Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A 4 Month Photo Shoot and Marvin's Deer Pictures, Family Happenings, and more....

Babies of 2010 Photo Shoot, and

Daddy's first Deer????

Well this last weekend was Daddy's 17th Annual Country Boy Can Survive Hunting Trip.  Daddy took Tucker to the Farm to stay with Grandma Marianne, and Poppy Jim while Daddy was a few miles away at "The Hunting Cabin" as Tucker puts it.

Piper is the one on the far right with the white bows in her blonde hair.
Mommy and Meadow, and Piper, and Willow stayed home and ran our tails off going to and from Up Ward Sports Games, Piper is cheering for the Dynamite Squad this year and Willow is cheering for the Sparkz squad this year and Tucker starts Tiny Tykes Up Ward Basketball next weekend where he will just learn to get familier with the Basket Ball and the Tiny Tykes Basket Ball Hoop.  Meadow was running a fever so I did not want to take her into the Church Gym so I took Willow to cheer at her game, then drove home for 45 minutes, then took Piper to cheer at her game and picked up Willow from her game, then went home for 45 minutes again and then went back and picked up Piper from her game and then we went home for the rest of the Day when Willow decided it was her turn to get the Stomach Flu that Tucker, and Piper had, had the week before so we got to stay home from church on Sunday and I was so looking forward to going after missing the previous 2 Sunday's with sick kido's!!!  Ah well there is always next week!!!  :-)

Willow is the 2nd Cheerleader from the right.  The 3 Teens you see behind an on either side of the Cheerleaders are Willow's Team Coaches.
Piper is on the far right and has her Pom Poms spread out with open arms.
Willow and her Kindergarten Bear that is the Class Pet.  Each Kindergartener gets to bring the Class "Pet" home to stay for a weekend.  Last weekend was Willow's Turn and she wanted Ice Burg Jr. to go to her Up Ward Sports Game with her!!! :-)

Today was the Due Date for the Babies of 2010 Insert in the local Paper The Hutchinson News.  The Insert with over 200 plus babies (we have more like 800 or more babies a year born but about 200 of them get put in the Babies of the Year insert in the paper)  Anyway we had a little 4 month Photo Shoot at home trying to get that Perfect Picture for the Babies of 2010 Photo and Baby Information, section which will be in the Paper on Sunday January 30th.

The picture at the Top was the one I choose to put in the paper but I think we have some cute ones below too!!!

Gotta LOVE those Full Body Smiles!!!

Maybe a little Ornery???

Hamming it up for Mommy and the Camera

One of my Favorites!!!!

Hi Mommy!!!

Um Yep I am Cute!!! :-)

And now a Couple of Pictures from Daddy's Country Boy Can Survive Hunting Trip.  Marvin had never been on a Deer Hunting Trip before only Pheasants and Quail.  He got a Deer on the morning of his first Deer Hunt about 300 to 400 yards away and it was running so he was kind of excited about it anyway!!! :-)

NOW Mommy said Yuck you killed Bambi and I am NOT eating her!!!
Here is the "Catch" the 9 Hunting Buddies got one of the days they were out hunting Pheasants and Quail.

Well we enjoyed a great day today with Marvin home from work and the girls were out of school.  Marvin took the kids a few places to run some errands and then tonight he gave them rides in his new Work Vehicle a Traverse with only 6 mile on it he got to special order a BRAND NEW vehicle for the first time usually he gets a vehicle that is a couple of years old but this time he picked out his own and he loves it!!!

Well I have a little Baby who is ready to eat so I better let you go for now!!!

Have a Very Very Stampendous and Happy Tuesday!!!


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oh, Heather! What lovely photos from our little princess and your cheerleaders! Thanks for sharing!

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