Monday, September 15, 2008

A Health Update on Tucker

Hi All, I just got a call from Tucker's Dr. I am soooooooooo Happy to say it was good News!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know Tucker was diagnosed with Transient Hyperphosphatasia last month by a Pediatric Endocrinologist. This condition is considered to be very very rare, and a Benign condition that will resolve itself in 4 to 6 months. It all started when we took him in for his 1 year appointment and he had gone from 95% on the charts for weight down to below 0% for weight. This sparked concern for the Dr. and he had a bunch of Lab work drawn on him. Only a few things came back out of whack, but the big concern was his Alkaline Phosphatase level. Normal is 50 - 136 his was 2790! They re - did the lab work a week later and the level had gone up to 3620, that meant his level was 29 times higher then it should be. I was very scared at the time because many of the things I looked up about that level showed stuff all about cancer. The Dr.'s wanted to do nothing, wait 1 month and then draw the levels again. I started the process of finding a 2nd opinion because I did not want to mess around and leave it alone and then find out we should have been treating something sooner, especially when the level went us so much in just one week. Several things I tried to find a good Dr. to take him to for the 2nd opinion came to dead ends, and finally a few days ago I decided to just have his lab re-drawn (it was already a month into it and time to check again), then to decide where to go from there on a 2nd opinion if the lab was still so high.
  • The level went down to 380 from 3620 Yea Yea Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This means he is now just a little over 2 times higher then it should be (not 29 times higher :-)

So Now I imagine we will just wait for the next re-draw in another month to make sure it is still coming down instead of getting a 2nd opinion now. This does not mean he is completely out of the woods, but it sure looks much better!

  • Thank you so much for all your Thoughts and prayers, and concern thru this whole process!!!!!
  • Oh I almost forgot to add he is up about 1 1/2 pounds in a month. That does not quite put him back on the weight chart, but he is gaining quickly. It will take him a while to catch back up fully though.


jen said...

Heather and Marvin,
Im soooooo very very glad to hear about Tucker's test results!!! I havent had a chance to call or email you but you have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!! I'm sure you are on cloud nine right now, it sounds as if everything is going to turn out just fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have you considered putting him on a total raw diet of all raw foods? God didn't plant cooked or processed foods as you know. I would love for you to take a peek at and even call them for suggestions for your wee one.


Melanie said...

Heather...we are so thankful to hear this great news...we have prayed for Tucker each time we sit down to eat! Now we can thank God for helping Tucker get better and continue to pray that his numbers keep going down!

Love...the M&M cousins

Stephanie said...

Heather and Marvin--
I am so excited that Tucker is getting better news!!! I've been praying hard for him and I know that prayers work, especially after all I've been through this past year! Yea for Tucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(my namesake ;-))

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear such good news!! Hopefully all is resolved and he will grow like a weed!! Love to all!
Wendy & family

Shonda said...

How wonderful to hear the good news, Heather! May God continue wrapping His healing arms around Tucker!