Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm BACK!!!! From my Girls Only Trip to Denver Co. Had a Blast loved the Spa Day and now I am misserably behind on stamping :-)!!!

 Good Morning Friends, and Family, and Stampers too!!!

I am back from my Trip and it was so awesome I had so much fun and am so so relaxed and ready to take on the world again LOL!!!!

Now I am misserably behind on Stamping so I am going to stamp away on Thursday while Willow enjoys a play date here with a good friend

Missing my little Man (Two and a half year old Tucker!!!!)  He is still at the Farm with Grandma and Poppy Schlatter.  I miss him but he is not really missing us I think he would love to just move to the Farm he loves it there so much!!!

Hope to be back soon with some stamping creativity to share, and hope all is well with all of you!!!


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Tanya said...

Welcome home! Sounds fabulous! I have another freind who had a girls weekend to San Fransisco! P
ersonally, I am looking forward to some SERIOUS Scrapping on SCS's VSBN! LOL!