Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!,


We are leaving Thanksgiving morning and driving the 8 hours to Pueblo Colorado where my Mom, Brother, Grandpa, my other Grandma and lots of family live and where I was born.


My Mom has MS and we are going out to dinner this year because it is to hard on her to make a Thanksgiving Meal, so I figured since we are going out it made the most sense to drive on Thursday and go out on Friday instead of going out to dinner on Thanksgiving. We will get there Thursday afternoon, be there Friday and Saturday and then come home some time on Sunday. This time we are staying in a Hotel it is supposed to be a suite so we will see how that goes with 3 small children 6 and under!


Things I am Thankful For in 2008:

I am thankful for my wonderful kids and Husband.

I am thankful our kids are healthy and happy, and we have been given all that we have!

I am thankful for our wonderful family and friends and neighbors who help us every day!

I am thankful for our home, and our animals and for my Husbands job that allows me to stay home with our 3 kiddo's!

I am thankful I have a Husband who likes to cook, cleans pretty good, and loves to go shopping!!!! I hate the Grocery store, but he loves it and it is on his way home from work! Yea!!

I am thankful for our church, and our faith, and our freedom to have that!

I am thankful for all of the Soldiers and families who are far away today and serving our Country so that we can have the Freedom we have! Especially after reading thru some of my Dad's letters from his years in the Military it makes me sad for all those single soldiers so far away from their families and their homes during the Holidays!!! I am thankful that some of them are stationed where their families can be with them too!!!!

I am thankful we are able to travel to Colorado and see my Family and Best Friend this Thanksgiving! Along with that I am thankful that gas prices have gone down from over $4 to less than $1.75!

I am thankful Piper goes to a very good school and has some very good friends!

I am thankful for my artsy, creative, sensitive, and caring Piper Girl!

I am thankful for my Willow who is always happy, and always a pleasure to be around! (and Mega Smart too!)

I am thankful for my Tuck Man! He brings joy into my every waking moment!

I am thankful for my close friends I talk to almost daily Emily, Natalie, Tasha, and Lynn they each fill a different need in my life!

I am thankful to my New Close Blogging Friends Jami, Regina, and Kristin!

I am thankful for the new blogging friends I am just getting to know.

I am thankful for STAMPS!!!! Stamping products accessories, tools and lots more stamping stuff it keeps me grounded and keeps me sane!!!!! I am also thankful for SCS, and PCP, and Stamping Blogs to read and get inspiration and learning from!!!!!

I am thankful I have a Mother In Law who likes to help, and take care of her 3 daughter in laws and her 8 grand children! I am thankful she wants to do this even though she never had this herself when she had small children!

Hubby Marvin, MIL Marianne, Piper, Willow, and Tucker

I am thankful for so much more too, but this is a great start!


Have a Stampendous Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


Tomorrow's Scheduled Post has lots of Pictures of Willow's Thanksgiving Feast and a surprise too!




nicky w. said...

What lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing those!!! : ) Can't wait to see the pictures from Miss Willow's Thanksgiving Feast! Have a safe trip!!!

Jennifer Scull said...

your photos are truly beautiful as are the people in them! thank you for sharing them!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Beautiful pictures Heather!! I love that first one of the kids! I am so blessed by your friendship and so thankful we met!! Have a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
hugs, Jami

Regina said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos! I hope, you had a nice Thankgiving party in the circle of your family!
Make me happy that you have a wonderful time

Emily said...

I am thankful for you too!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Jessica said...

You have a beautiful family, and a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing :)

Liz :) said...

Great post! I love all the pictures, I didn't blog all weekend so I have some catching up to do, both reading and blogging myself. I hear it snowed in Colorado. My sister lives in Pueblo West and she said they got a little snow, my other sister was here in NM and had to drive back yesterday to CO Springs and the roads weren't too bad but still snowing... Hope you get back home safe and can't wait to see the projects.

Janna said...

Your kids are so sweet and cute!!! I love these pictures!!