Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whimsical Wednesdays - Blogger won't let me upload any pictures??? I'll be back in an hour or so to try again. Tried last night and this morning to add my pictures to my Whimsical Wednesday post!!!!

I am not sure why I can not add pictures to my Whimsical Wednesday Post that I wrote last night but, until I can get my pictures uploaded,  and my post up for you to see.  Here are links to my Team Mates and to The Whimsical Wednesday - "The Diedrich Dare" Blog so you can still get lots of inspiration!!!!

My Team Mates:

The Dare Devil Designers:

Cassie Larson... Darla Wilson ...Debbie Lee (not participating this week) ... Heather Schlatter... Jacquie Peifer... Jessica Diedrich... Kim Ross...Rebecca Ednie... Sandra McLean...Randi Whall...and...Kris...Valerie, Jacquie N.

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Blogger can be a real fart sometimes.

What browser do you use?? Blogger HATES HATES HATES Internet Explorer (all versions), so I wound up using Mozilla Firefox and all my Blogger issues were gone!

Good luck!