Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flutter By Wednesdays and Whimsical Wednsdays "The Diedrich Dare" - A Major Case of the Guilts!!!! To much to do and not enough time this week!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!,

Do you ever have those days where you feel quilty about everything????  I am having one of those weeks I have so much to do and just not enough time to do it in, and I might find more time if I was not under the wheather, but I have been off and on so that does not help matters any!!!!!  I remember a couple of years ago when this Headache/Nausea Sickness was going around it seemed like people whould have it for a day or two then it would go away then it would come back then go away that seems to be what is going on again this year according to my friends who have had it!!! 

So I feel great for a couple days then I have a day where I have a migraine headache and then I feel fine again for a few days that is really not convienient when you are trying to get a lot accomplished!!!  Oh well I am not complaining for sympathy or anything just stating some frustrations on my part!!!!  (No I am not pregnant and I know that is NOT a poss. without a doubt!!!!!!!)  I am not pregnant, but hey it would explain these symptoms right LOL!!!!!!!

I just feel bad because there are so so so many things going on this week with all the kids and I can not phyicically get it all done!!!  So then the guilt sets in because no matter what I do I am shucking some responsibility or three!!!

So anyway I started my Flutter By and Whimsical Projects last week when Tucker was gone thinking I would have plenty of time to finish them up over the weekend or during the begginning of the week but that time has just not come so I have nothing for you today I already let Danni and Jess know about it and I am sorry!!!!

However my plan is to try to finish them off tonight after the kids are in bed and post them tomorrow on my blog along with the fun challenge info!!!

So please head on out and visit all of the lovely Flutter By Girls and the Dare Devils and see what lovely creations they have for you!!!  Dare Devils I will post that Questionair when I put my project up tomorrow too!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and I hope your Wednesday and Thursday are both way less hectic and crazy then mine are going to be!!!

Flutter By Wednesday Featured Stamper Team:
Ann...Cassie...Chris...Christine...Harriet...Heather (me)...Jodi...Kristie...Lelia...Michelle...Nancy...Nicola...Stef

Cassie Larson... Darla WilsonDebbie Lee (not participating this week) ... Heather Schlatter... Jacquie Peifer... Jessica Diedrich... Kim Ross... Lisa Hjulberg... Lisa Slusser... Rebecca Ednie... Sandra McLean...Randi Whall

Well I am off to do more things that need done talk to you again soon!!!  Be Back soon!!!!



Taylor (musingsofanaddict) said...

Awww, take some time for yourself! {{{hugs}}}

Harriet Skelly said...

Heather - it is totally ok - life gets that way!! I just hope you stay well and take care of yourself!!
Hugs, Harriet

Lelia said...

Hey Heather! No need to feel guilty at all...life happens! Priority numero uno? Yourself and your family! We'll wait for ya!


Cassie said...

dont' feel guilty sweet friend! this is supposed to bring us joy --- God gave us this talent to use to give us joy and to worship Him. So no more guilt -- K?

And I hope you and your family start feeling better soon! It's no fun to be under the weather - especially like you are, up and down, over and over! I'll be praying for you!!

Nicola said...

Ooh I am awful Heather, my first thought was .... is she pregnant rofl, at least you have crossed that of your list hehe. I do hope you feel better soon sweetie, look after YOU and your beautiful family.
Nicola -x-

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Hi Heather!! I so understand. Life sure has been busy for me as well!! Life keeps going even when we don't get things done.

I hope you and the family feel better soon!! You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend!!

Christine said...

I sure hope things settle down for you and that you feel better soon!


Danni said...

Feel better and take care of you!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

It's ok, girlie-stamping isn't as fun if we have to stress over it. Although I know it's always that double-edged sword b/c its also our "escape' sometimes...it's sometimes very hard to balance it all.

NO worries at ALL about the Dare-you are my friend first and foremost, missy and you know that ;) Sorry I missed your call but hope to catch up soon. Love ya!

Darla said...

Hey Heather - hope you are feeling better soon! There are lots of illnesses going around - so take care of yourself and don't get worn down.

Shesjetlagd said...

Heather, don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing all you can - just take care of yourself and really feel better!!

Nancy said...

Life happens, Heather!! Don't sweat it!! I've been buried by other things lately, so I feel your pain!!