Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I can not believe I ruined my blog!!!!

Of all the times to make this mistake I saw some cute Christmas Blog Backgrounds and I thought Oh it might be nice for a change.  Now do not get me wrong I am a Green type of girl and I love (or rather loved my Green Blog, so I went to save my template and I was in the wrong screen and accidentaly saved a minima template to my blog.  I lost everything it had taken me months to create!!!!!

Oh my word are you kidding me???  It took me hours and hours to make my blog look the way it did because it is difficult to change a rounders blog to 3 columns.  After some work now I have finally gotten it back to the 3 columns but the colors are all wako and I really did not have the time for this to happen today the day before we have to travel!!!!!!

So my blog does not look at all like it used to and I am not sure it ever will again because I can not get the colors back in my side bars and such that I had before!!!!!


One thing I know now that I am really really thankful for???  Well I loved my old Blog and I was very Thankful for that!!!!!!  Sad......



Annette said...

Oh Heather, you poor thing, at least you still have all your wonderful content! Hopefully you will find your colours again. I was trying to create three columns think I will stick with just two, have a fantastic weekend, take careX:)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

how frustrating. but look on the bright side.... i like how it looks now!!!!! i'm not a fan of green, but i really do like this.

have a super, super thanksgiving.


Craftyanny said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh what a rotten thing to happen Heather. You'll soon have it ship shape and will grow to love it just as much.
I keep a back up of my blog saved in a word doc, it's just a little reassurance

Anne x

margie c said...

Awww, so sorry, Heather! It still looks good :)
Sorry I haven't comment in a while either, but I've been keeping an eye ;) LOL!
Have a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving, to you and your family :*)
~ margie

Nicola said...

It looks fine sweetie, just remember what you have been through recently with your loved ones and count your blessings ... a blog can be fixed and if not so what ... your family I know are your life so go and have the best Thanksgiving ever.
Nicola -x-

~*Joni said...

Awwww Heather! Although I can hardly notice it, your work makes it all that more enjoyable which is why we visit! But I do know your pain, one day I decided to do a 3 column by following some simple steps. Shyeah. Right. My blog header is still messed up a little and I ended up staying up until 2am fixing it!! Grrrrr....Regardless of your blog look, I still love ya. ;)

de said...

Sorry girl! But it does look good now too! You can save your entire template as a back-up very easily. E-me if you want me to show you how. I may be able to help you with the side colors too, just let me know!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh no!!!!!

See? This is why I hire professionals! I have no talent or patience for computer, techie stuff!!

Happy Thanksgiving anyway!