Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Baby Girl Meadow Hadleigh is Here!!!! It has been a busy 2 weeks sorry to stay away so long!!!!

Introducing:  Meadow Hadleigh Schlatter
September 1st, 2010
7lbs 0 oz. 18inches long 10:55am

Hi Everyone!!!!!

If you have missed me and wonder where I have been we have had a crazy hectic two weeks but wonderful weeks at that.

Above and Below -  Me before the birth of Meadow the morning she was born at home and in the Hospital.
Two weeks ago tomorrow on September 1st we Welcomed our Baby girl Meadow Hadleigh Schlatter into our Family!!!!

Here is a Link to her Hospital Web Site and Hospital Picture I love it you can check it out and sign our Guest Book if you want to here:

Baby Meadow in the Hospital in Mommy's arms.

I started getting Pre-Eclampsia a condition you can get while pregnant that is dangerous for the mother causing High Blood Pressure among other things and the Protein in my Urine was 785 normal should be 40 to 150 so they decided I needed to have an early C-Section and deliver our sweet bundle of love at 37 weeks instead of the 39 weeks we had scheduled.

The kids when they first came to meet Baby Meadow in the Hospital this is when they found out she was a baby girl they did not know what we were having before that.

When we went into the Hospital our Baby was going to be either Shyloh, or Breckyn and after she was born so tiny and delicate she did not seem like the strong name of Breckyn, and she was not a Shyloh either so we ended up naming her Meadow Hadleigh.

Hadleigh means - Field of Heather
Meadow means - Beautiful / Calm Field so she is
Our Beautiful Field of Heather!!!  LOL!!!!
The last two weeks have been very busy Meadow was born at 7lbs but soon lost down to 5lbs 15 oz and so our last two weeks have been spent Nursing and Feeding, and Pumping, and extra feedings using a syringe and a feeding tube and Daddy's finger to try and get her to gain weight.

Our Sweet Meadow Girl!!!!

Tomorrow we go in for her 2 week check up and are hoping she has started to gain weight and is on the right track.  She is eating up a storm this week so I think she will have gained weight tomorrow.

Mommy and Daddy and Meadow before leaving the Hospital.

Other than that our family is doing great getting used to the new dynamics of having a New Born in our home along with taking care of the other little ones.  Tucker has been up at the farm for the last week and he is really enjoying it.  Tucker our 3 year old son is the only one who was not so into the baby I think he was sort of sad that Mommy and Daddy were taking care of a new baby!!! 

Above - Our 4 kids, Piper, Willow, Tucker, and Meadow.
Below -  Daddy, Grandma Schlatter, Piper, Willow, Meadow, and Tucker.
I am looking forward to him coming home so we can get him acquainted with Meadow and get back to our new normal that is.!!!!  I am very glad he could be at the farm the last week though because I think it would have been hard for him to deal with all the time and effort we have been putting into helping our love bug to gain weight and get bigger!!!!

Our 3 kids with the new baby, Tucker really did not like her yet and looked like we were torturing him by making him hold the baby!!!!  LOL!!!!  :-)
Willow and Meadow
Piper and Meadow
Piper, Meadow, and Willow
Well I have a little one crying which only means she is either Hungry or she has a Poopy Diaper so off to take care of my sweet little one!!!

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some stamping creation to share with you I miss stamping and coloring with my copics that is for sure!!!!