Friday, September 19, 2008

Just another Day

In this one Willow has on her Pink Cowboy hat, and Piper has on her lavender Cowboy hat. The Horse is one I played with when I was a little girl. I remember when My Mom had to give it new hair because its mane was getting pretty ragged! I picked fluorescent orange yarn to go with the regular orange yarn so you can see the two colors of hair in it's mane.
Here Piper has the Green Shirt, Grace her best friend and next door neighbor is in the Purple, and Willow is in the white. When we are places together people often think they are all mine, and Piper and Grace are twins. Not sure why must be the blond hair they all have. Here are Piper and Gracie, Piper is at that stage where she does not always smile the best for me. I tell her to imagine she is playing and having fun and smiling then, sometimes it works and others not so much. Piper, Grace, and Breanna, She moved down the street in December. Breanna, and Grace have brothers that are the same age. Piper and Willow, Willow has really lost that Chunky look she has really slimmed down. Makes me sad!!!!
Today? Well, it has just been another day in the life of our Brood.
Piper went to school, Willow went to Pre-school, Tucker played with Mommy a lot, There were meals, and naps, and Laundry, and cleaning (not as much as there should have been), and I was not feeling particularly creative. I am not sure why because the last few days I have been very creative, but not today. I had a headache so that might have been part of it.
. With the addition of Pre-school into our lives I do feel like we have to run around more than I like to.
. I am one of those Stay at home Mommy's that really does like to stay at home. I am not a huge shopper, or into tons of activities, the kids play so well together that we do not really need to be on the go all the time, So I think running somewhere every day this week has just taken some oooomphhh out of me????? Not sure? I did however have an enjoyable day just playing with the kids and spending time with them, and watching them interact, et.... Maybe when they are older and not so many in Car seats ect.. It will be easier to go places and not as much work for Mommy! Then I may go out more!! :-)
. Tomorrow Marvin will leave town for a wedding of a High School Friend. It is an all day affair, and in two different towns so we felt that it might not be the best thing for the kids. So I am staying home with the kiddo's. He will stay up there tomorrow night and be home Sunday late morning or early afternoon I imagine. It is our week to teach the (man I almost said the 2's and 3's, but now it is the 4's and 5's WOW! They are growing up so fast! I truly treasure every minute I have with them!!!!! So anyway I am going to go and teach since he will be gone.
. Monday my Mom and her Husband will be here to see the kids for a couple of days, and then next Friday (if I can get out of the call time I accidentally signed up for that day uuuuugggghhhh!!!!!!) Marvin and I are going up to Kansas City, if it works out we will be by ourselves Friday night, Saturday I am going to a Stampin Up Regional Demonstrator Workshop from 9am to 4pm, then we will have Saturday evening to ourselves, and Sunday Morning to ourselves and then we will come home Sunday afternoon. Marvin's mom will come down to watch the kids for us to get away. We were supposed to go away in August for a couple of days for our Anniversary, but one of the kids was sick, and it did not work out. So this will be our Anniversary get away.
. Well, I think I have rambled on for to long now. If I happen to get creative later I will post something cool, but for now I am going to post some pictures of the Kiddo's playing Cow Girl the other evening! The were having so much fun. The found 3 pairs of Cow Boy Boots at the neighbor's two of which were literally falling apart, and for hours they played with their stick horses and were cow girls. Their imaginations are very developed! Right now as I write Grace, Piper, and Willow are in the Background playing "Life" they are Mommies that have to teach school, and work at the Hospital, and Garden and take care of their houses. (imitation of their mommy's)
. Hope you enjoy the Pictures, It was a fun evening!
. Heather

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