Friday, January 28, 2011

Making a Pretend "Cake Boss" Kansas Themed Cake, and a Green Cheer... Ummmm mean Yell Leader in the act....

A Pretend "Cake Boss"

Kansas Cake!!

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!!,

So this week has flown by and not given me much time to stamp or Blog.
At our house we watch mostly "The Learning Channel" It has tons of family and kid friendly shows as most TV Channels don't anymore!!

One of our Favorite TLC showes is The Cake Boss.  It is about this Italian family that live in Virginia and own a Family Bakery.  The entire Family work there and one of the Siblings Buddy is the "Cake Boss" he makes most of the major decisions and keeps the Bakery and the Show going.

Anyway they make all of these AMAZING specialty cakes and they make a lot of themed cakes for towns, or organizations, TV shows, and much more.

While watching it the other day the girls decided to Pretend make a Kansas "Cake Boss" cake It is Kansas Week this week and the girls are both learning a lot about and Celebrating Kansas at school.  So they thought it would be great to make this Pretend Kansas Cake Boss Cake with lots of elements they chose that somehow represent Kansas.  The took two of the kitchen chairs and then covered the chairs in "Frosting" and Fondant with Blankets and Scotch tape.  Then they began to add all the elements from their room and the play room that somehow represented Kansas to them.

Here they are above pointing out the different parts of the cake and how they represent Kansas
The Top Tier:
The Football represents Kansas High School Sports, the Chap Stick represents how dry Kansas gets in the winter, the Silly Bands Represent how addicted to collecting Silly Bands, or Zany Bands Kansas Kids are.
The Bottom Tier:
The Tractors represent Marvin's Parents Kansas Farm and other Farms all over Kansas
The Elephants represent all of the GREAT Zoo's that Marvin takes the kids too.  The Cow Represents all the Cattle and Feed Lots in Kansas.
Above and Below are shots of the kids picking things up and showing off the elements of their BIG
"Cake Boss"
Kansas Specialty Cake.
Also Earlier this week my little Tiny Tykes UpWard Sports Basket Ball player came out in his sisters Cheer leading outfit from last year and their pom poms yelling "Let's GO UP WARD, Let's GO!!!"  It was too cute I had to get some pictures of him doing Cheers
He has his Up Ward Basket Ball shirt on and his sisters UpWard cheer leading skirt from last year.
Done with the Pom Pom's for the minute and on to the Mega Phone Backwards!!!
Defence Defence Get that Ball Back!!!
Jumping up and down and getting ready to throw the Pom Pom's in true 3 year old Boy fashion.
And we throw the Pom's on the floor because we don't like them right now :-)
Aaaa Bad mood does not last long and we are back to Cheer leading.
Now time to wrestle with the Pom Poms not "lady like" at all!!!
More Cheer leading/ Wrestling all BOY style!!!
And we are DONE with being a Cheerleader now so the Pom's are getting thrown down the stairs.
They are going...... going...... GONE!!! :-)

Well the Baby is finally asleep so I am headed off to sleep too!!!  Friday is Kansas Day at the kids school and they need to dress up in either Pioneer/ Cowgirl/ Indian Garb or they Dress up in K-State or KU sports wear to help support Kansas!!  So anyway gotta be up early to help them get ready and get a few pictures.

Have a Very Very Stampendous Friday!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A couple of Cards for a Couple of Special Kids. Two of my Nephew's and Piper's 3rd Sister "AKA Neighbor and best friend Gracie". Birthday's Galore!!

January 23rd  = Birthday's x 4
at our house

Hello and Happy Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

January 23rd Celebrates 4 Birthday's in our Family and "Almost Family"

First January 23rd is my Sister in Law - Melanie's Birthday
Second January 23rd is my daughter Piper's Best Friend and our "almost daughter" LOL Grace
who lives next door and is 1 month older than Piper.
Third January 23rd is my first Nephew Ben's Birthday
Fourth January 23rd is my 4th Nephew Jonathan's Birthday (who is also Melanie's Son)

Now I have been making cards and projects for my Blog for a couple of years now, but I have not been very good at sending them out.  I usually end up giving them away to auctions for charity, donating them, or selling some of them.

This year I decided I would definitely try much harder to actually get the cards I make out to the people in our lives who have special events and Birthday's.

I am going to show you the cards I made for Grace's 9th Birthday and Ben and Johnny's 6th and 3rd Birthdays, but I will not put Melanie's Birthday Card on here just yet because she might just read this and I want to surprise her not have her already know what her card looks like.

Here is Graces Card.  Grace Loves Snow White and she has Blond Hair so I made her a Blondie Snow White Card.
Ben and Johnny Are getting this cute little boy one of the cards is done with Blond hair for Ben and this one below is Johnny's Card.  The colors are slightly different on each card.
On the Snow White card I used the circles and flowers Cuttle Bug Embossing Folder, and my Fleur De Lee Boarder Punch, Some Sheer Organza Shimmery Wired Ribbon, some red Brads, and SU Card Stocks in Real Red, Yo Yo Yellow, and Brilliant blue.  My image is stamped and colored on NeeNah Heavy Card Stock and colored with Copics Markers.
Colored with these Copics:
Hair: Y21, Y24, Y28,
Dress:Y02, Y06, Y08, Y38, R20, R32, R35, R29, B12, B21, B05, B26
Frog:YG00, YG03, YG09, RV13
Skin: E00, R00, E93, RV21

The Birthday Boy Card was made using the Star Cuttle Bug Embossing Folder, some Patterned Paper from K and Company, SU Card Stock in Gable Green, Green Galore, Certainly Celery, and Brocade Blue.  I also used the Mega Labels Nestie Die and the Nestie Tags Set 1 for the title which I hand wrote with a Black Marker.  The Ribbon was from Hobby Lobby sheer non wired organza ribbon.  The image is stamped on Heavy NeeNah Cardstock and colored with Copic Markers.
Colored with these Copics:
Hair: YR02, YR04, YR09, E07, E09
Skin: R00, E00, E93, RV21
Jeans and Socks: B21, B12, B24, B91 C2, C5
Shirt: G20, G21, G24

Well I hope you enjoy my cards it has been fun to do some stamping and coloring again!!!  I am enjoying making projects just for fun and not for assignments all the time!!  Not that I do not miss the Design Team stuff cause that is fun, but it is fun to not have requirements for a little while too!! :-)

Have a very Stampendous Wednesday my Friends and Stampers too!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A 4 Month Photo Shoot and Marvin's Deer Pictures, Family Happenings, and more....

Babies of 2010 Photo Shoot, and

Daddy's first Deer????

Well this last weekend was Daddy's 17th Annual Country Boy Can Survive Hunting Trip.  Daddy took Tucker to the Farm to stay with Grandma Marianne, and Poppy Jim while Daddy was a few miles away at "The Hunting Cabin" as Tucker puts it.

Piper is the one on the far right with the white bows in her blonde hair.
Mommy and Meadow, and Piper, and Willow stayed home and ran our tails off going to and from Up Ward Sports Games, Piper is cheering for the Dynamite Squad this year and Willow is cheering for the Sparkz squad this year and Tucker starts Tiny Tykes Up Ward Basketball next weekend where he will just learn to get familier with the Basket Ball and the Tiny Tykes Basket Ball Hoop.  Meadow was running a fever so I did not want to take her into the Church Gym so I took Willow to cheer at her game, then drove home for 45 minutes, then took Piper to cheer at her game and picked up Willow from her game, then went home for 45 minutes again and then went back and picked up Piper from her game and then we went home for the rest of the Day when Willow decided it was her turn to get the Stomach Flu that Tucker, and Piper had, had the week before so we got to stay home from church on Sunday and I was so looking forward to going after missing the previous 2 Sunday's with sick kido's!!!  Ah well there is always next week!!!  :-)

Willow is the 2nd Cheerleader from the right.  The 3 Teens you see behind an on either side of the Cheerleaders are Willow's Team Coaches.
Piper is on the far right and has her Pom Poms spread out with open arms.
Willow and her Kindergarten Bear that is the Class Pet.  Each Kindergartener gets to bring the Class "Pet" home to stay for a weekend.  Last weekend was Willow's Turn and she wanted Ice Burg Jr. to go to her Up Ward Sports Game with her!!! :-)

Today was the Due Date for the Babies of 2010 Insert in the local Paper The Hutchinson News.  The Insert with over 200 plus babies (we have more like 800 or more babies a year born but about 200 of them get put in the Babies of the Year insert in the paper)  Anyway we had a little 4 month Photo Shoot at home trying to get that Perfect Picture for the Babies of 2010 Photo and Baby Information, section which will be in the Paper on Sunday January 30th.

The picture at the Top was the one I choose to put in the paper but I think we have some cute ones below too!!!

Gotta LOVE those Full Body Smiles!!!

Maybe a little Ornery???

Hamming it up for Mommy and the Camera

One of my Favorites!!!!

Hi Mommy!!!

Um Yep I am Cute!!! :-)

And now a Couple of Pictures from Daddy's Country Boy Can Survive Hunting Trip.  Marvin had never been on a Deer Hunting Trip before only Pheasants and Quail.  He got a Deer on the morning of his first Deer Hunt about 300 to 400 yards away and it was running so he was kind of excited about it anyway!!! :-)

NOW Mommy said Yuck you killed Bambi and I am NOT eating her!!!
Here is the "Catch" the 9 Hunting Buddies got one of the days they were out hunting Pheasants and Quail.

Well we enjoyed a great day today with Marvin home from work and the girls were out of school.  Marvin took the kids a few places to run some errands and then tonight he gave them rides in his new Work Vehicle a Traverse with only 6 mile on it he got to special order a BRAND NEW vehicle for the first time usually he gets a vehicle that is a couple of years old but this time he picked out his own and he loves it!!!

Well I have a little Baby who is ready to eat so I better let you go for now!!!

Have a Very Very Stampendous and Happy Tuesday!!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

As I sit here holding a Miracle.... Disney World... and Country Boy Can Survive! A new Card for a Baby Shower to! :-)

Babies, and Stamping, and Hunting, and Disney World!!!

Happy Friday Friends, Family, and Stampers!!!!

I am sitting here holding and cuddling a little Baby Girl who is so stuffed up and gooky nosed she can't breath well but she is still so HAPPY!!!  We should always try to be as Happy as Baby's are!  The world would be a better place with lots and lots of smiles!!!  :-)

Wow what a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been.  I have had sick kiddo's for 2 weeks now, with both the Stomach Flu which lasted a long 6 days for Poor Tucker and he lost 5 lbs which he did not have to loose poor guy he looks like a little Ethiopian kido now!!!  We will have to buy some Ensure and have him drink a couple a day to try to bulk him up again!  It was a rough couple of weeks.  I went through moments of not knowing when my last shower was or when my next one might be.  I felt like I started my day one day and ended my day 9 days later with no more than 3 to 4 hours of sleep any of those nights. 

 Now it has been 5 more days since then and I have had a little more sleep but my poor little Baby Meadow still has a icky cold and is not feeling the best yet.  She is so full of nasal gook that she can't breath to well but she is still full of smiles and Happiness!!! : D.  Willow has not gotten sick with either the Respiratory Cold yuck or the Stomach Flu the Piper and Tucker got so bad, and Meadow has not had the Stomach Flu just the Respiratory Cold stuff.

I have a Card to share with you today I made it for a Baby Shower coming up soon.  I took torn up post it notes and moved them down diagonally every little bit and sponged the Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue to get the background effect.  I hope you like it I loved doing it, FUN stamping and being creative again!!! :-)

Here are a few pictures:

Created the diagonal variegated color strips by sponging with SU Inks Pretty in Pink, So Saffron, Certainly Celery, and Bashful Blue.

Added some pretty wired organza shimmery ribbon in light Pink, Green, Baby Blue, and Yellow to the top and the bottom of the card made the Darts by using Glue dots, Colored the Baby Gift images with soft chalks and SU Markers.

Did Paper Piercing and Paper Piecing and used a Silver Gel Pen to accent that.

Close up of Ribbon and Baby Gift image.
Paper Piecing on the Dress and distressed the edges of the image layer with the same SU inks.

So there is my card for the day. 

Now onto a few new pictures of Baby Meadow.

Here it is in Black an White
These pictures are just a few of her 3 month pictures taken by Whitney Hamilton Photography, I changed the photo colors to the Black and White, Slight Color and White, and the Sepia tone just to see how it changed the photo.  I will share more of the Photo Session on my next post.

In Sepia Tone:
And in Full Color:

Now for Family News:
This weekend is Marvin's 17th Annual Country Boy Can Survive Hunting Trip.  He and his College Buddies started this while they were still in College and they have done it every year except for one since then.  The Actual even starts tonight but he and his younger brother Mark went up to the Farm (3 hours away) where they grew up and his parents still live and went Deer Hunting today with another buddy who is from the area and Deer Hunts all the time Marvin has never been Deer Hunting before.  The rest of the 10 guys will be showing up tonight and tomorrow they will be Pheasant Hunting for Saturday and Sunday and then Sunday night he will be back home.  He took Tucker up there to stay with Grandma and Poppy while Daddy goes Hunting.  The Hunters are staying at a Rental Hunting Cabin a few miles from his Parents Farm.

Disney World:
Well it is not set in stone yet and I guess there is still a chance we may not go for sure but Completely Out of the Blue (mostly because one of the Pastor's at our Church is going to Disney World in December and is always very excitedly posting about it on Face Book) I decided just to start researching a Trip to Walt Disney World.  Well we may be totally crazy but there is a strong possibility that we may be going in late May early June this year.   It is funny to think that a week ago it was not even a thought on our minds and now I have spent so many hours and hours of researching everything Disney that it seems to be almost a reality now!!!  I found so many cheap ways to do the trip I never thought it would be possible but it looks like it is way more possible then I thought it could be with a family of 6 and 4 kids one who is a baby!! :-)

I could not believe how affordably we could do the trip if you research all the most reasonable ways to obtain Air Fare, Condo Stay, Rental Car, and Disney Tickets!!!  If we go it will be a 10 day trip 7 at Disney and one or two at the Beach and visiting other places. 

We asked Marvin's Mom if she would like to go with us to help with Baby Meadow, and see Disney and all the cool stuff at Epcot, Hollywood Studio's and The Wild Kingdom Parks as well as visiting the Beach and Maybe Kennedy Space Center.  She said she thought that would be fun so if we go I think she will come along with us, and that will make things so much easier when you have an 8 year old, a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and a by then 8 month old with 3 adults instead of 2!!!

I am sure I will be updating you way more on this topic as we make the final decision and start to book plans and the excitement builds!!!

Well I hope you have a Very Very Stampendous Friday everyone!!!