Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Swap's from our Annual Stampin Up Stampers Club Swap, and Some RAK's to share

Hello how are you today???,
I had a good day got to do some Stamping which was much needed after not getting to stamp much lately, I got to play with my new Copic Markers, and I got some cleaning and Laundry (uggghhh) done too.
I have received my very first RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness) this last week, and I wanted to share a few of the Homemade Christmas Cards that we got, along with some of the Swap Projects we did at Stamper's Club in December too. So I have quite a few samples to share with you today!!!!
First for the Swap Projects:
Here is the Project DeAnna Marshall made for Stampers Club Swap. I just love the colors she picked and that stamp is one of those teeny tiny stamps that comes like 20 little square stamps in a set at Hobby Lobby, then we just re-colored, and re-stamped it in each of the colors. Lastly we drew in the Christmas Lights string and then stamped the Celebrate Sentiment witch is from SU Wonderful Words set.
Next is one of the Projects Dana Brooks brought for us to do, but I can not find the other really cute chocolate piece holder she had us make also. This Card has Embossing on the bottom of the card back with a swirls wheel, and clear embossing powder so it is really shinny. I love the yummy ribbon she used and that is some of the ribbon we got in our ribbon swap we also do that time of year. We used her Creative Memories Circle cutter to cut the circle of the Tree stamp.
Last is the Card DeAnna's Mom made. Joyce has had a couple of strokes but she loves to stamp and create and she makes the cutest things for us!!! She has no use of her left hand so her creations are that much more special to me!!!! This card is a spinner card the snowflake spins in circles across the card. It was very cute in person!

I love Joyce's Card and the fact that she loves to stamp with only the use of one Arm just totally tickles me pink!!! She is the most fun lady to be around, and I totally enjoy her company!!! There were 2 more swap Projects Dana's Chocolate Holder, and Tasha's Decorative Sour Cream Pouch, but I can not find Dana's to photograph, and I was unable to do Tasha's because I was completing 2 of each project as Joyce had a bad tooth infection, and could not come, we wanted her to still get her projects!

Here are some Beautiful Homemade Christmas Cards and RAK's I received so far.
The first one is from my good friend and Down line Emily. She made over 50 of these in one setting! Can you believe that? I wish I could get that many cards done that quickly!!!
This one is from my good Friend Wendy who I do not get to talk to enough anymore!!! Wendy moved away to Indiana when I was pregnant with Willow and I miss her dearly!!!! I got to go to Chicago a couple of years ago to go to her Bachelorette Party with another good friend of ours Rita, and then I went back a couple of weeks later with my Hubby to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Wendy had her first baby at the end of August (he was not due until October!!!) This picture is of her son Mathew. Wendy is the person that got me into Stamping and Scrap booking close to 10 years ago now! She drug me along to classes in Wichita about an hour away and I quickly fell in love!!!!
Next is a Christmas Card I got from my Friend Jami Bova over at Stamp Happy Blog. I love Jami's work and I told her I will be keeping this card to show people some day when she is Mega Famous and I can say see I have a Jami Bova Original from her first year of stamping!!!! There are so many cute elements in this card!!!! I love the distressed edges on the circle which would not be easy to do on a circle, and I love the way she layered without really layering to much it is soooooo cute!!!!
I love the way Jami uses this Corner decorative Punch I need to find out where to get this punch she uses it alot and I love it every time!!!
Janna Hull from Stamp's Paper, and Glitter Oh My Blog, gave me this next one it is just way to cute!!! I can not believe the talent this girl has, and I love her paper piecing she did this awesome paper piecing it is like reverse paper piecing and I am not sure I can even explain it very well, but she cut out the layer with the skirt and actually put it on top of the layer where the legs were stamped and colored it looks Mega Cute in person!!!! I was hoping when I saw this card on her blog that I would get to have this beautiful card. (she said she was mailing it out to a blogging friend and I hoped it was me!!!!
Danni from Danni's Dreams blog sent me this Beautiful Card Yesterday it was the card that won the Etsy Challenge over at Hearts and Hugs last week so I have a prize winning card in my possession and I love it!!! I love the stickles she used on the Rose! This card is very stunning in person!!!
I got this Thank You from my other SU Downline/good friend/Next Door Neighbor/Dazzling Fellow Dazzling Diamonds Design Team Member, Tasha. It looks like she cut out all of the flowers from different Paper's, but it is actually a very Clever DSP believe it or not! It is a very cute card and I love what she wrote inside!!!
I recieved this card from my SU Up Line Dianna Pederson. She makes the Simply Scrappin 60's kits and holds workshops every year for them where you get 1 pack of Simply Scrappin 60's and 1 pack of SU Whisper White CS (this year she replaced the WW CS with Kraft CS) and it makes between 60 and 80 cards depending on how you use the paper! This is one of her Christmas Designs for this year. She did a very good job on it!!!
We got this Christmas Card from Marvin's Parents. I shared it on here once before when I helped her design them at the beggining of December. I think she did a great job on them, and I have already recieved several compliments from others on her card!!!! I love how it showcases all the grand children!!!! The 8 cousins sure had fun playing together this weekend at Grandma and Poppy's house for Christmas!!!! with 8 kids 6 and under and 7 of them 4 and under it is quite the loud house while they are all playing!!!

Above is the Picture Book Mark part of the Card in it's Pocket, and Below is the Picture Book Mark part of the Card beside the pocket. She put a Lable on the back with who is who and where in the picture.

This Christmas Card we got from Marvin's Cousin. She always sends us the cutest SU Stampations and creations for Christmas Cards. Inside it opens like a book with their Christmas letter written in book form with pictures of their kiddo's it is super cute!!!!
Above is the Front, and Below is the inside showing how they make their Christmas Letters into book form to fit into their Cards. This is this Years card. Next I have pictures of last years card as well.
I had to add her card from last year too! I think I am going to have to case her idea of making the letter into a book inside of the card next year!!! I love this idea!!!
Above is the Front of Last Year's Card and below is the inside of last years card.
Last, but not least we received this cute card from a wife of one of Marvin's old friends. We got married 3 weeks apart and we each were at the other's wedding. She sends homemade cards every year at Christmas time. The picture is of their 3 boys Proffit, Frank, and Sam.
Well those are all my Samples to share tonight. I really am so blessed to be the recipient of such lovely works of art!!!!! Thank you to all who sent them, and especially thank you to Jami, Danni, and Janna I really treasure having met you and your friendships mean the world to me!!!! Janna I am so blessed to have gotten the pleasure of getting to know you on a non blogging level and I really enjoyed it!!!! Jami I love all your comments you leave me even though I do not have a 10th of your talent, and Danni I am so excited to get to be part of your Flutter By Wednesdays Featured Stamping Team!!!!
I hope everyone had a Wonderful Monday and hope you also have a Stampendous Tuesday too!!!


Danni said...

You are more than welcome! Looks like you had some wonderful cards that you received!
Looking forward to seeing your flutter by creations!!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness Heather! You are so loved! But I'm a rotten friend and I haven't emailed you yet. :( Forgive me? Will you email me? actressangel @ gmail

Emily said...

I love them, thanks for sharing!!!! I really like the blue flower card!!!