Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Years Teacher Appriciation Gifts and We are back for a few days at least!!!!

Lots and Lots of Different Paper

 Craft Christmas Presents!!!!

Well we are back from Pueblo Colorado and done visiting my family and friends for Christmas.  We have a couple of days at home, and then we are heading up to the Farm (story below)

I hope you all had a very Wonderful, and Happy, Enjoyable Christmas and New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I had scheduled this to post while we were away but it never posted so I am back to edit a tiny bit then post it again.

I wanted to share this years Christmas Teacher Appreciation Gifts and the Christmas Treat Favors for the kids in Piper and Willow's classes too.

My next door Neighbor Tasha and I get together every year and make The most wonderful Chocolate Covered Cherries they are heavinly and we also make Peppermint Patties, Orange Cream Patties and Peppermint Bark too.

So for the last few years these are what we give for Christmas favors and treats for teachers, close friends, church Sunday School Teachers, and some of our family as well.  Last year Tasha and I made the Hot Chocolate Holder/Orniments for special orders for our side business/design team Dazzling Diamonds Designs and so this year we made them for the Craft Fair and then we made enough to give one to each of the students in the girls Pre-School and 2nd Grade Classes.

The baskets I designed to hold the Teachers Cherries and Orange Cream Patties and the boxes my neighbor stamped in gold with the Baroque Motif SU! set and then we tied a blue ribbon around it and then also pictured are the Hot Chocolate Holders.

Above are all the different designs of the Christmas Paper Craft gifts we gave away this year.  Mostly to  the girls Teachers and student in their classes.

Here is a close up of two of the baskets these baskets are made using two of the SU! Pillow Box Sizzex die cuts and then you add embellishments a bottom and a handle to make them really cute.

Inside were 4 Chocolate Covered Cherries and 3 Orange Cream Patties

Here are the stamped Candy Boxes inside of these were 3 Cherries, 3 Orange Cream Patties, and some yummy yummy Peppermint Bark.

Here are the 4 designs of the Hot Chocolate Holders we have 3 other designs we have made for these in the past too, but since they were all for little kids we figured that these particular characters would be the most fun!!!!

To make them more fun for the kids we added the silver elastic twine and the Merry Christmas Tags so that they can be kept and used as Ornaments as well.

Here is the back I stamped a SU! stamp hand made stamp and then added my business labels on them too just in case someone wanted to know how to make them.

The Gingerbread Holders.

The Elf Holders

The Reindeer Holders

The Santa Clause Hot Chocolate Holders/Ornaments

Below are the Designs we also used last year these were the more adult designs The Snowflake Design and The Wreath Design.

Well I hope you enjoy the Gifts and maybe it will give you some ideas for next year too!!!!

Have a Very Stampendous Saturday we are going to a Wedding this afternoon and then Sunday Morning we are leaving early like 7am and driving up to Marvin's Parents Farm and going to church with them then helping them Celebrate their 40th Anniversary with lots of family and Friends after church.  The Drive is 3 hours but It made more sence to drive that morning and come back that night because we just got back from a long trip which I am still unpacking from and I did not really want to pack up a 2nd time before I even had all my laundry done, plus we have a wedding Saturday afternoon and evening so we could not leave until late anyway.



Regina said...

hello my sweet
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year!

Here in Germany we call the 40th Anniversary Rubin-Wedding. Best wishes and good luck for your Marvin's Parents.

I miss you and I'm enjoying when you come back.

hugs and so much love

Tanya said...

Happy new year to you too! I understand- I was gone 7 days and even tho I had my computer with me, I was soooo busy! Gotta get back to life now tho...

these are really cute gift ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

Ann Kranitz said...

Happy New Year Heather. I love all of these wonderful handmade goodies and your holiday card is wonderful.

Emily said...

Hey girl...I wonderend when you'd get back..I've missed talking to you!!! Hope you all are doing well, we had 9 christmas' but they were all pretty close, so I don't feel your pain. I'll try to get a hold of you this week so we can catch up!!!!

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Heather and Happy New Year :)
I love all of your ideas!!! Too cute. Have a great day.


Cassie said...

those are awesome - esp. love the hot cocoa holders. but my mouth is watering and craving chocolate now b/c you talked about those chocolate covered cherries again. *sigh*
i will console myslef with the chocolate covered pretzels my grandma made!!
glad you are back home safely and had a terrific holiday! hope to catch up soon!

Christine Riley said...

What sweet ideas, I love them. Thanks so much for sharing :)
Hugs, Christine

Randi said...

WOW! I am blown away! These are such fun and amazing projects Heather! I am putting you on my list of bionic women! I don't know how you do it! You are amazing!!
Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Hope you have a New Year full of love, happiness and creativity!! Thanks for being such a huge support and fantastic friend!! Hugs!! ~R