Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Pictures of Baby #4 From the 20 week Sonogram on Monday Afternoon

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Well today I am stamping away amongst playing with Tucker Cleaning my Kitchen and Living room and waiting to go pick up Willow from Pre-K at noon.  I have several project for you in the next couple of days but I thought today you might enjoy seeing pictures of Baby #4 who is contently growing and moving around like a wild child in my Bwelly (as Tucker puts it)!!!!

The Baby was so activly moving all over the place they had a hard time getting good still pictures but we did get a CD with 22 pictures on it.  I added 5 of the best for you to see.

Have a Wonderful Thursday Everyone and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Baby's Profile they had a really had time getting this since Baby would not stay still for 2 seconds!!!
If you look in the upper middle left you can see the face two dark spots are the eyes and the white in the middle is the nose then look below that and you can see the chin and cheeks off to the side.
The only other profile picture they could get.
Hand and Fingers
Face and Hands up on either side of  face Tummy is the largest part and the dark spot in the center fo the tummy/torsso is the heart.
Cute Little Foot!!!

Have a Stampendous Thursday All!!!!



Lana said...

Wow Heather these are fantastic!!
Thank you so much for sharing them.
Lana x

Aussie Loz said...

Ooohhhh, you're making me clucky!!! I love ultrasound photos and getting to see your baby move and it's heart! I love these, thanks so much for showing us all! My favs are definately the profile and the cute little foot! Too cute Heather! ♥

Andrea said... precious hun! congrats and love to you all xoxo

Randi said...

Oh my gosh, look at that little foot!! I am so happy for you Heather!!

Cassie said...

oh sweet baby pics. just precious! i am always amazed at how those little ones just curl up in there! can't wait to see more pics!
get some rest and feel better! allergy season has hit here too - D. has been fighting it hard!

kadie said...

Oh my goodness!! Congrats!! So exciting!