Thursday, February 3, 2011

OH MY!!! What a Stressful and Interesting Day it was. In the End all is well that ends well and Miracles do Happen!!! :-)

A Rock'in 20's Good Time!!!!

Hello Stampers, Family, and Friends!!!!

WOW today was a DOOZY!!! 

I have been watching the prices for flights from Wichita to Orlando for a little over 2 weeks now.   At first they were a lot lower but every day they keep going up so I figured I better get them booked right away!!!

I talked to a Travel Agent and she said the best she could do was $315 round trip about $365 after taxes and fees.  I was able to name my own price on Price and get them for $250 - $300 after taxes and Fees which saved over $65 over the Travel Agent's lowest price and she told me I better get them booked on Price right away because they will only continue to keep going up not down before our trip.

So I booked one set of them then they offered to invite a friend who could fly on the same flights as us for the same price as us.  I have this friend from Nursing School who is wanting to go to Orlando so I invited them.  I went on to book their flight and after it was all said and done and I was pretty proud of myself I sent the copied itinerary to Marvin at work. 

He e-mailed me back and said do you realize you typed our last name for your friends last name in one spot and in the other 3 you typed it the right way.  I thought OH NO these flights can not be changed or cancelled after we book them and with all the security we have on flights after 9/11 I knew she would NOT be able to get on the flight!!!!  Uuuuuugggggghhhhhh!!!

So I got all the info together and called Price Line.  After 45 minutes on hold they came back on and said Mam we are sorry but there is NOTHING we can do for you we can not change the name on the ticket so you will have to Cancel them and it will cost you $600 to do this.

I stared crying I would have to pay $600 just to cancel my friends tickets they were not even for us but I would have to pay the cost because it was my mistake.  After lots of crying and asking if there was anything they could do or if they could just cancel the one ticket with a mistake on it instead of all 4 tickets he said.

Well we have to cancel all 4 tickets, but I can do this for you if you will go and rebook these flights on our web site then we will refund you all but $30 / person.  I was thinking $30 / person that is still $120 loss just for typing the wrong name one time out of 4 on my friends ticket!!!!

So I go and book the tickets and they won't accept the price and same flights of us anymore I started really freaking out then because I am thinking they have to have the same flight and I HAVE to book on Price Line or I pay $600 cancellation fee!!!!

Finally I booked the flights all the same as ours but the price I got was about $30 more per person then our flights and we were all flying the same flights, but their fees and taxes were less than ours so in the end the difference was not horrible.

Then I called back Price Line and told them I had booked new flights and that I was told if I did that they would refund the $600 minus $30 / person.  So I wait on hold for about 15 minutes and and he comes back and says well Mam' I can do it and I will be refunding all of your $600 minus the $30 cancellation Fee.  WHAT really only 1 $30 not $30 for each of the 4 tickets canceled like they said before???

So I said exactly how much are you refunding my Credit Card.  He said I am refunding it $578 Mam.  PRAISE GOD!!!!

So in the end my typing the wrong name in one of the slots only cost me about $20 which I can deal with that is not $600!!!!!!  YEA!!!!  YEA!!!!!!  YEA!!!!!

So now our Condo and our Flights and Rental Car are booked and all we still have to book is the Disney Tickets and maybe a couple of fun things for the kids while we are at Disney!!!

Now here is a Card I made this week to send to a special friend on a special Birthday!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Products used:
SU Designer Papers, EK Success Boarder Punch, NeeNah Heavy Card Stock,
SU Striped Candy Cane Ribbon, Glue Dots, Excess Foam and Rubber to pop up layers, Prima Flowers, SU Rhinestone Brads, Dew Drops in Dazzling Diamonds.

Image colored using these Copics:
Skin: R00, E00, E93, RV21
Hair: E31, E35, E37, E39
Clothes, Flapper Hat, and shoes: R20, R32, R35, R29

Well now that my day is soooooooo much better than it was at one point I am heading to feed the baby and go to bed!!! 

Have a very very Stampendous Thursday Everyone!!!!



Regina said...

hello, my friend

what a day! Fortunately everything went well. That's would fantastic days for your family!

I am planning a bus tour trough the United States for September. My favorite route from New York to Niagara Falls.
I have many travel brochures and look for a good offer

wonderful card in bright colours!

have a wonderful day and big hugs

Emily said...

Glad it worked for you!!!! When are you going??

Sammi said...

Gorgeous card Heather! LOVE it!
Glad to hear that you got most of the refund :D