Sunday, September 14, 2008

All about Me

Heavinly Stampations
  • Hi, My Name is Heather Schlatter. After spending hours reading other peoples blogs and seeing their wonderful creations (stampations), and after some prodding from others to start my own Blog where I could share my Designs, Tutorials, Stampations, and even family news I finally decided it was time to start a blog. You might wonder why I chose Heavinly Stampations?? Well if you take my Name and my Husbands name you get Heavin. Stampations are just my Stamping Creations I will share with you on this site. So it is Heavinly Stampations.

  • I am a wife to my Husband Marvin, we have been married just a little over 8 years now. I am also a Mother to my 3 adorable (yes I am partial) kids, currently Piper who is 6 and just started 1st grade (gulp, gulp), Willow who is 4 and just started Pre-School, and Tucker who just turned 1 yr old. This job alone keeps me incredibly busy. One of the Nurses I work with once asked me what I do all day since I do not work, how do I keep myself busy????? The funny part is she has 6 kids I thought she would at least know how busy our munchkins can keep us! That is part of why I love reading Lauren Meaders - My Time Blog she lets you in on all the day to day insanity we Mommy's love so much! ha ha ha!
  • I have been a RN for 10 years now. I worked in the OR (surgery) for almost 9 years and when I had been an RN for 8 years I started also working on Labor and Delivery along with the OR. I gave up the OR last year and now just work very minimally as a Call-In on Labor and Delivery. My most important job is raising our 3 great munchkins as I am mostly a Stay At Home Mommy (SAHM).

  • I started scrapbooking about 9 years ago thanks to my good friend Wendy. I quickly became addicted to it and before we had kids I spent many many hours scrapbooking! I started stamping about 8 years ago when said friend Wendy convinced me and another friend Stacy to go to Stamping Classes in Wichita. 2 years ago in May of 06 my friend and next door neighbor Tasha invited me to a Stamping Workshop at her house. Something called Stampin Up. I had never even heard of them before that day.

  • I quickly fell in love with all the Products SU had to offer and when I totaled up all the things I wanted in the catalog and realized it was over $4,000 worth of stuff I quickly decided I had to become a Stampin Up Demonstrator. So in October 2006 I started out as an Independent Demo for SU. I took over the newly started Hutchinson Stamper's Club. We just finished out our 2nd year of Club and will be restarting in late September or Early October 2008. We have fun getting together once a month and completing 3 to 4 projects usually themed for that month. Each member gets their turn to be hostess and earn all the great free benefits.

  • I guess the last thing I can let you in on about me is. I have lived all over the United States. I was a Military Brat until I was 13 when my Dad was killed. We lived everywhere from Virginia, to California, to Michigan, to Hawaii, and lots of places in between. I was born in Colorado, and that is where my Family all is now so you may hear me talk about trips to Colorado a few times a year. You may also hear me talk about Trips to the farm. Marvin grew up on a Farm (in Kansas, but very close to the Nebraska boarder) we are up there pretty often, or the kiddos go up to stay with Grandma and Poppy often too. Hutchinson Kansas the town I currently live in and have lived since I was 16 years old is about 45,000 residents. We do not have all the huge chain stores, but we do have a Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and all the normal department stores in the Mall. We have a couple LSS's (Local Scrapbook Stores), but they do not stay in business very long around here. I love our town, it is a wonderful place to raise kids, for the most part people are very friendly and helpful here, it a pretty safe place we have around 1 murder every other year or so. The neighborhood we live in is so safe and secluded the neighborhood kids run around all day from house to house and we mom's are often looking after 6 to 8 kids instead of just our own 3, but I sort of feel like the neighbor kids are part mine anyway! All of our lots are at least 1 acre so they have plenty of room to play and explore, and keep themselves busy!

  • So I guess that is about all about me for now. I hope you enjoy the family and stamping news and tutorials I will share regularly on this site!


Tasha Hickert said...

Yea! You got it going and it looks really good. I look forward to seeing your stampations.

Melanie said...

Great site...

Dana said...

This site looks good! I bet it takes alot of time. See you this weekend!