Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Harvest Farm and Pumpkin Patch Pictures
This year, and looking back some! :-) 2004 to 2008
Here are all 3 Kiddo's Piper 6, Tucker 1, and Willow 4, At the Harvest Farm Pumpkin Patch. This Farm has so many activities for the kids to do. Each year they add a new activity and sometimes they add several. They promise each year there will be improvements on the last year. They opened 4 years ago and we have been going there every year since they opened.
Piper was 3 the first time we went. I decided that thru all these Pumpkin Patch Pictures I am going to disperse some from years past. I think Pumpkin Patch Pictures are my favorite Pictures of the whole year. I do not know if it is because they are so Saturated with Color, or we are always having so much fun in them, or what, but they are my favorites that is for sure! The only thing I hate is the Kansas wind is usually blowing 100 miles an hour. Seriously folks our wind is worse than Chicago's it's true! Plus it never stops it is windy all year round. We might have maybe 15 days a year that it is nice and not so windy!
Piper, Willow, and Tucker last year at the Farm. Tucker was a brute back then!
Here is this year's new thing, or one of them. The Duckie races. They had places all over the farm where you could buy the kids these little rubber duckies and then you put them in this contraption, pumped the orange wells as fast as you could and see whose Duckie made it to the other end the fastest. The girls loves this. The Duckies you could buy had like at least 30 different outfits or themes. The girls chose Princess Ducks of course!
Piper and Marvin Pumping Hard
Tucker walking with Daddy. He has only been walking for a couple of weeks now, so this was big stuff for him! It was probably his first time to walk outside. The building in front of you is the Scarecrow Place. You can go build full Sized Scarecrows there. There is a 2 person bike by the building where you ride side by side not behind each other it is fun, but hard! You can see people lassoing hay bales with cows heads on them all in this picture. Tucker sitting in a tub full of Corn. This year they had the education room open, you could go in there and see tables with all sorts of foods and products on it, and there was a table for Corn, Wheat, Soy Beans, and Milo. All the products were things made from those grains. There was also a table where the kids could race to see how fast they could put all the pictures in order from planting wheat to having bread on the table.
Tucker loved playing in the corn. In the next tub he got to use tractors and loaders with the grain!
Here is Willow last year at the Pedal Tractor Race Track they have at the Patch Farm. She had fun doing it again this year. This year they had a bunch or huge tricycles to ride along with the Pedal Tractors.
Piper and Willow in the Petting Barn, with the Bunnies, Willow liked the sign. They have painted cute signs like these all over the farm. Here is Willow 2 years ago when she was 2 with the Bunnies then.
Piper petting a bunny
Tucker was looking at baby Pigs. He adores animals of all kinds just like our whole family does! Tucker fell in love with pumpkins while we were there. He just loved on them, hugged them, and wanted to be near them. Good thing they were everywhere on the Farm!
Here are Marvin, Piper, Willow, and Tucker on the Hay Rack Ride getting ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch part of the farm to pick our Pumpkins
Ha this is a very rare picture of me! I am never in the pictures always behind the camera. I have a professional camera and really am the only one in the family who knows how to use it right, so I just do not end up in many pictures! So enjoy this one (there is one more a little further down! :-) I am completely wind blown, and cold so I do not look especially good ha ha.
Willow picking our her Pumpkin
Piper carrying her pumpkin over to the pile of them.
Piper running thru the Patch when she was 2 years old.
Here is Piper when she was 2 years old. The year before Harvest Farm opened and we went to a different Pumpkin Patch, but it was just a pumpkin patch with out the fun activities for them to do.
Tucker picking out his Pumpkin
Piper 6 and Willow 4 Together on a Hay Bale. They looked so cute that day, but the sun was always in their eyes! Here are Piper 4, and Willow 2. Two years ago after going to the Harvest Farm Pumpkin Patch. That year it was so cold and snowy we were not there very long! The girls almost got frost bite! Here are the girls 3 years ago after being at the Farm Pumpkin Patch, we were carving pumpkins with my Best Friend, and her son who were here visiting at the time. Willow was just 1 at the time. This is Piper's favorite part of the Farm, the Barn Slide! Here you can see Marvin, Piper, and Willow going up the stair to go down the slide. Here is Piper right after she came out of the slide! She has so much fun on it!
Marvin Pushing Piper on a tire swing
Piper pushing Willow on the tire swing
Here is Piper at the Harvest Farm Pumpkin Patch last year with the whole Kindergarten class. All 127 of them were there at one point! Piper is standing with Breanne a girl from her class. I got to go on that field trip, but now that we do not have a sitter anymore I do not get to go on field trips. I miss it, it was fun!
Here is Willow pushing Piper in a tunnel thingy?? They were having a blast!
Me and my Girls. Me and my girls 4 years ago after going to the Pumpkin Patch here, That is baby Willow, not baby Tucker! Tucker with his Pumpkins he loved so much. This was new this year too. The tire mountain. There was a sandbox at the top of it, and in the middle there were tunnels you could climb around in. Here is Piper in front of the How Tall This Fall sign. I have pictures of all of them in front of it. Every year. Here is Willow in front of the Sign 2 years ago.
Well, that about sums it up! Tomorrow I am going to try one more picture of the Pumpkinator. It is a fire truck, with a huge Air Powered Compressed Cannon, that can shute a Pumpkin 1/2 mile away into a field. That was the first they added from year 1 to year 2 and they shute it every hour. It is pretty cool, but I have pictures of it the year my freind Lynn, and her Mom, and son Trey came to the Patch with us. (They live in Pueblo Colorado where I am from).
I hope you enjoy all the Pictures of our Pumpkin Patch Visits over the years.


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very cute, we may just have to start scrapbooking on the internet :), looks good.

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Hi, Heather
thank you for sharing the fotos! You had a wonderful day!

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Such beautiful little kids..but I could be partial....glad to FINALLY see the pictures. Anytime Saturday will be fine

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These pictures are priceless!! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time!! My favorite pic is Tucker in the corn!! Soooooo cute!! Your family is beautiful!
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