Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rest of the Halloween Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures. It was taking like a million years to get the pictures where I wanted them and then be able to journal about them so I moved to a new post to finish adding them. I hope you enjoy the pictures the kids sure had fun! I wish Tucker had not been running that fever and he could have done more things too!
Happy little Tuck Man! Piper, Willow, and Grace the next door neighbor girl and Piper's best friend since they were 3 years old! During waking non school hours they pretty much live together!
Piper outside
Willow outside Piper and Grace Together
Tucker was just sitting there on the Driveway when I snapped this one. He looked so content. This was when he was running the fever so he did not get to go Trick or Treating, or to the Church Fall Festival, we only took him to the Nursing Home to see Grandma Paula after the girls gote done doing all the fun stuff! He had fun in his costume though!
The girls with Grandma Paula at the Nursing Home (she works there)
All Tuckerd out after a long day of Halloween Fun!


Regina said...

Oh, Heather, these are very cute pictures! Your kids are so sweet!
Thanks for sharing! Regina

Paula said...

Poor little Tucker..I hope he is better

Tanya said...

how fun! Halloween pics are so much fun!