Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why is Blogger not publishing my Scheduled Posts??? Help??? Also Link for The 12 Days of Christmas Character Cafe Blog Hop with MEGA HUGE Prizes to stay on Top for a couple of weeks!!!

Scroll Down for All New Posts This post on top for two weeks.

I am so frustrated my last 4 Scheduled Posts blogger has not posted then when I have time to get on line and check it is not up????  What is going on with that?????  I don't always have time to get to my computer and make sure a post is up so this is causing major problems and frustrations for me!!!!  Does anyone have any insight????

I schedule the post for like today I had a post scheduled for 12/8/09 at 7am and at 9am when I got home from taking Willow to preschool my post was not up, so I go into edit post and it says post scheduled for 12/8/09 at 7am (two hours before) I don't get it does anyone have any ideas to help me???

So frustrated!!! 

Remember this card, I posted it on Friday 12/4/09 for The Character Cafe 12 Hops of Christmas New Release Blog Hop????  Well we are still doing the 12 Hops of Christmas with 12 prizes the biggest being a Copic Air Brush System the contest still goes for a couple of weeks, so I wanted to leave a link at top so you can still get to my blog hop post and play along if you want to.  To find out more of how to win the awesome Prizes from The Character Cafe go to this Blog Hop Post here!!!!


craftykitten said...

Hi Heather,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog the other day - gave me a warm glow they did!!
I have had similary problems with scheduling posts - exactly the same as you. The only thing I have seen by way of a "try this" is to edit the post - take off the scheduling - resave the post and then try scheduling again. Who knows it may work - other than that I am at a loss!!
Dawn xx

Tammy said...

CUTE!!!! Love the little angels in the stars.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Seriously ADORABLE-that little angel has the sweetest face! Yeah, I'm not sure what's up w/ Blogger-it did that to me the other night and kept saving things as a "draft" even though I was hitting "publish". It doesn't like us :( haha maybe we're both overloading it-we've had a TON of cards posted!!!

kandistar said...

I'm confused is this the right post for the blog hop? I love the work that you put into your creations, I can only imaging the time it takes for you to do this, but all your work is beautiful! *Candace*