Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Cards for our Upcoming 50+ Cards Workshop

Hello Everyone!!!
Sorry I did not get to post Yesterday and so late today. Have you ever had one of those weeks that is just an all bad, not good, rotten, stressful weeks???
Well I can not say it was all bad, because we are all healthy and God has granted me another good week with my children and family, but it has been a pretty tough week, and I feel the stress in my muscles and neck that is for sure!!!
I am not normally a person that lets things really "stress" me out so it is especially hard because I have been really stressed. So much is going on and a million things little mostly went wrong and everything seemed to take 3 times as long as it should have to get done??? Ever have those weeks???
I can not tell you how much it helps to get new comments and such on my cards some times that seems to be the only positive feedback I get that day, so it is so nice to receive your sweet kind comments!!!!! Thank you for reading my blog and letting me know what you think!!!!! It does more for me than you know!!!!!
Last year our goal for the big Card and SU scrapbook Workshops during Sale-a-Bration was to get very creative and cute, and to showcase as many techniques and styles as we could the cards were all very cute, but no one finished them and we were handing out kits for months. So this year our goal was to go more simple with less layers and try to make cards they can complete in the 4 hour workshop. We still wanted them to be as cute as we could just less work involved. So we tried to limit ourselves to only 2 colors plus white, and as little cutting as we could and techniques that were more doable in the time allotted!!!
What do you think are they still cute but doable I hope they are not too simple, but since no one finished last year we really want them to finish this year???
Here is what they get when they leave
50 + Cards
8 Woman's Birthday (3 designs and color schemes)
2 Mothers Day
8 Men's Birthday (3 designs and color schemes)
2 Fathers Day
6 Girls and Boys birthday (4 designs 2 girl/2 boy)
4 Baby Cards (2 girl 2 boy can be used for New Baby or Babies Birthday)
4 Thank You Cards
4 Friendship Card (2 designs)
3 Sympathy Cards
3 Get Well Cards
2 Wedding Cards
2 Graduation Cards (with choices of school colors at the workshop)
Total of 23 Card Designs in all
This will be our 3rd Year to do these workshops and every year we learn a new way to make it go better the next year. This year Tasha has joined us in my Down line so there will be 3 instructors there and each of us will take a group and work with them on doing the cards we designed then the groups will rotate through the stations.
Emily and Tasha are my SU Down lines and good Friends. Tasha is also my next door neighbor, and good friend, who invited me to my first SU party, then I signed up in the next few months to be a Demo and then after doing it for 2 years she signed up too. She has been an SU customer for 12 years already. Emily I met at the first workshop I ever did and she fell in love with stamping and signed up right away. She is now one of my closest friends!!!!! I have had a total of 4 girls as my downline, but 2 of them never really did get started so they did not stay Demo's for that long. I am a firm believer that a Stamper's Club is one of the best ways to keep you going and keep your sales consistant. I have not done a home workshop in 2 years now because towards the end of my Pregnancy with Tucker I just could not keep up, and then the first year of his life I could keep up with my monthly Stampers Club, but not any workshops so I am hoping with the 4 workshops we booked off the Garage Sale last weekend I can start doing a few home workshops here and there and build up my customer base some!!!!
I love my Monthly Club!!!! It helps give me a chance to get out and be with other ladies and teach them new things and I learn from them too, and I get to be "Heather" not just "Mommy" or Heather Schlatter RN, not that being Mommy or a Nurse (although I have not been called in in months now) is bad, but some times it is nice to be "Heather"!!!!! LOL!!!!!
Last Year it was just me and Emily and we busted our butts running back and forth trying to help people doing 24 different card designs. So I think this will work better this year!!!!
Here is the Wedding Card I made. I wish all the glimmer and shine would show. I embossed it all with the silver embossing powder that has glitter in it so it is very very pretty, and elegant. The Silver Paper is that really shimmery sparkly metallic Silver Paper SU carries.
Here is another view I tried to get it to show the glitter and sparkle, but it did not do very good!!!
Here is My Man's Birthday Card. The Camper is embossed with Silver shiny embossing powder.
This is one of Tasha's Cards she made this one for one of our Friendship Cards
This is Tasha's Fathers Day Card.
Here is Emily's Friendship Card She embossed the background and the Girl in Black shinny embossing powder. It is very pretty in person!!!!

Here is Emily's little boy Birthday card. I love the scene she created all on one layer.


Well I hope you enjoyed the Sneak Peek into our Workshop Cards!!!!


I'll be back in the morning to share my very first Etsy Inspired Card as a DT member of the Etsy Challenge Team from Heart Hugs Blog. I am excited to share it with you!!! It about Killed me tonight not to get to share my Etsy Card with you when I finished it!!! I loved how it turned out and I really wanted to post it!!!! LOL!!!!!




Cathy said...


Your card is beautiful! I hope ou have a better week next week. I know exactly where you're coming from. That is one reason I started my blog. I just hope I can keep getting followers and people to stop by and share some love!!

Thanks for sharing your workshop stuff. It's all very cute!!


Emily said...

Hey Girl,
I hope V-day ends up being better for you....I will pray for you...and call and check on you tomorrow. P.S. love the cards

Ashley said...

What great cards Heather! I really like the flower one, it's my fave!

Janna said...

Oh, Heather. I am so sorry about this week! I know that it will get better. Sometimes weeks are like that. I think you are an amazing person and friend. And I know that you are the best mother. Your kids are amazing and so thoughtful! And on top of it all you are a great nurse, a super talented stamper and a great friend!

I love your cards for the class! I really, really wish I could attend! It looks like so much fun and so informative! Can I have a mini lesson? LOL! Seriously though, I think it will be a smashing success!

Good luck with everything!!! Oh and congrats on your new Anyas and Ians!! Can hardly wait to see what you make!


Lorraine A said...

Lovely cards, well done to all of you, wish I could join in one of your workshops but it's a bit far for me to come !! :-(
Sorrry you re having a bit of a difficult time at the mo' hope things re better soon x

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

So sorry you're having a crazy week!! That's a whole lotta cards - and I'm sure when it's all done it will feel wonderful and very accomplished! It will be worth it!!

I love that silver camper! And the silver on the black wedding card is so elegant. They're all wonderful!!


Regina said...

All these cards are fantastic creations! But your wedding card is wonderful, so romantic! I love how you embossed, what a great effect!!!!

Maria said...

Hey Heather! I'm sorry to hear you had a rough week! I have those weeks sometimes but when it's over, it's like it never happened!!

I believe monthly clubs are an important aspect of being a demo. You actually get to know your members much better than through workshops because you see them regularly!!

Wow, 50 cards that's a lot! LOL! I can't barely create one card a day! The cards are fabulous! I think going simple is a great idea!! Congratulations on booking a few workshops!! It's a great start and I'm sure your business will grow through them. . .good luck!!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines and the new week will be a better one!!


Tanya said...

Hey! I'm sorry you had one of THOSE weeks. That is never fun.

I love doing these kinds of classes! These cards look really fun too. Good luck and I hope thigns have improved!

Cassie said...

wow! what an amazing day!! i hope it went well - the cards look awesome!! makes me wish i lived close enough to attend!
i teach a monthly card class too = and this month made fairly simple cards and i thought they would be disappointed, but they loved it - i think they felt less rushed and stressed too!!!