Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up Ward Sports for this year and You had a Great Run Wild Cats - Go K-State Card with The Greeting Farm stamps.

Let's GO Team!!!  K-State and
UpWard Sports!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Well K-State lost their game this weekend so they won't be going to the Final 8 like they got to last year in the Sweet 16 Basketball Tourney.  Too bad we were hoping they would but KU won their game so I suppose I can route for one Kansas Team even if it is not our Favorite K-State!!!

A couple of weeks ago the girls and Tucker finished their season for the Up Ward Sports league here in town.  Our Church sponsors the UpWard Sports league here in town and this is the 2nd year for it.  UpWard Sports is a Community Wide Christian Sports program and the kids learn great skills in Cheer leading, and Basketball while also learning good sportsmanship the importance of team work and a new Bible Verse every week too.

I finally got all of the pictures edited from the Season and the Day they all Cheered in Church and the night of the UpWard Sports Awards Ceremony.  So along with my K-State Card I am also uploading the UpWard pictures for you to see.

Hope you enjoy both!!!
Piper Willow and Tucker before the Final UpWard event of the year the Awards Ceremony.
Tucker and Daddy doing Tiny Tykes Upward Basketball Practice.
Piper Cheering on Harley's Team.
Willow getting ready to Cheer for her game
At the end of each game the coaches meet with the kids and give each child a sticker representing whatever they were best at, for that particular game.  Things like Most Energetic, Best Leader, Most Christ like, et. et...  They then get a patch for their Basketball shirt, or a sticker for their Mega Phone if they are a Cheerleader.

Piper talking to Baby Meadow who is on Grandma Paula's lap watching Harley Play Basketball and Willow Cheer for her Team, and Tucker was off doing Tiny Tykes B-Ball with his Daddy.
Willow's Squad watching the game between Cheers.
Piper Cheering
Willow Cheering
Piper and Willow before their last game on Feb 26th 01'
Tucker, Daddy, and Piper. 
Our Sweet Willow Tree!
Willow Cheering.
Happy Tucker he loved Tiny Tykes!
My Girls in their Cheer Uniforms before the last game.
Tucker learning about the B-Ball
Willow doing the Swish, Swish, Swish Cheer.
Piper, Tucker, and Daddy.  Unfortunately for some reason I never got pictures of Tucker while they were working with the Baskets or the other Tiny Tyke things I only had pictures of this one day.
Piper Cheering.
Willow posing for the camera.
Piper doing Go, Fight, WIN!!!
Let's Go UPWARD lets GO!!!
The Cheerleaders up on Stage at the Awards Ceremony
Meadow no longer content just to look at her Sister lunges to crab her face and suck on her nose LOL!!! :-)
Willow and her Squad.
Tucker throwing the ball to Daddy.
Yea UPWARD Score one More!!!
Awards Night
Girls on Stage.
Pastor Mark and Pastor Chris the Family's with Children, and Sports Ministries Pastors put together a great program and they called ton's of kids up to play different games with their parents.  Very creative games most of them involving something with Toilet Paper LOL!!!  Willow's name got drawn and she picked her Daddy to go up with her.  She and Marvin are in the middle here.
Twirling the adults around while trying to cover them in Toilet Paper whoever got the most on their parent won!!!
Piper Cheering
Willow and Daddy playing the game on stage
Walking into church mid season to cheer during 2nd Service.
Getting ready to Cheer in Church.
Up the Court, Down the Court
Let's go Upward!!!
Pastor Chris asking one o our Friends little boys a question
Listening to Pastor Chris tell the Congregation all about UpWard.
Piper, Tucker, and Willow, my little UpWard Bound Kiddo's!!!
And last but not least my K-State Card.  I did not have any Copics when I made this card so there is not near the coloring I do now but this is still one of my favorite cards!!!  I just adore TGF Stamps and I used some K-State Scrap Book Papers to make the rest of the card.  The Card Stock is all SU! and the ribbon is shimmery wired ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

The girls are up at the Farm for a few days as this is our Spring Break week here.  They love going to the Farm over Spring Break!!!  Tucker is really bummed he did not get to go to the farm with them and cousin Ben though!!

Have a Great Tuesday and a Stampendous Week too!!!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Blog Land!!! Thursday the Pesky Little Leprechaun visited us, look at the Mess he left Behind, and some St. Patty's Day cards. Plus Video of Piper's First Piano Recital.

Some St. Patricks Day Fun!!!!

Hello Family, Friends, and Stampers,

So Thursday was St. Patricks Day.  They have a lot of fun with St. Patricks Day at the girls school.  The school has a Leprechaun who visits every year and turns the kids classrooms upside down and leaves lots of little surprises for the kids!!!

The year Piper was in Kindergarten they taught the kids how to make Leprechaun traps to try and catch the Leprechaun on the Eve of St. Patty's Day.  The kids had an assignment to all go home and make their own traps and after Spring Break they were to come and tell the stories of how they caught their Leprechaun at home if they got him in the trap.

So several Years we have made fun traps to see if we can catch one on their most mischievous night of the year.  A couple of years we actually caught his shadow and some of his gold but never have we really caught the Leprechaun they are just too smart for us!!!  LOL!!!

So this year was his worst year yet.  He took everything in our Kitchen, Living Room and a few things from other parts of the house that were all GREEN and he dumped them all up on the center of our Dining room table.

He left a Magical Green Sparkly Trail from where he came into the house to our Dinning Room Table too!!!   :-)  LOL!!!  The kids had fun with his mischief and they say next year they WILL CATCH Him!!!

See his sparkly Magic Glitter Trail he left when he came in through the back door!
Pictures of all the Green Stuff he gathered up and dumped on our Table.
A Side View
Never Knew we had this much GREEN Stuff in our house!!!

Now for some video's of Piper's very first Piano Recital.  She has only been in lessons for 3 months so we did not expect to hear much from her but she played 3 songs and she had a lot of fun doing it!!!




And last a few St. Patrick's Day Cards I made for Teachers ect...  The one with the little guy in Red Plaid I actually made 3 of with him in a Green Plaid and the pictures I took will not upload to FB or my Blog so imagine that card with him in a Green Plaid I liked them even more than this cutie!!!

Love this little Hello Ian from The Greeting Farm, Card Stock from SU, and Patterned Paper is Die Cuts with a View.
This one is all SU stuff.
Gave Tucker this one below.  Stamps from Pink Cat Studio, Card Stock SU.
The Card Below was my favorite St. Patty's Day Card this year.  I colored him in many shades of green and I loved the way it turned out, but I gave them all away and, my pictures won't upload here or Face Book so I can't even show you the Green Versions.  Well at least I got one picture of this card in red!!! :-)

Stamps from The Greeting Farm, SU Card Stock, and Copic Markers.

I hope you had a WONDERFUL week and a Great Weekend ahead for you!!!  It will be a Busy Weekend here Saturday driving a half an hour away to get Meadow's 6 month pictures taken and then on Sunday most of us or all of us not quite sure yet which it will be are heading up to The Farm (3 hours away) for my Nephew's 1st Birthday Party and to get our Full Beef for the year.

Have a very Stampendous Saturday Everyone!!