Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some of our Stamper's Club Stampations

This card is on her blog under Seedling Sunset. I had so much fun doing it! Every one you do turns out different than the last one.
I designed this card for our last month of Club.
We did Michelle Zindorf's Brayer technique.
I am not sure what part of her blog this will take you to, but go to her heading called Tutorials and you can learn how to do hundreds of cards. She posts a new tutorial every day. I designed this one, but the other card I am going to post was a copy of her tutorial.
I have one other card to post from this month of club. This technique is so awesome and it allows you to have gorgeous elegant cards that look like water color paintings!
I love the pin wheel cards! This was the first design I played with the technique on. When you open it the little girl is on a Scallop Circle punch and has a present and Party hat on. This Card was for Father's Day. I saw somthing along the lines of this and took it changed it up and made my own design. I came up with the idea to use the Flannel Plaid background to make the Plaid shirt. The inside of this card is really cool to, but I will not post that since I have lots of other samples. This card taught the Club girls how to do the reflection/Mirror image technique. You take acetate, or projector sheets and stamp your image on them. Then you turn it upside down and rub the image onto your paper under the image on your card. This way it looks like a reflection of the image on the card. I had a lot of fun designing this one!
  • Today I am going to post some of our Stamper's Club Stampations we did this last year in club.
  • I am ready for Club to start back up.
  • Club allows me to get out for a few hours a month where I am not a Mommy, Wife, or Nurse. I get to be Heather! It is a great avenue for me to create, design, and take a little time for me! So with no further adue here are some Club Designs. I will post more designs later. ; )


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