "Princess Art Kit"

Lily was colored up 3 different ways Light pink dress, and bright pink and lavender accents, Bright Pink Dress and light pink and lavender accents, and lavender dress and light and dark pink accents. I learned it takes about 5 to 6 minutes to cut out each Lily. I have never timed it before, but when you are cutting out 11 of them you start looking at the clock. I tried a bunch of different ways to make it faster and all of them took 5 to 6 minutes. I have told Melissa over at Pink Cat Studio we need a Lily Punch!!! LOL

I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also wrote on the bag in the star.
"Princess Art Kit" I dressed up some more of the Cinderella Lily, and Snow White Lily, and Tinkerbell Lily's for this Gift Bag.

Here are a view close up's of the altered art items to make them Princess Lily art items. I used my shimmerz paints in various places all over the kit items to really make them sparkle!!!!

Here is the "Princess Lily" ring I made.
The crown looks red, but it is light pink and bright pink. My girls loved them. Another favorite of thiers was the Pretty velvet and feathered lavender Pen with "Princess Lily" on it!!

I just added the above close up so you could see the Shimmerz I painted on different images of the "Princess Lily's" and the Accessory images of the kit.
Well I hope the little girl who gets this loves it. The next one will go faster because I know what I want to do now, but this took me around 5 hours to do this project over a couple of days, but that is mostly because I had to design it and start from scratch and next time I will have a much better idea of what I want. Maybe next time I will not be cutting the Lily's out, or at least not 11 of them anyway!!! LOL.
Gift Set Recipe:
Paper: The Card Stock colors are SU Pretty in Pink, Passion Pink, Lavendar Lace, and Whisper White.
Inks: Momento Tuxedo Black. SU Markers in Lavendar Lace, and Passion Pink, Copics in ROO, E00, E51, E95, RV00, RV04, RV08, BV00, BV02, BV08, Y00,Y02, Y06, Yo8, B00, B02, B06, R65.
Stamps: Dress Up Lily from Pink Cat Studio, SU Pretty Princess , Elegant Alphabet, and Doodle Alphabet from SU. Oh and another princess set I can not think of the name right now it is SU too.
Accessories: 1 1/4" Circle Punch SU, Score Pal, Paper Cutter, Scissors, Self Adheised Rhinestone Brads in many sizes came as a sheet from Hobby Lobby diamond jewel tone (these are all over the project on all the Princess Hats, Crowns, and Septars.) Stampin Dimensionals, Glue Dots.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink Prettiness!!!! 1st Attempt at new Copic Hair Color Techniqe Feathering. One of my FAVORITE Stamping CARDS Yea!!!! Made Pink Card for a Special DT project more on that later.

"Pretty in Pink Project"
Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Well I had so much fun making this project last night!!!  I think after taking about a 5 month sabbatical after having a Baby I am at a point I can start stamping and creating again on a more normal basis not just once or twice a week like I have been since January, and you know what if felt so good to color and stamp and create last night!!!  So you should be seeing many more posts from me now that I finally have a baby sleeping all night and am getting more sleep myself!!!

I made this Card for a special Design Team I decided to submit my application to.  The iCopic Store is calling for a New DT and you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Copic Markers and the iCopic Store.  You too can apply for this DT Call if you LOVE Copics, coloring and all things iCopic you can see the DT Call Post on their Blog here:   I shared several pictures below because while playing with my new Professional Canon Camera I have def. been getting lots of different results so I am learning each time I use it.  You can see some of the differences below!!!  I LOVE my New Camera!!! Cannon EOS 60D Yea!!!

I went through all my papers to find some of the Great Pink DSP's that I have both of the ones I chose actually are SU! DSP's.  I stamped up the TGF image Thursday, and then colored her with Copics, then I cut her and the background out using Spellbinders Fourteen Die Cuts, and Cross Die Cuts also from Spellbinders Die Cuts.  The Card Back is SU! Kraft Cardstock.

I also added some fun Washi Tape I got from The Greeting Farm Online Store a while back it is on each side and across the bottom of the card!!!  I sponged the edges of the image panel with Pretty in Pink SU! Ink, and colored around the edge with a RV06 Copic Marker.

So this is my FIRST time to do several things, #1 Practicing the Hair Feathering Technique, also the use of Washi Tape, the use of Spellbinders Nesties Label's 14, and Spell Binders Cross set, and also the use of Websters Pages Bloomers Flowers in Dark Green.  So I tried all kinds of new products I had sitting around waiting for some designing attention!!!!  Yea!!!!

So below you can see the samples of my image I colored up using Copic Markers.  The first one is before I put it on the card, matted it in Kraft Card Stock and sponged the edges in Pretty and Pink.
I used these Copics to color this image:
Skin: E000, E11, E21
Hair and Crown, and Outfit and Boots: RV00, RV02, RV06, RV09, E50, E21, E26, E28
Eyes: G21, G24

And Last the Side View to help you see the dimension on the card.  Images and Die Cuts popped up with excess Foam and Rubber from the Greeting Farm.
Well above is the picture with a Flash late at night.

Below are pictures of the card using No Flash.  The colors are much more true to real life in the pictures
above.  Below it is much more warm in nature!!!

Well I hope you have an Awesome Friday.  Tucker is heading out to the Farm for the week and he leaves around 11am this morning.  Then Grandma will bring him back to us next weekend when she comes down for a visit and to bring my niece and one of my Nephew's to see the Play Little House on the Prairie, and to take all the kids on an old fashioned Steam Engine Train.

Don't forget to check out the iCopic Store, and then the iCopic DT Call!!!!

Have a Stampendous Weekend All!!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way to Go Piper Girl!!! My Sleeping Beauty, Adorable First Food for Meadow Pictures, and my NEW Camera Yea!!!!

Orange you thinking that's a lot of
Carrots???  LOL!!!
Happy Tuesday Stampers, Family, and Friends!!!

Well I have lots of pictures to share today.  1st a Card I made for Piper to say Congratulations for receiving an Exemplary Score on her Recent State Assessment Reading Score, Then the pictures of Feeding Meadow her first Baby Food - Lots of Orange Carrots!!!,  Pictures of my Beautiful Sleeping Beauty, and Last MY NEW Camera!!!  Wooo Hooo!!!!

Piper came home last week screaming very excitedly Mommy, Mommy I got an Exemplary Score I did it Mommy I got Exemplary!!!

She had taken the first half of her State Assessment Tests the reading portion before Spring Break and they got their scores back last week.  She scored 994 our of 1000 points so she was very excited!!  So I made this card for her to let her know how proud of her we are!!

I used some adorable digi images from Character Cafe an Digital Stamp Store I used to Design for.  Both the Sentiment and the Alien Characters are from The Character Cafe!!
The Alien Cuties are colored up using these Copic Markers:
B00, B02, B05, YG00, YG03, YG09, RV00, RV02, RV21, RV06, R20, R22, R29, R35
Now for some pictures of my sweet, sweet, Sleeping Beauty!!!  I just love her so much and watching her sleep is a huge treat for me. 
These pictures were taken the other day when we were trying to heal up her horrible Diaper Rash she got after being on 2 different Antibiotics in a row for Ear Infections.  She got a horrible Diaper Rash and Yeast Infection so this day I got out some towels and Plastic under them and let her Air out her poor very swollen, sore, hurt little bottom.

Now for the Pictures of the Week.  We started giving Meadow her first Baby Food Carrots on Sunday and here are lots of fun pictures of her sampling her first Baby Food!!!

Trying to hold her very first spoon.
Somber above
Startled by the door opening off to her side.
I think this is really pretty yummy Mommy!!!
Willow is Meadow's biggest Buddy they have a VERY SPECIAL relationship so she wanted to help feed her Baby Sister her first Carrots and she actually got her to eat a lot more then I was getting her to do!! LOL!!!
Smiling at Sissy
Not so sure??
I love you my Willow!!!
Now this is getting FUN!!!

Time to wipe my mouth Mom after all I am a Lady!!!

O.K. I think I am loving this!!!
All Done and Happy to Boot!!!

Now onto my biggest News for the last couple of weeks.

I GOT a NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!  YEA!!!!!

I have been using Cannon Film then Digital   SLR   EOS   Rebels for about 13 years now and I have wanted for a long time to move up from the Semi Professional Level of Cannon to the Professional Level in the D line. 

I found a really good deal on a Brand New 60D and so the Camera will be about half paid for by selling my Cannon Digital Rebel XT, Part of it will be paid for by some Christmas and Birthday Money, and the last part of it will be paid for by a No Interest Deal I qualified for over the next few months then it will be all said and done.  I have never done a No Interest thing before but this one just worked out perfect and I could not pass it up after Marvin said I could LOL!!! :-)

So Here is my New Professional Digital SLR Cannon 60D.

One of the reasons I wanted the 60D is it is one of the first Cannon SLR camera's that has Video on it and it is very High Quality High Definition Video.  We have not had a Real Video camera in about 3 years so I have done any and all video on my Cannon Point and Shoot.  Then when you go to look at the Video on the Computer it is about 2 inches by 2 inches and if you increase the size it is very blurry.  So the video I have taken on the 60D is so so so so so much better quality and yes I can look at it full screen!!!  Yea!!!

When I took video on my Point and Shoot I could do like 5 minutes and it would be like 4MG of Space.  The first video I did on my 60D was for 6 Seconds of Willow and Meadow and it was 500MB of space if that give you any idea what great quality it was!!!

It did take me a few times to get the hang of how to get clean clear crisp video picture but I think I have it figured out now!!!  Yea again!!!

Here are a few pictures.  The last pictures shows the 18mm to 200mm Lens fully extended which looks much longer in real life.  Willow always says WOWa MUNGA when she sees the telephoto lens fully extended!!! :-)  Now I have to learn how to get Clean non Blurry Pictures.  I never had a Blurry Picture with my Rebel, but I have tons of blurry pictures with my 60D so I am doing something wrong for sure gotta work out the bugs before we leave for Disney!!!

So I am selling my Digital Rebel along with an 18mm to 55mm Lens, a Brand New Battery Grip which is AWESOME but does not fit my new camera.  It holds 2 Lithium Batteries or 6 AA rechargeable Batteries which holds a charge for about 6 weeks which I LOVE.  It also will come with a Universal Battery Charger also Brand New.  2 Lithium Batteries one Brand New, 2 Memory Cards one 1 GB and one 2 GB, and the Camera Strap and Manuel if you know anyone who might be interested!!!   It takes AWESOME pictures, I have done a few weddings and lots of Family Pictures on it, the only reason I am selling it is to upgrade to the next level of camera!
Now the Pictures of my New Camera!!!
The 18 to 200 lens not extended out.

 The View Finder in the Camera
 The View Finder out from the Camera
 And the last view with the lens extended but this picture does not do it justice LOL!!!  :-)
Here are a few pictures of my Cannon EOS Rebel I am selling

Um well I have more pictures of it but my blog won't let me upload the pictures???  Weird!!!

Well I hope you are having a WONDERFUL Tuesday everyone!!!

Have a very Stampendous week!!!