Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry!!! I have not disappeared just have the Influenza running through our house. But... Feast your eyes on this Box of The Greeting Farm Goodness I got this week!!! WOWZA!!!!

Hey Friends, Family, and Stampers,

Just in Case you wondered I have not disappeared from the Blogging world.  We have just had The Influenza B running through our house, along with a touch of  Food Poisoning for my middle daughter!

I don't have a lot of energy so this is going to be short and sweet but LOOK at this wonderful stash from The Greeting Farm.  I used my Last Design Team Discount last month to order all of this Greeting Farm Goodness, and it came in the mail this week.  The kids were so sick it took me almost a week to open the box believe it or not!!!!.  After being so good for almost a year and not ordering new Rubber while I was pregnant I finally got to place some rubber (stamps) orders with The Greeting Farm.  My Favorite Stamp Company!!!

No not all of it is for me I ordered some gifts for Birthdays and Friends who I know will love them, but I get to play with many new stamps some day soon too!!!  YEA!!!

I can't wait to feel better so I can rip out the Rubber Scissors and get me some rubber cutting Therapy!!!  Woo Hooo!!!

Hope you are having a Great Week, we are starting on the mend, all of us got Tamiflu Prescriptions and they helped so much, and so far Tucker and Meadow have not gotten it!!!  I am hoping it stays this way and they stay healthy, so I will be back again sometime next week!!!



the whimsical butterfly said...

Well, it looks like when you finally get some stampy time for yourself that you will be BUSY! Busier choosin WHAT to use FIRST, LOL!

Glad you got to get some fun new loot-hope you adn the kiddos are back to 100% really soon! It's so hard esp when the DH's are away!

Mary Giles said...

How cute are these! Great paper selections and colors. Perfect layouts.I'm jealous of all that loot.