Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Stampations, but Punchations :-), and only 5 more hits to go!

A Pumpkin, an Apple, and a Christmas Apple with Glitter. Here is a good view of the Pumpkin. You can see the Faux Swede Technique look on the stem I was talking about in the post. Here is the Christmas Apple. I think the SU Dazzling Diamonds Glitter needs to be done differently, but you get the idea. The Faux Swede shows up well here too! The Open Apple. I just free handed the seeds with my Basic Black Marker A different view of the Pumpkin.
Well I just looked at my Hit counter. I have now been blogging for 3 1/2 weeks, and my hit counter is 5 hits away from 1,000 WOW, now that is no where near all the great Stamping blogs I have kept up with that have anywhere from 25,000 to well over 1 million hits, but it was exciting for me! Not that hits is the reason I am blogging, while it is fun to see that some people are reading what I post I really do it to share projects with you, keep family and friends up on the kids happenings, and like I said before I have found it is just plain cheap and fun therapy for venting a few frustrations, or just sharing some excitement I have that day. My Kids are also really enjoying looking at the Blog each day to see what is new! It has been fun for all of us! Plus it will be nice to catalog our family happenings for the future as well!
I was going to give some Blog Candy away for the first time when I hit 1,000 hits, but I decided since probably at least 200 of those hits are from me editing, adding, posting, and coming to read the comments people have left that I would wait on that. I think I will give the Blog Candy away at 1,500 hits. So if you read this post and you happen to come by around 1,500 hits post a comment and the first person who posts a comment about the number will receive one free stamp set. I have some left over from SAB and hostess orders and I will mail it off to you, if you are the first one to comment at that time!
Now for my Punchations. I call them this because they have no stamping just punching, and a little bit of glitter applying, and drawing seeds, and Oh yeah the wonderful Faux Swede (I totally am not sure if I spelled that word correct????technique we learned at Regional's!
To do the Faux Swede technique you take some card stock cut it in the size you want and then take your bone folder, or ruler and run the paper across the edge over and over several times on both sides. (As you would do to curl Christmas Packages Ribbon) The paper will get really soft. Then tear it in two pieces. The edges will separate so you can split it down the middle the inside of the two pieces will look like Swede! It is soft, and very pretty too!
Now for the rest of the project you just take the color of card stock you want. I used Pumpkin Pie for the Pumpkin, and Real Red, and Whisper white for the open Apple, and just Real Red for the Christmas Apple. I used Glorious Green for all three stems.
Punch out 10 of the Round Tab Punches and then glue one side of 1 of them to one side of the next one. Keep doing this until all 10 punches are together, and then glue the last two sides to each other and you have a full circle. I used Glue dots for this. It was super fast and simple! For the open Apple I did 7 Real Red Pieces and 3 Whisper White Pieces. I hope that all makes sense! Comment or e-mail me if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them!
To my Club Girls. I told you this punch could be used in a million ways, and now I found another one! These would make great table favors for family dinners, ornaments, or decorations too!
I hope you enjoy them tomorrow I will try to add a new Card Challenge I am working on!
Have a Great Day!


Juliana said...

Hi Heather just found your blog its very nice your scapbooking is just beautiful and youer children are just addorable

Diane said...

Just found your blog. Congrads on the HITS! Maybe one day i will decide to make one as well.

Tasha Hickert said...

These are cool. Maybe I "need" that punch too! Hey, the Bella challenge card turned out great.

paula said...

These are really cute...I love your blog I can keep up with what you guys are up to....And you have over 1100 hits now...way to go

Emily said...

Hey girl, I got my set mounted and I'll have to get to using it soon!!! Thanks, congrads on the blog lol

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Hey Girl!! Sorry I haven't been around for a while... I was having a hard time keeping up with blogs, but now I'm using the reader and I added your I can stalk you daily :)

These are really cute!! I've never tried the faux suede - I'll have to give that a try - looks way cool. I love this punch. I use it to make brackets (there's instructions on my blog at this post)

Congrats on the hits!!! Addictive, I know...huh?

big hugs, Jami

MacKenzie said...

Oh my gosh Heather! I love love love that apple!! You are so clever! These would be adorable place cards :-)

Congrats on the hits girlfriend. Blogging is addictive isn't it?


Regina said...

I'm so happy I found your blog!! I just followed a link to this blog from "stampingals". I'm adding you to my google reader!
Your creations with punchs are grandios! Thanks for all the inspirations!!!!
Thanks for brightening my day!!!

Shonda said...

Katie and I love this and will have to try it soon!

Susan said...

What a terrific idea. TFS.