Monday, September 22, 2008

A Few of our Club Projects from the last 2 years.

Here is a Scrapbook Page I made last year, it was not a Club project, but I thought you might enjoy it. I actually made this Digitally thru Photo shop. I had so much fun doing it! I love Willow's Bathtub pictures with the old fashioned bathtub, and a friend and I made the clothes line to put behind the bathtub. We also went and bought the large clear Christmas bulbs to look like bubbles. They were so much fun!

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Here is the 2nd page of the layout. You can do so much with Photo shop. In another layout I did for Piper when she was this age. I actually took a piece of her Christmas dress and made it into the paper for the scrapbook page. It was so sweet! I made this card for a workshop one of my Down lines and I do during SAB people come and make 50 cards. This year we had 22 different designs we each designed 11 of the cards. We each also earned over 20 stamp sets with our SAB earnings for this workshop and a lg Scrapbook workshop we also do during SAB. It was so much fun to go thru the catalog and pick all the sets we had been wanting and then ordering them with our earnings! We also earned a ton of other supplies as well! If you want to see another card that I used the same color scheme and general layout on go to my Post titled One of My Very Favorite Cards. It is one of my first posts on this blog. We tried to make 2 cards that shared the same colors so we could save on some of the paper and not have to order a ton of extra paper we did not need. So each card had one that matched it's color scheme. This card I designed for Stamper's Club last April. It was Water and Fishy themed that month. The turtle slides to the left, and the two fish slide towards each other, and then away from each other. It was a fun card to design. This card I designed for a friend when she had her baby boy. I was pretty new at it then and now I would have colored the baby in.
If you want a recipe for any of the cards let me know and I will get it for you! :-)
  • Hi All,
  • I hope you had a good weekend. I lost my voice yesterday and had a really sore throat, but today I feel much better.
  • My Mom is here from Colorado for a few days to visit the kids, then they will leave Friday and Marvin's Mom will come, and we will leave for Kansas City so I can go to Stampin Up Regional's . I am really looking forward to it. I have never been to an SU convention, Leadership, or Regional Event so it should be fun! Oh and yes I am looking forward to the weekend away with my Husband to! Tucker is almost 15 months and we have never left him anywhere so it will be nice to have a weekend away! I did not get a chance to create anything today. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head, but with the busy week, I may not get much Stamping time.
  • That is O.K. because I have enough samples in my sample box to share with you for probably a months worth of posts! Ha Ha ha. So I will give you a few of them now.
  • Have a very Wonderful Week!
  • Heather


paula said...

Wow you really keep this site updated....

Emily said...

hey, just checking do you post your pics? and how did you change the color on the scrapbook pages em

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Heather - your scrapbook pages, and your children, are so adorable. And I just love their names!!!!

Hope you enjoy your visit with your mom!!

Tag...You're It! Stop by my blog to see what this means.

hugs, Jami

Tanya said...

Oh you will LOVE Regionals! I got to go to Convention in 05 and then I thikn in O7 I went to the Regional. It is soo fun!

Karen Barber said...

Heather! So glad you left another comment on my blog! I am kinda computer challenged and could not figure out how to answer your last comment just to say how much you encouraged me saying that you enjoy my blog! :) Sometimes I feel like it really IS a diary and I am just talking to myself....haha. Your little brood are adorable, and I will pray for Tucker as the Lord brings him to mind!! I loved your daughters funny comment when you stepped on the do say the darndest things......anyway - I could not find where you said you mentioned me in your blog, I'll watch in case you meant you were going to.:) AGAIN I thank you for your comments, and OH, I LOVED LOVED LOVED your umbrella card! Too cute!! Blessings, Karen B. :)