Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first PTO experiance, and My take on Lauren Meaders Saturday Sketch Challenge

Hi Everyone, Happy Tuesday!
I finally have the time to post my take on Lauren Meader's Saturday Sketch.
  • Yesterday I posted two projects that really remind me of the sketch, but this one is the actual one I did for the sketch. I tried to challenge myself to use some things I had never used yet, or had not used in a long time.
  • If you have never been to Lauren's Wonderful site where she shares hundreds, and hundreds of wonderful extremely creative designs go see it here!:
  • My Recipe for this card:

Two of my very favorite colors are Purley Pomigranite, and Silver. So I used those. I used the Sanded background on the PP card in Versa Mark. I stamped the Birthday girl from She's All That stamp set. I just love that set! I used some Silver finish Hodge Podge Hardware on the top and on the ribbon, The two on top are flat silver brads with engraved flowers on them, and the ribbon holder is a flower too, so it all fit with the flower theme! I then embossed the Chip Board flower in silver (all the silver stuff is really shiny and pretty, but that does not show as well as in person). I stamped the center of the flower using a stamp from Big Flowers, colored in the white parts with a silver gel pen, then embossed a sketchy section in silver and Stamped the Birthday Hugs and Wishes in Black Staz on. That part does not show up to great, but it says in Pretty writing, Birthday Hugs and Wishes. I really like the way it turned out! Hope you like it too.

  • Today was a hectic day. I made my first visit to Piper's School PTO meeting. I have never made a meeting yet. She was in Kindergarten last year and I had a New Born Baby. They usually meet during the noon hour and that was nap time for the baby, needless to say nap time seemed more important to my sanity than PTO did. I promised myself I would get more involved this year. So I took the 4 year old and the 1 year old with me. I had to of course make myself presentable because all those ladies always look so good! So at 11am I am thinking maybe I do not really need to go to this meeting after all? I will never have the kids and myself looking PTO presentable in less than 1 hour. So after I got myself ready, I had to get the kids looking cute, and pack up snacks to take along to hopefully keep them pacified during the meeting, grab some toys for the baby to play with ect..... When I finally had all that done and got to the meeting it was right before it started. I of course had to park in the boon docks and walk about 10 miles with the 1 and 4 year old to get into the school. By the time we got in there I was already exhausted!
  • It was really interesting and I learned some new things to boot! I had to talk because my next door Neighbor was proposing a Christmas Card Workshop as a fundraiser for the PTO.
  • She was out of town today and sent fliers and such, but I was present to answer any questions they might have. It was kind of fun. She is signing up next month under me to start her own SU business. She has so many big idea's I think she will hit the ground running fast!
  • Her first run of workshops will go out thru several schools so she could reach hundreds of people, and if a third of those do it, she will have a ton of new customers! Donating part of the proceeds to PTO was a super idea!!!!!!!
  • Well I guess I better get this posted. I am On Call tonight on Labor and Delivery, it is always the days when I have the most I need to get done that I get called in! That means I will get called in tonight if history stays true to self because I have a million things to do, Laundry, Laundry, Laundry, Clean, Vacuum, pick up my stamping supplies I left out, Feed kids, do reading books with Piper, get Willow's stuff around for Pre-School tomorrow, get the kids around for bed, post a bunch more stuff on the Bolg I have ready to go...... Thank Goodness my DH helps a ton with that! Oh and there are other things to, but if I get called in that will all go on hold till tomorrow!
Let me know what you think of the Sketch!
See you later!


Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh your girls are so cute, as are your scrap pages! I love your take on the sketch too!! Awesome job! Thank you for playing and sharing the links with me :D

Anonymous said...

Hey you have done a great job with this site and maybe I can keep up with what you and the kids are doing. I am so happy to hear the news about our Tucker Boy. And all the pictures are awesome....maybe I am a little partial also...Paula