Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Swear It is Therapy!

Here are Grace and Piper waiting on their Pony Rides. When they said we got Pony rides with the Party I was picturing the kind from the fair where the kids sit on Ponies and ride in circles, but these were real pony rides around the Exotic Animal Farm. Willow Was Super Excited to get this set of Kids stamps from Emily Tucker opening his first gift. Farm Vehicles Tucker was looking at his hands because the Camel had just had his entire arm in it's mouth. I think Tucker was quite surprised! Our Family, love Pipers smile!!!!
This image is showing up Dark which is sad, because she has the cutest, sweet expression on her face! I wish I had time to go crop and edit it, but I can't so here is the original Piper and Willow on their Pony Rides from behind. Piper is up ahead. Tucker as we were singing to him Starting to eat his 1st Birthday Cake He really got into the Spirit of the first Cake!
Willow getting her cake while we sang to her. Willow and her Birthday girl Button Piper Breanna and Grace drinking punch. It was a very hot day and we came in to do cakes and presents after all the other activities, I think our group went thru 4 pitchers of punch in like 10 minutes! Tucker on the Pony. He loved it!
Here all the kids are looking at the Giraffe's who would not come to the fence because they were eating. Willow Petting a Pig Tucker petting a baby cow Willow and Easton with one of the Kangaroo's They provided one cake and I made the other. There cake was supposed to be enough to feed everyone, but it is a good thing I made Tucker a Cake for his First Birthday because out of both cakes we only had 3 small pieces left at the end!
O.K. if this does not go away this post is doing weird things. I wanted to spell check the first word and when I did that now the whole post is highlighted as being Mis-spelled and I can not change it! I also can not spell check the rest because it is saying everything I wrote is spelled wrong. It is also putting all my spaces in the wrong places et.....So if this post looks weird??? Blame Blogger O.K. :-) .
I really do think this Blogging thing is a form of Therapy! It lets you blab on about feelings, frustration, accomplishments, and happenings!
I have enjoyed posting and it gives me a since of accomplishment to finish a project and then have a place to share it!
Not that anyone is really listening or even reading my babbling, but it helps to just get it out!
I helped in Piper's Class Yesterday. Guess what I got to do? I got to Trace 150 Bats onto the large writing tablet paper young kids use in school, and the lines all had to match to boot! I also had to trace and cut out 25 Black Bats on construction paper.
Needless to say the Paper Crafter in me decided after tracing the 2nd Bat on the writing paper there had to be a better way! So I started counting and taping piles of 10 papers together then tracing the Bat on the top piece and cutting all 10 at once. In the hour and 1/2 I had, I got 50 cut out 80 more traced and ready to cut, and all 25 of the Black Bats traced and 15 cut out. Marvin says maybe if this is all I am going to do when I "help" out in Pipers class maybe I should not do it so often since It takes so much work for me just to be able to go there? I am not sure, it does take a lot of work finding someone who can watch Tucker for me so I can go, and then doing all the driving back and forth across town with Willow and Preschool, and Tucker and such. The main reason I wanted to help out was so I could get an idea of what they are doing in her class and get an idea of the dynamics of her school life. However if every time I go I am sent down to the basement I am not really accomplishing any of those things?
I am wondering what to do since I do know the Teacher needs the things I have spent the last two times doing done, but I do not spend any time in the class room. Should I do it just 1 time a month instead of 2? Hhhhmmmmm?
Well here are a few pictures of the Kids at their 1st and 4th Birthday Parties this summer at an Exotic Animal Farm. Hope you enjoy them!
We will not always do this, but since Willow and Tucker both have June Birthday's this year we had them at the same time, and place. Mostly because they both adore all animals. As our whole house does! .
Untill later,

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paula said...

What is your purpose for being there? To help the teacher or to help the kids? Maybe you should ask...The pcitures are really cute