Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Bella of all Bella Cards"

I took this idea from Lauren Meader's Site, changed it up a bit to make it my own way and then
I made 12 of these cards for all the very special ladies in our life's, Mom's, Grandma's, Aunts/Sister in Law's, and close Friends. It took me so long to make 12 of them that people did not get their cards until almost Father's Day (since I did not order the Bella's until Mother's Day and then they had to ship and come from Canada) In fact I still have one to give away (love you Paula!!!!!) You can go to Laurens Blog at this address to get right to the page she used to showcase her card she made for her Mother's Birthday
For each card I chose the Bella's that matched that person, like a few people had 2 babies close together in age so they got a DoubleStrollerBella with two babies in a stroller, and some women liked scrap booking so they got the scrap booking tote, ect.. ect.. Every Bella had the hair color of the person who it was for, We had Red Head Bella's, and Brown haird Bella's, and Light Blondie Bella's, and Dark Blond Bella's. It was fun to make the cards! I could not find polka dot paper with the right colors so I bought black paper with white polka dots and colored the polka dots the main 8 colors I used on the cards. I punched out the Bella's with my 1 3/8" circle punch, and the Colored Card Stock with my 1 1/2" circle punch. I did all the coloring with my SU markers. A lot of people use Primsa Color or Copic's but I used what I had, and it turned out pretty good I think.
If you want to see where I got the Bella's and see all the different ones, (I think she has over 100 Bella's) go to this address: http://www.stampingbella.com/
If a person had more than the 13 Bella's that fit them I added a few to the inside of the Card. This particular card I made for myself! After all that work and detail You Bet I thought I deserved one to!

On the top inside of the Card I wrote the Steps out for them then at the bottom put

"You are a Mommy, You are a Super Woman!!"

  • I found out about Bella Cards on Laurens web blog. She made this card for her mother and did 13 Bella's in different walks of a Mothers Life. I fell in love with the Bella's. This was around Mother's Day so I had convinced my DH to let me order some Bella's for Mother's Day. I think I ended up with around 20 (it was a good Mother's Day gift!!!!)


Paula said...

No problem...I know you love me!

Lauren (mytime) said...

ALL of them came out fabulous! WOW! Lots of coloring! But well worth it! Love it

Tanya said...

Well I LOVE this! I liked Lauren's a lot too, glad to see you tried it yourself!

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

LOVE this! I remember that card that Lauren did and i've always wanted to recreate it but never have. You did a fantastic job!