Saturday, April 17, 2010

3 Hours till I board a Train and head to Colorado for a Girls Weekend away!!!! Won't be posting until Wednesday or late Tuesday afternoon so Have a Wonderful Weekend Stampers and Friends!!!!

Hi Friends and Stampers!!!!,

In just 3 hours I will be leaving to meet up with my Best Friend from Jr. High and High School for a Girls Weekend away trip we have been trying to plan for 5 years now LOL!!!!

Spa appointments this afternoon for Massages and Pedicures then I am FINALLY getting my lap top and we will do some shopping a fun Fancy Dinner or two and relaxing away from the kid's and husbands can't wait!!!

 Have a Wonderful Weekend and I will be back on Wednesday with a Post then!!!



Regina said...

Have fun days!

hugs Regina

Aussie Loz said...

Oh Heather I hope you have a fabulous time away! I hope 5 years was plenty of time to plan the perfect getaway!!! Enjoy your rest from the family (you seem VERY excited about getting away! lol!)... and the one on one time with unborn bub! Take care xx

Kerry said...

Have a wonderful time Heather!!!