Saturday, May 1, 2010

Etsy Inspired Challenge Day!!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!!

I popped in to say I think the Kansas Allergens have gotten the best of me I have had a Migraine Head Ache since about 10pm last night and it is not going away yet.  I am going to have to forgo my Etsy Inspired post for today at least as crafting and typing are not working with my Head Ache I tried but, gave up as the letters I am typing seem to be swirling around on the screen :-)

Be sure to check out the Etsy Inspired Challenge Blog  (Link Below) for this weeks Inspiration Etsy Store and for the cool prizes this week too!!!!   Sorry stampers I  had a great idea for the store this week, but....

Here are the links for the Etsy Inspired Challenge Blog and for my creative Team Mates too!!!
Etsy Inspired DT:
De Swanick... Emily Niehaus... Heather Schlatter... Jackie Bowman... Joy Stagg... Kerry Angeles ...Shannon Bracken (not playing this week)... Tiffany Johnson(on a break until May)


StampinCathy said...

Hope you start feeling better really soon.

Regina said...

Hope you are feeling well and all is going good.
big hugs Regina