Sunday, September 14, 2008

Piper and Willow

Here are Piper and Willow in May. They really do love each other!
  • Have you all heard that Sara Palin the woman running for Vice President, with Senetor McCain has a daughter named Piper, and a Daughter named Willow? How Bizare!!!!!!!!!!! I never dreamed there would be another Piper and Willow out there who are sisters!!!!! Her Willow is 14 and her Piper is 7 where our Piper is 6 and our Willow is 4. My girls find this info very very Cool!!!

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Julie Mutch said...

Heather, your girls are just beautiful! It's been fun going through your blog reading about them and looking at your cards. I just read about your precious 'little man,' as well. He's such a cutie and I'm so glad to hear that his levels are coming back to normal and he's gaining weight again. It's very scary, I know.

We were at our local children's hospital last night, my youngest daughter (she'll be 5 in November) is fighting off an infection right now and has a temp of 105 F! It's very scary as I've never seen her temp get that high before. You never want to see your kids sick and almost wish it upon yourself over them. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon with the meds kicking in. Anyway, I'm rambling... lol :)

Have fun with your stamping and take care! :)