Friday, January 28, 2011

Making a Pretend "Cake Boss" Kansas Themed Cake, and a Green Cheer... Ummmm mean Yell Leader in the act....

A Pretend "Cake Boss"

Kansas Cake!!

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!!,

So this week has flown by and not given me much time to stamp or Blog.
At our house we watch mostly "The Learning Channel" It has tons of family and kid friendly shows as most TV Channels don't anymore!!

One of our Favorite TLC showes is The Cake Boss.  It is about this Italian family that live in Virginia and own a Family Bakery.  The entire Family work there and one of the Siblings Buddy is the "Cake Boss" he makes most of the major decisions and keeps the Bakery and the Show going.

Anyway they make all of these AMAZING specialty cakes and they make a lot of themed cakes for towns, or organizations, TV shows, and much more.

While watching it the other day the girls decided to Pretend make a Kansas "Cake Boss" cake It is Kansas Week this week and the girls are both learning a lot about and Celebrating Kansas at school.  So they thought it would be great to make this Pretend Kansas Cake Boss Cake with lots of elements they chose that somehow represent Kansas.  The took two of the kitchen chairs and then covered the chairs in "Frosting" and Fondant with Blankets and Scotch tape.  Then they began to add all the elements from their room and the play room that somehow represented Kansas to them.

Here they are above pointing out the different parts of the cake and how they represent Kansas
The Top Tier:
The Football represents Kansas High School Sports, the Chap Stick represents how dry Kansas gets in the winter, the Silly Bands Represent how addicted to collecting Silly Bands, or Zany Bands Kansas Kids are.
The Bottom Tier:
The Tractors represent Marvin's Parents Kansas Farm and other Farms all over Kansas
The Elephants represent all of the GREAT Zoo's that Marvin takes the kids too.  The Cow Represents all the Cattle and Feed Lots in Kansas.
Above and Below are shots of the kids picking things up and showing off the elements of their BIG
"Cake Boss"
Kansas Specialty Cake.
Also Earlier this week my little Tiny Tykes UpWard Sports Basket Ball player came out in his sisters Cheer leading outfit from last year and their pom poms yelling "Let's GO UP WARD, Let's GO!!!"  It was too cute I had to get some pictures of him doing Cheers
He has his Up Ward Basket Ball shirt on and his sisters UpWard cheer leading skirt from last year.
Done with the Pom Pom's for the minute and on to the Mega Phone Backwards!!!
Defence Defence Get that Ball Back!!!
Jumping up and down and getting ready to throw the Pom Pom's in true 3 year old Boy fashion.
And we throw the Pom's on the floor because we don't like them right now :-)
Aaaa Bad mood does not last long and we are back to Cheer leading.
Now time to wrestle with the Pom Poms not "lady like" at all!!!
More Cheer leading/ Wrestling all BOY style!!!
And we are DONE with being a Cheerleader now so the Pom's are getting thrown down the stairs.
They are going...... going...... GONE!!! :-)

Well the Baby is finally asleep so I am headed off to sleep too!!!  Friday is Kansas Day at the kids school and they need to dress up in either Pioneer/ Cowgirl/ Indian Garb or they Dress up in K-State or KU sports wear to help support Kansas!!  So anyway gotta be up early to help them get ready and get a few pictures.

Have a Very Very Stampendous Friday!!!


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