Friday, July 2, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday Card and Last Preview for July Releases at The Greeting Farm Delayed until tomorrow - Due to Corneal Abrasion for my daughter Poor Girl!!!

Hey Stampers and Friends,

I just wanted to pop on and let you know that my last Preview and today's Farm Fresh Friday Challenge Card is going to be delayed due to the fact that my 8 year old cut her eye this week, She has a Corneal Abrasion and she is having a really rough time and only wants me right now so I have not been able to stamp since Thursday night.

We have had her to the Eye Dr. and her Pediatrician this week and they say it is a very very painful condition, but we just have to keep her quiet and it will heal in the next week some time.  She is very very sensitive to light of any kind so she is having a rough rough time, but we are making it through slowly!!!

I will have to try to work on my project this evening or afternoon when hopefully she can rest and I will post it tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay, but the kiddo's have to come first and she needs me right now!!!  :-)

I'll be back soon!!!!



kadie said...

oh, your poor babe! Sending virtual hugs and praying for quick healing!

Sparkle said...

I hope she gets better soon!

Tanya said...

oh! Poor thing! That sounds miserable!

Sandra MacLean said...

Oh Heather! I hope she feels better really soon! She has the best mum in the world, so I'm sure she will! Hang in there kiddo!

Regina said...

oh, Heather, hope Willow is feeling well and all is going good.

sending big hugs Regina