Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helping in Piper's Class :-) :D

  • It was a busy morning. Today was the first time I was scheduled to help in Piper's class. I am going to try to help in there the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's, but it will be somewhat hard because I have to beg, borrow, and steal babysitting help just so I can go. I have 3 or 4 people I can ask, but I hate to do it because they all have things going on, or it is their only day off each week, ect....
  • I do want to be able to be somewhat active at the school so I can kind of figure out what is going on. Piper has a teacher this year who has sent absolutely no correspondence home. She has not told us one thing about her expectations, what they do in class, instructions for any home work, or any other news. I guess she just expects that the kids will tell, us, but let me tell you if you do not have a kid in school yet, they tell you precious little about their day.
  • I used to think this was weird when the Neighbor boy said he did not know what he did in school, but I have found that was not weird, but normal! Piper gets home 15 min after school gets out, and already remembers nothing from her day???????
  • So anyway I was looking forward to going and getting to meet Piper's teacher, and see how her room runs. Guess what no Mrs. Sorrell, she was in meetings! So she left me a note of what to do and there was a sub there who was nervous because she had never taught 1st grade, and she was a retired Gym teacher, and she had never subbed at Union Valley before (she seemed to do fine though). So when I got there Piper was at recess and I had go downstairs and do about 80 die cuts for the room.
  • Now back to the beginning of the day. I know these sweet kiddos will never have any idea of what we do for them!
  • I got up got Piper ready and off to school. Then I had to rush to get myself and the other two ready. Then I took Willow to Pre-school took her in and got her settled, rushed back to our house grabbed something for Tucker, then took Tucker next door for Tasha to watch him.
  • Then I left for Piper's class. I got there found out there was no teacher today and went down stairs to do the list of die cuts.
  • I had to die cut 25 black bats, and 25 orange pumpkins. Now the PTO provides the teachers with all these huge and small rolls of sticky vinyl in many many colors. You have to cut the sheets down several ways to get them to run thru the die cut machine. Then you cut in pieces to place on the die cut and do each die 3 times so it will cut well. I did all that and proceeded on to the Black letters The State Fair Winners. I got all the letters done and thought well I still have 30 min I can observe things in Piper's class. Then I went to stack the letters and realized when you die cut the letters they are backwards and you have to turn the vinyl paper upside down or the letters are facing the wrong direction! Uuuuggghhhhh!
  • O.K. this would not have been so bad, but I was in the basement of the school and I was so hot I thought I might pass out. I had been sweating a lot for the last 20 min thinking I can not take this heat much longer. I am not sure why it was so hot, (a am a cold blooded person so it has to be really hot for me to be sweating and feeling faint!) So now I needed to re cut and re do all the letter dies.
  • Life is so funny sometimes! Like I said before our little kiddo's have no idea what we do for them! They have no idea all the sacrifices and hula hoops we jump thru to be there for them! I would not change it for the world though! So I re did the letters that took 20 more minutes and I got up stairs 10 min before they had to leave for lunch. Piper was upset because she knew I was going to help today and since she was at recess when I got there and it took so long to do all the die cutting I only was in her room with her for 10 min. I told her I had been there for a long time already, but I do not think she believed me! :-)
  • So then it was back to pick up Willow, grab some lunch, and then Pick up Tucker and go home. By the time I got them down for naps I was tired myself. Ever have one of those days when you feel like you need a nap? Today was one of them! :-)
  • The rest of the day has been pretty un-eventful so there is my story about my 1st time to help in Pipers class. It was a fun comical day that is for sure!!!!!
Till next time, Heather

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Makes you appreciate your own mom, huh