Monday, December 15, 2008

Shades of Purple Starburst Card

After many weeks of not being able to do a Split Coast Stampers Challenge I took the time today to do the Monday's Technique Lovers Challenge.
The Challenge was to make a Star Burst Card. If you have the SU large and small tag punches then you can make this card!!!!
You punch out 8 small tags from any card stock you want for a 1 layered star burst, or 16 small tag punches from any cards stock you want if you want a 2 layered Star Burst.

I wanted to do a two color 2 layer Star Burst Card. I first choose my Metallic Silver, and Metallic Gold Papers to punch the tags out of. So you punch out the small tags.

Then you take your large tag punch and go back to the page you punched your small tags out of. Put the large tag over the hole you left in the paper by punching out the small tag. You will have about a 1/8" boarder around the small tag hole. Punch the boarder out with the large tag and you will have the frames of the color you see above in gold and silver.

Then put four together end to end in a cross type shape and glue them down. You will glue them onto a Vellum, or Tissue paper some lighter weight paper. I used spray adhesive. Take the other four and glue them over the other four rotated in a cross diagonally see below for example.

Here is the Silver frames glued on the Dark Paper and the Gold frames on the light Vellum. I took this picture so you can see what it looks like cut out, and before you cut it out.

Now you will cut off the ends of the tags to make the 8 point star shape.

This is what it will look like after you have cut the ends off.

I then took some Shimmerz and painted it on the inside of the framed star and made it really pretty and shimmerized. I did the dark purple with Royal Purple Shimmerz and the lighter Purple with lovely lilac shimmerz. Above you can see the dark purple and silver star shimmerized. I turned it in the light so you can see the sparkle, it is hard to she shimmerz in a photograph straight on.

Here is the lavender and gold star shimmerized above.

Here are both stars. They are very sparkly and shiny from the Metallic Paper and the shimmerz!

Well it is time for me to get up stairs and get the baby ready for bed, so I will leave you with this tonight!!!! I had fun finally doing a challenge card again.

Tomorrow is Marvin's Christmas Party at work, but it is looking like I will be staying home with the kiddo's. They are doing a Murder Mystery Dinner theater, and now Marvin has to be in the Play because one of the male actors could not make it. He has not been in a play since he was in 4th grade so that should be funny!

We never have an easy time finding a baby sitter, and My Good friend/SU down line/fellow design team member/next door neighbor (check out her cool birthday kit for a little girl). Neighbor has a Pack meeting with boy scouts for her middle child Ivan, and my other good friend/SU down line/fellow design team member Emily is helping her MIL after a 3rd back surgery. So it will probably be just Marvin going to the Dinner theater!!!!

Oh well I am getting used to never going anywhere! Good thing I can handle being at home most of the time!!!! LOL!

Have a Stampendous Night!!!



Regina said...

Oh, your card is very impressive! This is such a wonderful tutorial!

I wanted to punch this star already since weeks!

Tasha Hickert said...

Wow, that turned out beautiful! Of course, I am partial to purple. I just popped over to get your link so now I know what you did today!

Paula said...

That is beautiful but too complicated for me...

Cheri Howard said...

Oh, how gorgeous! I don't have the SU tag punch, but I do have a template that came with my Making Memories tag maker. It will take me a little longer, but I think I'm going to have to try this!

Emily said...

Hey girl, I do love the card...I will have to try it, I will hear today about Cindy...I'll call you later, I hope you have a great day!!! HOwever it's cold and snowy out...maybe you should get some flavored creamer and have a cup of coffee in the am, it always makes me feel better and I get a little jolt!!!!XXXXXXXX

Danni said...

This is stunning! so very pretty!!
Congrats on being chosen for guest designer at Pink Cat Studios! How exciting!
Also, thanks for the comments on my blog!!

Theresa said...

Oh, this is just stunning! Love these colors, especially the gold accent.

Shonda said...

This is just beautiful, Heather! I love it!

maddy hill said...

fabulous !

Kristin Bueter said...

This is gorgeous, Heather! You did a fantastic job with the colors and the technique!! Sorry I've been MIA for a while...I've been super busy with Tia and her gymnastics. That girl stays busy :O)

Thanks for all of your support! I really look forward to your comments and your posts!! I'll try to send you an e-mail later this week (between wrapping and mailing presents).

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Wow, Heather, this is gorgeous!!! And what a great tutorial as well! Love these colors and all that Shimmerz!
hugs, Jami

Janna said...

Heather this is gorgeous!!!! I wish I could see it in person, because although it is hard to believe, I bet it is even more stunning!


Summerthyme Studio said...

Very Elegant! Purple is one of my favourite colours! Love your creation!


Kristine B. said...

This is gorgeous!! I remember doing these last year at CHristmas time. LOVE your metalic outlines and shimmery painted insides. Very pretty =)