Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of my other Bella Cards

I made this card for my Good Friend, and downline Emily after they found out they were pregnant. Sadly she had a miscarriage soon after, but the good news is now they are trying again, and I have lots of Pregnant Bella's so I can make her a lot more cards once they are Pregnant again :-)

  • So far I have been coloring all my Bella's and Lilly and Billy's with my SU Markers. The work great for me. A lot of people use Prisma Color, or Copic Markers, but at this point I have to stick with my SU markers.
The background had diaper pins, and stars all over it. Then I stamped a Happy Waiting sentiment one the sides of the Bella and her Fella
Here is one of the Light Brown Hair Super Mommy Bella Cards. Read below on the Bella of all Bella's Post to see where I got this idea, and how I made this card. It is copy write Lauren Meader from her My Time blog. I changed it up some and made my own versions, but the original idea came from a card she made. You can make them for your own use, but do not use it for publication, or contests. One of the Dark Brown Hair Super Mommy Cards

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Kate F said...

I love this card !