Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Awards I am Proud to Share! 16 Stampers I get to honor with awards as well!!!! Yea!!!!

Well Hello Everyone!,
I have been talking about this for a while and I just needed to take the time to get it done. I have received 4 awards that I am so honored that Tanya, Kristin, Regina, and Heather (Hev) choose to give them to me!!!
It has taken me so long to get them on here and I am sorry ladies that does not mean that I was not excited to get them from you because I was! It just took me a while to have the time to choose all the wonderful ladies and totally creative stampers to pass the awards onto!!

The first award was from Tanay over at Tanya's Stamps N Things blog. Tanya was one of the first blogs I stumbled across when I first started blogging back in September a few months ago. I enjoy seeing Tanya's creations and her coloring. She is also a Stampin Up Demonstrator so I enjoy seeing her SU creations to inspire me!!!
I get to choose 10 people to bestow this award on. Wow it is hard to pick I have met and seen so many incredibly talented Stampers and Bloggers out there!! So I am going to pick some of my old favorites and some of my brand new favorites!!! But all these are very talented and very kind ladies!!!!
Kristin is a soldier in the Air Force stationed and working in the Health Care Field in Alexandria Virginia. I really enjoy Kristin, and like Tanya she was in those first 3 blogs I found right off the bat. Kristin is a very kind and sweet friend, and I really enjoy her blog. I will never forget how the very first time I went to Kristin's blog I saw her hit counter and it was 137. I was so excited to find another new blogger like me!!! Kristin is also an SU Demo, and she challenges me to get back to my first passion my SU sets!!!!! I have over 200 of them most I have earned for free or bought with my SU earnings, and I need to use them more after all that is all I used before I started blogging and seeing all the amazing talent out there!!!!
Danni started following my blog and I knew I had seen her picture on lots of sweet comments out there so I started popping by her blog. I loved her creations she gets several done a day and I am jealous!!!! Danni is a Military wife and Mom, and a very talented stamper as well. Danni recently added me to her Featured Stamper Team for her Flutter By Wednesdays and I am honored and excited to get to go along for the ride, at least for January anyway!!! So of course Danni needed the Butterfly award!!!
I am not sure if Jessica already has this award, but I recently found her blog and it has become one of my daily fix's in my blog time. She make the most wonderful cards and creations I just love seeing what she has in store for me every day!!!! I am sort of mad at Jessica because she has enabled me to find Paper Pretties, The Greeting Farm, and The little Paper Shop all of which have some major addiction helpers that I am sure I can not live without!!!! LOL!!!!! No I love Jessica's blog her kind comments on my blog, and her Daughter Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays Sketch Challenge. If you have not tried it out you have to it is fun!!!
Heather may have this award already she has almost every one I have ever seen, but I enjoy her blog and would you people believe that she went through all her comments for 2008 and linked us all (linked imagine how many hours that took!!!!) and thanked us for supporting her blog. That task in itself is totally amazing!!!!!! Heather has some very cute projects and I enjoy reading her posts!!! She has left me some of my favorite comments on my blog because a few of them were on non stamping posts and that meant a lot to me that she cared enough to read it and comment!!!!
Alicia and I have recently begun communicating, but I enjoy talking to her, I love that she really talks to you, in real e-mails Yea!!!!. This lady is incredibly busy. She is a wonderful stamper, and scrapbooker, a talented blogger, a Mommy to Ethan and Ava, and Ethan her 4 year old son has Cancer and his story is so uplifting. I know that uplifting sounds weird to say about cancer, but he is doing so well, he has had set backs, but he is a Happy Energetic very cute little boy and I have enjoyed hearing his story and seeing his wonderful progress, It really makes you remember God has a purpose and reason for everything no matter how hard that can be for us to see at the time!!! I have been reading Alicia's blog since September also as she is on Lauren Meaders Saturday Sketch team and I would always pop over to see her work. Alicia is also an SU Demo and has a Monthly Stampers club like I do, and to top it all off she is an Engineer 2 days a week to boot! Amazing Lady and a wonderful stamper. I love her blog!!!
I have been enjoying Kimmi's blog lately as I found her because she is on a few design teams with my friends Jami Bova, and Janna Hull, and also with Danni, and Jessica (mentioned earlier). Kimmie is also on Danni's Featured stamper team with me and I enjoy her bold use of colors and creativity with embellishments, she makes some lovely cards and I am enjoying getting to know her blog!!!
Vicki is one of the new members of the Pink Cat Studio DT that I get to play along with later this year as a guest DT. Vicki is a certified Copic girl and she is amazing with Coloring!!! Vicki is very creative, she leaves the sweetest comments and I enjoy seeing her work!!!!! Vicki is on several DT's and she deserves it her creativity is always so great to see, and she has a wide variety of styles I enjoy!!!
Tasha is the good friend/SU Downline/next door neighbor (you always hear about) that bails me out of many tuff situations and helps keep me slightly insane with new SU ideas at times!!! I am lucky to have Tasha in my life and I enjoy her posts and cards on her blog. Tasha is a Martha Stewart!!! She is talented in all the realms, floral, food creativity and preparation, stamping, decorating, designing and much more!!!!
Emily is another SU Down line and good friend. Emily holds a very dear place in my heart. I met her at the very first SU workshop I did and she was not even some one I invited, but some one I invited could not come invited her MIL and she invited Emily!!!!! Funny Funny story, but 2 years later Emily is one of my best best friends and a very close confidant an fellow stamper and blogger. Emily works full time in Oncology as a RN OCN and so she does not get to blog to often, but I always enjoy seeing her inventive creations when she does. Emily is talented in many crafting areas not just stamping, but Stamping is a favorite of hers!!! I love having Emily as a friend and fellow stamp addict, and helper with everything SU!!!!
Regina is in Germany, and I have so enjoyed getting to know her. She is a very caring kind lady and I know it is hard at times with the language barrier, (thank God she speaks English cause all I know in German is Guten Morgen!!! However I have a huge amount of German in me!!!!!!! My Grandpa was born there and then immigrated here when he was 3 yrs old. Regina comes up with projects that are just so cute and creative and have a very different flare to them a German flare I guess I would say, but I just enjoy them and her so much!!!!
I received this next award first from Kristin, and then from Heather Hev I love love love this award!!!! I am choosing to give this award to 5 ladies who I met solely through the blogging/stamping world and I know a few of them already received this award, but I have been planning on giving it to them for a while already so if I would have gotten my behind in gear they would have gotten it from me first!!!! LOL. I also choose these particular women because they are all ladies I have gotten to be friends with as well!
Jami had just 7 followers when I started following her blog and now she is up to close to 80 followers. Jami started coming to my blog every day and leaving wonderful encouraging comments every post I posted. This was back when I did not get very many comments and that meant and still means the world to me!!! Jami is Mega Super Talented, and she outdoes herself every time she makes a new card!!! Jami is one awesome stamper, and person in general and I love her for who she is!!!!!
Janna is a true friend. I have had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone twice now the first time for over 3 hours. I love Janna's creations and there are many of them 2 to 4 a day and she is just so super creative!!!! Janna is the Queen of Sketches a title Jessica gave her and she deserves, and she does amazing things with those sketches too!!!! Janna is a real sweet heart and I totally love her long comments that really mean so much to me because she really reads every word, and remembers to address it all in her comment!!! Janna is also super talented!!!!
Yep I already gave Jessica one award, but I had to give her this one because I really do think her blog is Fabulous, and she is quickly becoming a friend as well with her kind comments and friendly nature. She is one of those people whose blogs I just knew I would fall in love with from the first time I went there!!!! Thank You Jessica you are awesome!!!
I mentioned her earlier too, but thank you Alicia I am truly enjoying getting to know you, and you are so friendly and easy to talk to (e-mail he he he) I love her creations and she has inspired me to get scrapbooking again. After all Scrapbooking is what started me in this stamping world 8 years ago!!!!! I am so super behind on scrapbooking my 3 kiddo's it is not funny!!!!
Melissa is the owner of Pink Cat Studio, and I know she probably can not display an award on a business blog, but I have gotten to be friends with Melissa and she is such a wonderful person to talk to. I know you would never think you could be friends with a Stamp Company Owner, but Melissa treats her customers with such kindness and friendliness and she really gets to know you! I love Pink Cat Studio Stamps and I love dealing with Melissa on both a personal note, and as a Stamp Company too!!! Melissa is a very talented artist in both real art and stamp design!!! Thank You Melissa for sharing your talent with all of us in the Stamping World!!!! I am also so excited that Melissa choose me to be one of her Guest DT girls later this year. I can not wait to get to play along with her increadibly talented Pink Cat Studio Design Team!!!!
6. This award also goes out to Regina from Above!!!
This award I also got from Kristin when I got the last Award. It is the I love Stamps Award. I have to give it to some talented stampers and friends I know love stamps!!!! I love the colors and designs in this award as well.
Sarah is a very talented Sweet girl. She makes some very creative and talented Creations, and I really enjoy her cards and scrapbook pages. Sarah is also a new member for the Pink Cat Studio DT. Sarah recently mailed me some White Card Stock just so I could practice using my new copics and stamps on it. How Awesome is that???? Thank you so much Sarah and I enjoy your blog!!!
Ashley does the weekly Etsy Challenge that I love seeing, and I am going to get to play along in it one of these weeks!!! I love Ashley's Hugged my Heart posts, and her kind caring nature towards stamping and other stampers!!!! Ashley makes these wonderful Photo Collages that remind me so much of the Photo Collages I make, and she is a talented Photographer as well!!!!
I have to give this award to both 3. Emily and 4. Tasha my in town stamping friends because they both love stamps and I love having them as Fellow Dazzling Diamonds Designs Members, and as SU Down Lines and I love talking to them, and working with them they are awesome ladies!!!!
5. I am also giving this award to Tanya over at Tanya's Stamps N Things. I think she also really loves stamps and I really like seeing how she uses them!!!! I also talked about her earlier as she gave me the first award.
O.K. there is one more award from Regina, a very cute Teddy Bear Award, but I have to get to bed so I can take care of kiddo's, and of course clean and stamp tomorrow so I will award that award later!!!!! Thank You all for your very sweet awards and I hope you stop by the wonderful stampers I awarded and show them some love as well!!!!
Have a Stampendous Day!!!!


Heather "Hev" said...

Thankyou ever so much Heather :)

I dont have this award and it is so beautiful so I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

I so enjoy reading about your family and what you do - its friendship as well as you eye candy that keeps me commenting...

Oh I think it took me about 12 hours all together to do the list (and then I had to correct half ;) ) All worth it though!!

Have a fabulous day :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Look at all these awards girlfriend!! So are such a sweetheart!! Thanks for the sweet words - I love ya too!
hugs, Jami

Summerthyme Studio said...

WOW!!! You must have had your work cut out for you to hand out all these awards!!! Holy Moses Woman!!

Thanks for YOUR sweet sweet comments. You are a very special lady and I am really glad our paths have crossed


Danni said...

You are just so sweet! Thank you for the kind words! I don't display awards anymore on my blog but I so appreciate it and am so glad we "found each other"!!

Kimmie0270 said...

Thanks for the award. Ur too sweet!

the whimsical butterfly said...

You are so awesome!!! LOL I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment "well, I'm sort of mad at Jessica for enabling me" LOL!!!! That was so funny and admittedly, a bit true..I am terrible. We would get into a LOT of trouble shopping together!!! hee hee.

Thank you so much, sweetie! I am so glad we "met" and are becoming friends too. i have a horrible cold today so when I woke up and saw this it really made my day. You are so awesome!!! HUGS!

Kristin Bueter said...

I'm so happy that you have gotten so popular in such a short time! You are so deserving :O)

Thank you for the sweet award! It's so cute :]

Ashley said...

Aww, thanks! I'll have to do this when I get some time.

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Awww! Thanks so much for giving me an award! I'm glad you got the papers. I hope they weren't all mangled. I made the post office guy stamp "do not bend" all over the envie! :)